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Our Handpicked Gears

So you are about to start gardening and do not know what you need? Or do you have plants but are confused about what to use to cater to them?

Often we plant parents and aspiring green thumbs are confused about what gears to use for fine gardening. We scour through the internet and videos, but most information is missing or served without knowledge.

Well, fret not; we are here for you.

Embark on this journey, where we will enlighten you on what tools you need to use on the whole growth process of a plant, from seed to mighty plant and beyond.

Starting off and Sowing Seeds

Starting seeds is one of the most crucial but overlooked processes while growing a plant.

From checking the viability of the seeds to planting them, you need to be extra careful, as this step will determine whether your plant will grow.

So, let us take a look at the tools you will need for starting seeds and sowing them. 

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Remember to collect the required seeds as well. Duh!

And if you want to know about the entire process, we have tons of articles on growing plants from seeds.

Transplanting and Caretaking/ Maintenance 

For this process, you must identify what type of pot your plant needs.

After the saplings have grown to a certain length (which differs according to the plant), you need to transplant them to their new homes, i.e., their own pots.

Remember, the type and size of pots may differ with the plant you are dealing with.

Nevertheless, let us look at the items you would need for plant transplantation and care.

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Well, there you go. Gather all the materials, and get your gardening boots ready.

Good luck!!!