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Are you thrilled to voice your knowledge of plants but still exploring the right garden to sow your seeds of writing?

We at Plantscraze confer you with an “eco-friendly” workroom where you can imply your plant-related ideas to resonate among the masses by jotting about your beloved plant.

We are on a constant hunt to find plant huggers eagerly waiting to be our guests and, ultimately, part of our plant family.

Wait! You do not need to be an “English Guru” to master the art of writing here.

At Plantscraze, we brace and care for our newbie plantlings in an equitable canopy, vesting our time in knowledge circulation and reinforcing their writing skills within a candid and jolly escape.


  • Consistent grace in written and spoken English
  • Fluent “wordsmithing”
  • You shouldn’t shy away from adding humorous and engaging content
  • Feeble botanical expertise
  • Able to glide through the web and extract factual info
  • Respect the content’s worth and reap a plagiarism-free article
  • Proof-reading and able to meticulously editing the contents
  • Salient skill in office packages and Canva pro
  • Showcasing smart as well as hard work

So what’s the wait?

Hurry and connect with us at Plantscraze, where you may develop as a writer and editor of plant content by indulging in our evergreen copse and strengthening your expertise as a novice plant advocate!

If this position interests you, please message us at [email protected]

Good Luck!