Do Blueberries Have Seeds? All Riddles Solved!

‘Blueberry,’ just talking about this fruit brings water to my mouth. The same was the case with one of my friends.

So, he wanted to plant this fruit in his garden. As I had a fair share of experience in growing Blueberries, he came to me and inquired if blueberries had seeds.

Generally, many people confuse the actual Blueberry fruit for seeds. But the true, tiny seeds are enclosed within the Blueberry fruit itself. The seeds are small and completely edible.

Blueberry fruit
People often confuse Blueberry being the actual seed. But that is not true.

I gave my friend the above information, and he extracted the seeds from the fruit.

Wait, there is more to it; If you want to find out if Blueberries have seeds or not, read the following article to the last.

Do All Blueberries Have Seeds?

In addition to having numerous health advantages, Blueberry has a delicious flavor.

All Blueberries (highbush and lowbush), whether fresh, frozen, organic, wild, or dried, have tiny seeds enclosed in them.

As of now, there are no seedless Blueberries, but that could be a future possibility, given the scientific and botanical advancements.

Blueberries have small seeds that are fragile and break easily.

Let us look at the general overview of Blueberry seeds in the table below.

CharacteristicsIndicator Values
1.27*0.78 mm
ShapeOblong and Elliptical
Weight~200 milligrams
ToxicityHighly toxic if consumed in a large amount
FruitsBlue or Purple colored berry
Flowering SeasonSpring or early summer
Harvesting TimeEarly June to Early August
Germination CharacteristicsMoss promoted
Germination TimeAround one month

The seeds are inside the fruit and firmly attached to the Blueberry pulp.

The main motive behind the Blueberry seeds is to continue the generation of the plant. A single Blueberry can contain around 50 seeds.

How to Extract Blueberry Seeds?

As the seeds are very small, the extraction process may be challenging.

The seeds are inside the Blueberry and attached to the pulp. On top of that, you may risk breaking up the seeds.

Blueberry fruit
Extracting seeds from the Blueberry can be tedious if you are not careful enough.

Let us look at the two popular extraction methods of Blueberry seeds.

1. Blender Method

  • Choose fresh and healthy berries and put them in a blender. Throw some warm water into the mix.
  • Blend the mixture for about 10 to 15 seconds in a low-speed setting.
  • Place the mixture in a thin strainer, put it above a bowl, and let it sit overnight.
  • When you return to the mixture, the seeds and water will have separated.

2. Mashing Method

  • Take healthy Blueberries and place them in a bowl.
  • Press them gently with a spoon or a fork. Do this until all the berries are mashed.
  • Add cold water to the bowl and let the mixture sit for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • After a while, the seeds will be settled at the bottom, and the pulp will rise to the top.

After successfully extracting, you can wrap the seeds in a paper towel and store them in a freezer for about 90 days.

Only after 90 day rest period are the seeds ready to plant.

What to do with Blueberry Seeds?

Blueberry may be famous for its taste and richness, but the seeds are not too far behind.

After successfully extracting the Blueberry seeds, you might be confused about what to do with their seeds.

For starters, you can refrigerate them for about three months and plant them afterward to get a brand new Blueberry plant.

Blueberry seeds can be germinated on paper towels or in sphagnum moss and will take about a month to sprout.

To germinate seeds, you can choose a 3-inch-deep box and fill it with ground sphagnum moss. Moisten the moss and sprinkle the Blueberry seeds.

After that, cover the seeds with moss and maintain a temperature between 60° (15.5°) and 70° (21°C) and place the box in a sunny spot.

blueberry seeds are small
Blueberry seeds are very tiny, but they are edible.

In addition, many manufacturing companies and factories extract oil from the Blueberry seeds as it has many benefits.

Blueberry seeds oil has the following benefits.

  • This oil contains Vitamins A, B Complex, C, phytonutrients, and Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • It is also very beneficial for the skin as it can aid in the rejuvenation of dead cells.
  • Blueberry seed oil can also work for the betterment of your hair and scalp.
  • It is one of the fruit kingdom’s main sources of anti-oxidant materials.
  • This processed oil is also beneficial for fighting against the damage of harmful UV radiation.
  • You can also use it to treat cracked lips and dry skin.

Don’t worry; the Blueberry seeds are edible and have a nutty taste. But that being said, you should not eat many Blueberry seeds.

A small amount is fine, but you can die of poisoning if you consume a lot.


Blueberry is a people’s favorite fruit, famous for its juicy and sweet flavors.

After reading this article, you should not confuse the berries fruit with seeds. Just get some fresh Blueberries, and extract the seeds.

Do you want to keep some companion plants around your Blueberries? We have an article covered on that topic.

Happy Gardening!

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