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Robert Plant Garden: A Literal Stairway to Heaven!

There is something about rockstars indulging in gardening, and it might not be a far-fetched idea for someone with ‘plant’ in his name.

Robert Plant and his band ‘Led Zeppelin’ have grooved us with his serene music and thought-provoking lyrics for a long time. As a ‘Plant’ lover, I was happy to discover that Robert is also into gardening.

Robert Plant picture with Plants
Look how majestic the sketch of Robert Plant looks in a room full of plants. Thanks, PsychedelicAtoms from Reddit!

Join me on this journey to dive deeper into the paradise of Robert Plant Garden, situated on Wellington Road, London.

What does Robert Plant Garden Look Like?

Currently, in his mansion in London, rumored to be around £1.4 Million, you will see a lot of greenery in the surrounding.

Saying maybe he spent around £400 Thousand on the trees and plants around his mansion would not be an overstatement.

When you enter the mansion, you will be welcomed by 12 beautiful pots containing yellow daylilies.

Two beautiful, well-trimmed hedges surround the pots.

In a video he posted doing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you can see him surrounded by surreal greenery.

I guess Robert Plant took his lyrics “You need cooling, baby, I am not fooling” seriously.

Looks like Percy is a big fan of spider plants, as we can see two of them in the video.

Also, you can see a well-grown clematis plant in the video above.

If you look at the bottom of the videos, you can see beautiful potentillas smiling at you.

Thus, you can conclude that you cannot keep ‘plant’ away from Robert Plant.

What Keeps Robert Plant Garden Growing?

Irrefutably, Robert is not very vocal about his gardening habits and his love for plants.

But his image with a shovel from the late 70s proves he loves pouring hard work into his garden. And I am pretty sure his charm for gardening has not faded away with age.

Robert Plant in his garden with spade in his hand
Maybe the lyrics “the garden is full of singing” from the song “In the Evening” came to Robert after a hard day in the garden.

His garden’s blooming flowers and thriving plants prove how much he loves his plants.

Robert Plant Showcases His Love for Plants on His Social Media

Apart from hundreds of posts relating to music and his tours, Robert showcases his love for flowers, trees and plants sometimes.

In one of his posts, he publishes beautiful Hawthorn flowers with a feather. God knows what goes on in his marvelous mind.

Hawthorn plant flowers with feather
“It’s just a spring clean for the May queen” Is Hawthorn a May queen?

And it is not just for his namesake; I can guarantee you that. Robert’s love for plants can be witnessed clearly in his Instagram posts.

Like, this other picture where he is flaunting the labyrinth made in hedges in his garden.

Labyrinth in Robert plant garden
“Caught in the middle of a landslide, in a maze of misery” The song ‘Achilles’ Last Stand’ could have been inspired by this.

The flaunting of his garden does not end here. Besides the flowers and enticing mazes, Robert has a soft spot for trees.

Be it the periphery of his house or his garden, he never backs down from showcasing them.

For example, look at this picture of Blackthorn he posted on his Instagram.

Blackthorn plant in Robert Plant's backyard
Blackthorn Tree is so lucky to hear Robert Plant almost daily! Well, come on! He must sing while watering his plants.

As a huge Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant fan and also an avid gardener, it was a huge honor for me to write about him and his garden.

Editor’s Note

Well, that brings us to the end of our virtual tour of Robert Plant garden and his gardening habits.

In the end, let me sign off with a plant cum rock and roll pun.

“Robert Plant, while Roger Waters.”