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About Us

Aaditya Bhatta

Hi everyone,

I am Aaditya, Founder of Plants Craze. I have been a plant enthusiast and plant parent for over a decade. I have developed a keen sense of passion for plants and gardening.  

Thus, Plants Craze was born. A passion that started alone has turned into a big family of crazy enthusiasts like me. 

But setting a passion into a career path was challenging on its own. The team I built has been my most incredible support system so far. Success came through a lot of failures. 

Plants Craze is the platform where you can grab tips and tricks to growing a plant, from seedling to a whole process. The idea came from my experience in the Nursery. I wanted people not just around my city but around the real wide world to understand every trick that took me years to perfect. I wanted to share my experience

You can email me at [email protected]

Our Team

We are a bunch of crazy plant parents who offer one-stop solutions for all your plant queries.

Reesav Niraula
Team Lead

Reesav is a CSIT graduate. He currently resides in Lalitpur. His love for plants is deep, and he wants to share his knowledge with you. Read more by this author to learn about plants, their care, their problems, and their solutions. Good luck with your happy plants!

Akshay Chaudhary

Akshay is a literary highbrow and peripatetic for the verdure. With the sip of a coffee cup in the garth, he ponders and scribbles the verses and compositions. Also, the landscaping with romanticism is the author’s second heart, allowing him to enjoy nature.

Aaditya Dhital
Content Writer

Aaditya is a plant freak and nature lover. A graduate of Botany, he is a plant nerd who loves everything green. As a young botanist, he wants to jam and pass on as much as plant info to establish a well-celebrated career in botany.

Shudeshna Pandey
Content Writer

Shudeshna is an Agriculture graduate and a plant enthusiast. She is passionate about raising plants appertaining to her academic skills. Shudeshna enjoys sharing her expertise for a delightful gardening experience. For more “greenspiration,” go through the articles by the author.

Nirajan Shrestha
Content Writer

Nirajan is an Engineer graduate and avid plant enthusiast. He transcends his professional endemic and forts erudition in plants with visceral inwards. From tech fret to the garden owner, the man has been abundant in sharing the landscaping know-how.

Muskan Ghimire
Content Writer

Muskan is an Agriculture graduate with a keen interest in plants. She is a plant lover and loves to share her knowledge to the best of her abilities. She has worked for the welfare of plants since she was ten years old, has grown more than 50 houseplants inside her home, and loves to share her experience.

Samiksha Acharya
Content Writer

Samiksha is an aspiring green thumb who strongly desires to share her practical knowledge through social media with her magnificent writing skills. She has gained bountiful knowledge about plants and their needs as a Botany graduate. Go through her articles to start your own garden and gardening journey.

Sadiksha Khanal
Content Writer

Sadiksha is a Botany graduate who adores nature and is infatuated with the plants around her surroundings. As a plantsperson, she has a huge interest in exploring plants and spreading the knowledge related to them. So, grab by and be a part of her gardening journey.