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From Piano Man to Plant Man: A Tour of Billy Joel’s Garden

Did you know the famous Piano Man, who has successfully sold over 150 million records, is also a plantophile?

The “Thirty-Three-Hit Wonder” may be an aging musical star right now, but that does not change the fact that 73 years older spends most of his time with his family and plants.

We have you covered! Here is all the detail about Billy Joel’s love for plants you need to know about.

What Does Billy Joel Garden Look Like?

Being a regular performer, Joel’s Instagram and Twitter are flooded with concert and performance videos and schedules.

But he keeps sharing photos of his current wife and daughters when he is not posting about his performance.

Her daughter Remy Anne Joel is plucking turnips from the garden, probably to make a fresh shaved turnip salad with arugula and prosciutto.

Billy's youngest daughter uprooting turnip
Billy’s youngest daughter shows her gardening skill.

In fact, he must love spending time tending to his garden to get fresh harvests for his kitchen because a photo of his elder daughter Della Rose Joel wandering through berry bushes looks like a perfect getaway.

Della Ray Joel, walking through the berry bushes
BIlly’s another daughter, Della Ray Joel, walks through the berry bushes.

No wonder, with a net worth of $225 million, he has multiple estates with gardens around the country.

A house tour of Joel by YouTube’s Famous Entertainment shows that his $23 million Oyster Bay Mansion boasts a sizeable garden.

Besides, many trees native to USDA 7-9 zones have beautifully outlined the outer area of his home.

By the geographic location of his residence, it seems plausible that his garden contains popular cold hardy trees like apples, blueberries, figs, and peaches.

How Does Billy Joel Take Care of His Garden? 

Hits like ‘Piano Man,’ ‘Uptown Girl,’ ‘Vienna,’ and ‘Just the way you are,’ are not easy to come.

It would not be hard to assume that Billy must have spent significant time contemplating in the wilderness or in front of his piano to come up with these hits.

The musical maestro is posing against wetland bushes, which look like Saltmarsh bulrush and blunt spike rush, beside Nissequogue River in Long Island.

Here is another example. A sneak peek into Billy’s Florida mansion proves he loves caring for his beloved plants.

Billy Joel's mansion
Billy Joel’s Florida waterfront mansion is currently priced at $27 million.

Florida, with USDA zones 8-11, has the broadest range of tropical species, and its home is not short of the following:

  • Royal and foxtail palms for shade
  • Clusia hedges for walkway borders
  • White morning glory for decorating house-walls

It seems plausible that Joel spends most of his private time with his wife and two young daughters, fond of gardening.

Furthermore, looking at his garden, you can tell that Billy has low-maintenance plants and trees that perform well with or without routine care.

Generally, weekly watering, occasional pruning, and regular fertilization would be enough to ensure a flourishing garden like this.

How to Create Your Own Celeb Garden Like Billy Joel?

Did you know Billy owned a lush apartment overlooking the iconic Central Park in New York?

You can tell by his choice of residence that he loves being surrounded by greenery, just like another rock icon Robert Plant.

Therefore, it may be a suitable time to create your own Celeb Garden, where you can pray, meditate, or even compose hits like Billy’s chartbusters.

Without further ado, let us help you chart a master plan to create a low-maintenance garden like Billy Joel.

If you reside in New York, you can quickly replicate Billy’s temperate garden with native plants like Boston fern, wildflowers, and wet meadows.

  • For outdoors, consider growing wild blue lupine, blue flag iris, wild columbine, wild geranium, or winter vegetables.
  • For shaded patios and balconies, wildflowers like wild leek, azaleas, heart-leaved aster, and Yellow forest violet would be the best choice.
  • The love for vines never ends, and what else to choose than Partridgeberry and Virginia creeper that beautifully cover your outdoor walls?

Those residing in Southern coastlines or (sub)tropical regions can choose evergreen trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants.

spider plants indoors
Spider plants make perfect houseplants, which purify indoor air.

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Lesson Learned!

Maintaining a celebrity garden can be a challenging but rewarding experience, and it definitely should not burn a hole in your pocket.

Before you start planting, take some time to plan out your garden, choose plants and flowers appropriate for your region, and provide weekly care.

If you are particularly like Billy about low-maintenance plants, then good for you. All the best!