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9 Awesome Benefits of Snake Plant

The Snake plant has received the name due to the shape and sharp margins of leaves that mimic snakes. Here, the leaves provide beautification as the top feature, amongst other benefits.

Generally, Snake plants help remove pollutants, alleviate mood, treat allergies and acne, and prevent Cancer. Besides, they improve acoustic design, offering rich aesthetic value around the surroundings.

Scroll down to learn the further benefits offered by Snake plant with much less effort and care from your side.

9 Awesome Benefits of Snake Plant

Known as Dracaena trifasciata, Snake plants can grow for 10-15 years and let you leverage the possible benefits daily and throughout the year.

Here are the top 9 benefits you can get from the snake plant!

1. Purifies air

Snake plants fall on a few indoor houseplants proved to have air purification quality, for the long, erect foliage is an excellent toxin absorber.

A study by NASA states that Deacaenas helps to remove VOCs like formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, and xylene emitted from carpets, cleaning products, and paints.

Helping these pollutants remove, Snake plants offer breathable and healthy air to inhale around wherever you plant it.

Moreover, the Snake plant is famous for its unique quality of producing the most oxygen.

An illustration of a girl sitting in the yoga position and a Snake plant is by the side over a pot.
Snake plants can stay with you for more than 15 years, providing fresh air.

While other green plants absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide at night, Snake plants continue to absorb CO2 even at night and release oxygen.

2. Prevent Allergies

Purified air helps to control pollutants and allergens present in the surroundings, with Snake plants being the top houseplant.

An article proved that several phytoconstituents present in leaves of the Snake plant possess mild analgesic properties to help ease fever and inflammatory disorders.

With their unique ability to absorb toxic chemicals in the air, they help lessen several health-related issues, from common flu to asthma.

Moreover, Snake plants are excellent humidifiers and help with dry eyes, itching, and cold.

3. Anti-Cancer and Antioxidant Property

Not only is Sansevieria beneficial against general and common physical ailments, but it also helps treat diseases like Cancer.

An article in Atlantis Press stated that the trifasciata, or the Snake plant extract, had the highest antioxidant substitute among the three species of Sansevieria.

The substitute from the Snake plant is a promising source to develop anticancer agents.

Moreover, the ethanolic extract of Snake plants shows higher antioxidant properties in reducing free radicals.

4. Contain Anti-bacterial Properties

The sap of the Snake plant helps relieve minor cuts, wounds, and burns, for it contains flavonoids having topical wound healing properties.

Also, a scientific study concludes that ethyl acetate extract from the Snake plant leaves inhibits the growth of bacteria like E.coli and S. aureus.

Likewise, the polyphenols and alkaloids present in the Snake plant can treat diarrhea, inflammation in the respiratory tract, and ulcers.

5. Offer Feng-Shui Significance

People believe the Snake plant creates abundant good energy that brings luck to your life, as Feng-Shui is a Chinese principle related to energy flow.

The Snake plant can absorb negative energy, reducing tension and creating a harmonious environment in the workplace.

For that, place your Snake plant facing eastern or southern directions or at the house’s entrance for optimum luck and attract wealth with other benefits.

Likewise, you can see great results if you keep them in open spaces like your living room, halls, or balcony.

Moreover, Vastu Sastra also recognizes Snake plants as lucky plants.

6. Excellent Home Decor

Snake plant features stiff, broad, upright, sword-like leaves in a dark green color variegated with yellow and white striping that can grow approximately 2 feet long.

The Snake plants come in various shapes and sizes, with the foliage ranging from tall, sharp leaves to cylindrical and round.

A cute pot containing the snake plant is on the top of a white shelf with companion plants.
Snake plants can go well even in the kitchen or bathroom.

The bigger and taller Snake plants make beautiful decorations on door entrances or hallways.

Likewise, the Snake plant, like the Bird’s nest, can be a beautiful addition to your work desk or study table. You can even hang dwarf Snake plants on the balcony.

Nevertheless, try to maintain the optimum care for light by placing the Snake plant near the east window and fertilization on time to enjoy them at home.

7. Provide Skin Benefits

Snake plants help to rejuvenate the skin with other benefits thanks to anti-microbial properties and the ability to filter out pollutants.

According to an article, Sansevieria contains biomolecules intensely potent against acne-causing bacteria such as Pseudomonas. For further reference, download the pdf.

As Snake plants can prevent Pseudomonas, you can also expect them to treat multiple skin infections. It helps promote skin health naturally and increases skin beauty.

Also, the purified air provided by the Snake plant gives you beauty sleep, helping to rejuvenate the skin.

8. Alleviate Mood and Productivity

The Snake plant is an eye-catcher and eye-soother, given the long texture and variegation of the leaves.

Meanwhile, plants can also have psychological benefits, triggering the neuro system to make your mind feel relaxed, and you can also leverage the same from the Snake plant.

Having a Snake plant near a window can relax your mind, and the experience will be even better with the gentle blows.

You can also use the Snake plant for aromatherapy to cure headaches. But be careful of the Saponins in the leaves as they can be toxic in large quantities.

Fun Fact: Offices with plants help increase productivity by 15%.

9. Low Maintenance

Keeping a snake plant in your office area is hassle-free. It has flexible maintenance, meaning it can grow with low effort and is resilient to drought.

Water the plant a few times and keep a proper water drainage system if you are growing this plant in a humid environment.

If growing in a dry environment, only water in 2-4 days, but do not let them go underwater as the leaves will start to turn brittle and have brown tips.

Snake plants generally prefer bright sunlight for 2-6 hours a day. However, they do survive in low-light conditions.

Also, it is easy to propagate Snake plants. You could just cut the stem and place it in a vase full of water, and they will develop roots in a few days.

Health Considerations to Keep in Mind

While enjoying snake plant benefits, you may also need to consider precautions that may help you prevent unfortunate incidents.

Unfortunately, Snake plants do come with certain dangers for humans and pets.

According to ASPCA, saponins are the toxins available in Snake plants that cause multiple health symptoms.

It can cause nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting in humans and pets. Likewise, skin rash is common.

Further, loss of appetite, lethargy and drooling are the common symptoms in pets that ingest snake plants.

However, it only occurs when consumed in higher amounts.

Likewise, the sap can have a numbing effect on the tongue and throat in pets.

If you feel any emergency due to contact with the plant for your pet, you can immediately take help from the following help centers.

Where to Buy a Snake Plant

After knowing the rich benefits, you can visit the following shops to bring Snake plants home.

Place to Buy Time to Deliver
AmazonWithin 5-8 business days
WalmartWithin 1-2 business days
Urban StemsWithin a same day of order
The SillWithin 1-4 business days
Etsy Within 3-7 business days

FAQs About Snake Plant Benefits

Why are Snake plants good for sleep?

Snake plants, famous as Mother-in-law’s tongue, provide you with a continuous oxygen supply, even at night. The fresh air helps to relieve stress and calms the mind.

Thus, having Snake plants by your side in the bedroom promotes good, sound sleep.

Are Snake plants good for bathrooms?

Snake plants can fit in any location indoors, even in the bathrooms, as long as you provide them with enough indirect bright light. 

To Conclude

Overall, Snake plants are one of the most excellent plants to have in your space, not only to attract visitors but also for the proven health benefits.

Snake plants are easy to care for, and you can grow them indoors and outdoors with low effort or even on a tight schedule.

So, keep your snake plants at home and enjoy your plantsman life.

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