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Top Orchids Benefits & Where to Buy

pink orchids

Orchids are popular ornamental flowering plants with a sweet, orangey smell. But besides aesthetic beauty, Orchids have many health benefits to offer.

Benefits of Orchids include improving your skin health, helping you alleviate stress and increasing patients’ recovery rates. Similarly, Orchids are effective air purifiers and are often used for culinary purposes.

Thus, keep reading till the end so you don’t miss out on how to leverage all the beneficial perks of Orchids.

Benefits of Orchids

Let us dive straight into the science-backed Orchids Benefits.

1. Helps Rejuvenate Skin

Orchids have cosmeceutical ingredients that show effective anti-aging properties.

Moreover, Orchids were used in various cosmetic products for their excellent skin-hydrating properties.

They are also rich in flavonoids, which have antioxidative and astringent properties, making them ideal for skin care.

Purple Orchid

So, the commercialized production of Orchids in the cosmetic industry is growing exponentially.

And many Orchid owners reportedly used Orchid extracts in a face mist or face pack to treat blemishes.

2. Improves Air Quality 

A paper on ‘Indoor Environment Design‘ claimed that a pot of Spider Orchid could efficiently purify the air of a ten sq. feet room.

While absorbing harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene and ozone in indoor air, Orchids release fresh oxygen.

A study on ‘CO2 uptake in Orchids’ states that this plant absorbs more CO2 during the night.

Therefore, leverage the air-purifying property of Orchids while decorating your interior decor.

3. Traditional Herbal Usages

Since medieval times in China, various Orchid extracts have been used to treat stomach and lung Cancer.

One research on NCBI states traditional Chinese medications used Orchids to treat nephritis, cystitis and pneumonia.

It explains the traditional use of Orchids for dyspepsia, increasing white blood cells and lower fidgeting.

Similarly, it continues elaborating on the use of Orchids as a medicine for gout in Arabs.

Furthermore, a study of Orchids in Nagaland states the local folks used Orchids as a medication for cholera, tuberculosis, and rheumatism.

Ancient Indians used the paste of Orchids to reduce fever and used Orchid juice to the ear to treat otitis.

In turkey, Orchid root powder ‘Salep flour’ treats diarrheas, heartburn and indigestion. It is also said to clear and soothe the digestive tract.

4. Medicinal Benefits of Orchids

Extensive phytochemistry research on Orchids showed the immense potential use of various tropical Orchids in medicine.

It indicated Orchids could be used to treat conditions like anticonvulsive, anticancer, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor.

Furthermore, the paper demonstrated a summary of the ethnomedical uses of Orchids over the globe with research references.

With advancing research, more medicinal benefits of Orchids are coming to light. Currently, Orchids are known as medicine-rich storehouses. 

5. Helps in Reducing Stress 

A study about mental health suggests seeing interesting species like Orchids might activate positive emotions and boost emotional resilience.

Moreover, a research article stated that positive mental health with lower stress levels is achievable by adding houseplants.

Similarly, indoor houseplants encourage healthy, positive, happy and more soothing feelings.

The Orchids’ sweet, orangey fragrance also helps to lower fatigue and promote relaxing effects.

Furthermore, a study states the healing rates in patients were improved after adding plants to the room.

In addition to stress alleviation, Healthline confirms adding fragrant plants like orchids to a bedroom can help you fall asleep faster.

6. Culinary Uses

Did you know Orchid flowers are edible and often used in various delicacies to add extra flavor and colors?

Interestingly, almost every Orchid bloom type is said to be edible, yet dendrobiums and epidendrums top the popularity chart.

Orchid flower petals have a fresh, crispy flavor that almost feels like eating leafy veggies.

You must also have eaten vanilla ice cream prepared from Vanilla Orchids beans.

exotic ghost orchids
There are more than 28,000 Orchid varieties with astounding medical benefits.

The vanilla pods are the plant’s seed pods, turning brown and fermented to produce that wonderful vanilla flavor.

People often use Orchids in salads for their vibrant colors, cocktail drinks, desserts and even in the main dishes as well.

7. Diverse Cultural and Feng Shui Significance

Both aesthetically pleasing and full of Symbolism, Orchids enhance the surrounding environment.

The vibrant blooms of Orchid bear various cultural significance all across the globe.

Here are a few countries with their own cultural symbolism of Orchids.

Victorian EnglandBeauty, harmony, elegance, and luxury
RomeCelebration, rebirth, power and prosperity
ChinaPursuit, nobility, integrity and friendship
JapanBravery, peace
Ancient GreeceVirility

Similarly, depending on the color of the Orchids also have differing symbolism and meaning in Feng Shui.

  • White Orchids: Innocence, purity, elegance and reverence
  • Purple: Royalty, admiration, gratitude and sign of respect
  • Pink: Grace, joy and femininity
  • Orange: Enthusiasm, boldness, and pride
  • Yellow: Friendship, accomplishment
Did you know pink Orchids are popular for the 14th and 25th wedding anniversaries?

To promote healthy, romantic love, you should place Orchid plants in the bedroom as per the Feng Shui map.

8. Pet Friendly

According to the ASPCA, Orchid plants are not at all toxic to cats, dogs, and horses. 

Therefore, you can let your pets run free without worrying about them taking a nibble out of the Orchids.

That said, you should not let your pets have a lot of Orchids as it may introduce minor stomach distress.

Although the plant in itself is non-toxic, fertilizers provided to plants can be fatal to your pets and kids. 

So, ensure to follow basic caution steps to keep your plants away from pets and kids’ reach.

Where to Buy Orchids? 

Phalaenopsis or moth Orchids are the most popular Orchids in the marketplace.

And many spammers take advantage, saying they got the rare Orchids to buy, so ensure to rely on reliable ways to buy Orchids.

Here are a few online vendors with Orchids for sale.

Where to BuySpecification
Garden GoodsWithin 1 - 5 business days.
The SillWithin 7-10 days for delivery
FLOWERBXShips within 3 business days
Marlow OrchidsWithin a 7 to 10 days
Odom'sWithin 2-3 days

Wrapping Up…

Gift yourself elegant Orchids so you can indulge in their adventurous growing journey and enjoy fragrant air blended with a sweet aroma.

Place them somewhere you can see them more often to keep your mind fresh and focused.

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