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Do Blueberries Have Seeds? [All Riddles Solved!]

Did you know Blueberries are perennial flowering shrubs with tiny blue to purple berries enclosing small soft seeds?  

Generally, many people confuse the actual Blueberry fruit for seeds. But the true, tiny seeds are hidden within the Blueberry fruit itself. The seeds are small, brown in color, and completely edible.

Scroll down to know the exact shape, size, and extraction method of the Blueberries seeds.

Overview of Blueberries Seeds

Blueberries have a unique coat pattern starting with pale green, then reddish-purple, and finally blue hue on maturity with much lighter flesh containing about 10 to 20 seeds.

Let us look at the general overview of Blueberries seeds in the table below.

CharacteristicsIndicator Values
1.27*0.78 mm
ShapeOblong and Elliptical
Weight~200 milligrams
ToxicityHighly toxic if consumed in a large amount
FruitsBlue or Purple colored berry
Flowering SeasonSpring or early summer
Harvesting TimeEarly June to Early August
Germination CharacteristicsMoss promoted
Germination TimeAround one month

Do All Blueberries Have Seeds?

Yes. All the varieties falling under Blueberries, whether fresh, frozen, organic, wild or dried, have innocuous tiny seeds enclosed inside the pulp of berries. 

The seeds are so tiny and unnoticeable at first sight that there is no need to produce seedless Blueberries.

Meanwhile, a research paper in the National Library of Medicine reported single Blueberries to have about 50 seeds per fruit, depending upon the pollen sources.
Hand touching Blueberry fruit
People often confuse Blueberry to be the actual seed. But that is not true.

However, other factors like time, the process of pollination, ripeness of the berry, and the pollinator determine the number of seeds.

How to Extract Blueberry Seeds?

You can find the seeds from the most commonly available species of Blueberries, like Northern and Southern Highbush and Lowbush.

However, the seeds are very small, making the extraction process challenging. On top of that, you may risk breaking up the seeds.

So look at the two popular extraction methods for Blueberry seeds and perform the extraction carefully.

1. Blender Method

The blender method saves you from physical turbulence as you will use a food processor to make the pulp.

  • Choose fresh and healthy berries and put them in a blender. Throw some warm water into the mix.
  • Blend the mixture for about 10 to 15 seconds on a low-speed setting.
  • Place the mixture in a thin strainer, put it above a bowl, and let it sit overnight.
  • When you return, the seeds and water will have separated.

2. Mashing Method

The mashing method also goes by the name ‘The Mashing and Cold Water Method’ as you need to treat the seeds later in cold water.

  • Take healthy Blueberries and place them in a bowl.
  • Press them gently with a spoon or a fork. Do this until all the berries are mashed.
  • Add cold water to the bowl and let the mixture sit for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • After a while, the seeds will settle at the bottom, and the pulp will rise to the top.

After successfully extracting, you can wrap the seeds in a paper towel and store them in a freezer.

What to do with Blueberry Seeds?

After 90 days of refrigeration, the seeds of Blueberries are ready to sow and bring new berries into the house.

Alternatively, you can germinate Blueberry seeds on paper towels or sphagnum moss, which will take about a month to sprout.

To germinate seeds, choose a 3-inch-deep box and fill it with ground sphagnum moss. Moisten the moss and sprinkle the Blueberry seeds.

Lastly, cover the seeds with moss and maintain a temperature between 60° (15.5°) and 70° (21°C) and place the box in a sunny spot.

After germination, plant the seeds in spring or early fall in a bright area alongside companion plants to protect the seedling.

Blueberries may be famous for their taste and richness, but the seeds are just a little behind.

Many manufacturing companies and factories extract oil from the Blueberry seeds as it has many benefits.

Blueberry seeds oil has the following benefits.

  • This oil contains Vitamins A, B Complex, and C, phytonutrients, and Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Blueberry seed oil can also work for the betterment of your hair and scalp.
  • It is one of the fruit kingdom’s main sources of antioxidant materials.
  • Processed Blueberries seed oil is also beneficial for fighting against the damage of harmful UV radiation.
  • You can also use it to treat cracked lips and dry skin.

Also, the Blueberry seeds are edible and have a nutty taste.

But that being said, you should not eat many Blueberry seeds as you may feel discomfort consuming a berry containing a lot of pesticides.

So better to consume organic Blueberries and choose the same for your pets.

FAQs on Blueberries Seeds

What are the benefits of Blueberry seeds?

The antioxidant property of Blueberry makes the skin look younger and protects against Cancer. Also, they hold anti-inflammatory property and prevents acne burst.

Are Blueberries seedless?

No. Getting a hand on seedless Blueberry will be a dream as all berries have that tiny, brown, multiple, unnoticeable seeds hiding inside the coat.

How many seeds are in a Blueberry fruit?

On average, a single Blueberry fruit has about 10 to 20 seeds. However, the NIH has concluded a single Blueberry has 50 seeds.

Final Thought

Blueberry is a people’s favorite fruit, famous for its juicy and sweet flavors.

But be aware not to confuse the berries fruit with seeds. Just get some fresh Blueberries, and extract the seeds.

Happy Gardening!

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