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Best Tips for Planting Peach Seeds [Easy Steps]

Peach trees mature in 2-4 years before they can bear edible fruits. But don’t worry if you missed the season to enjoy these delicacies, as you can always grow a new tree by planting Peach seeds.

Generally, for planting Peach seeds, crack the hard outer shell to get the true seed. Wash the seed, rub it on sandpaper to remove the tough casing, and keep it in the fridge with some moist soil at temperatures around 34-42°F for 2-4 months before the last frost sprouts or sow it directly in the soil.

Peaches love the harsh cold winter and hate germinating in warm soil. So, if you want to learn the basics of planting Peach seeds, don’t skip this article!

What do Peach Seeds Look Like? 

Do you know the Peach seeds from the fruits you see are not their actual seeds?

The seed remains hidden inside a stony shell or pit, an endocarp, encased by the edible outer fleshy part.

You must forcefully break the creased outer shell or pit to see the brownish-red, oval, almond-like Peach seeds. 

Due to this durable pit, Peaches are classified as ‘stone fruits.’

The seed, also called a kernel, contains poisonous hydrocyanic acid.

Although the kernel or seed is edible, it can be fatal if consumed in large amounts.

peach pit-vs-peach-seed
Peach seed is the one that is inside the hard outer pit.

The inner part of the Peach pit, called the kernel, contains hydrocyanic acid, which is poisonous when taken in a high amount.

Here are some general features of a Peach seed.

Seed AttributeFeature
Color Reddish-brown
Length1.3-2 cm
Weight (with Pit)10 g
Harvest timeMay to Late September
Seed sowing timeFall
Sowing methodTop of the Soil
Germination initiatorCold Temperature
Germination time1-3 months

Peach Seeds for Sale 

If you can not make your Peach tree produce seeds, buy them from these commercial websites.

Sites Shipping Details
Best Seeds OnlineWithin 10 days
Sheffield's Seed CompanyShipping within 3-4 days
ebayWithin 2 business days

Steps for Planting Peach Seeds

After harvesting Peach seeds, store them until December to January, which is the right time to plant them.

But, before planting Peach seeds, collect the materials, including the toothbrush, handy nutcracker, organic fungicide, container, and potting mix.

Extract the pit from the fruit, clean it using running water, and spray fungicide to prevent pathogens in the seed.

Alternatively, dip the pit in one-tenth concentrate of the bleach solution. Leave the pit to dry for 3-4 days. 

Once the Peach pit is dry, extract the inner seed from the hard outer coating. Use nutcrackers to crack the pit, but be alert not to break the inner seed. 

Collect the Peach seeds in a plastic bag and place them between 35°F and 50°F in the refrigerator for 4 months. 

To harvest seeds from other houseplants, do not miss to read snapdragon seeds, kalanchoe seeds, and bird of paradise seeds.

Planting Peach Seeds Indoors

To grow a Peach tree from seed, you should provide cold treatment to the seeds to induce germination.

So, you can begin germination about 4 months before the last frost date in the summer.

After finishing the cold stratification, the following will be your next steps! 

  • Pour the seeds into the water for a few hours.
  • Close the bag tightly, and soak the seed in water for 2-3 hours.
  • Open the bag, and add all-purpose potting soil and the water title until the soil is damp.
  • If the mixture is too moist, add more soil, and seal the bag tightly.
Alternatively, you can plant the seeds in a pot 12 inches deep or directly into the ground. Besides, you need to provide the seeds with 1 inch of rain or irrigation per week.

The viable seeds will germinate in 4-6 weeks.

After germination, wait for the roots to grow to 2.5 cm long and plant the seedlings outdoors. 

Transplanting Peach Seedlings Outdoors

After planting Peach seed, the seedling grows some leaves. Thus, you can place the seedling outdoors for 2 hours.

Then, keep increasing the duration until the plant adapts to external conditions.

  • After your plant adapts well to the outdoors, select an appropriate site with good sun and well-drained soil. 
  • Digging a 3-4 inches deep hole will place the root of the Peach seed inside the soil without damaging it.
  • After placing the seedlings in the soil, cover the hole with about an inch of mulch.

 You can see the video below to learn more!

Tips to Care for Peach After Planting

Peach seedlings need a warm, sunny environment with well-draining soil and regular watering.

Ensure the area is free from strong winds, as Peaches are prone to wind damage.

  • Provide Peach plants with full sun for 6-8 hours daily if grown indoors.
  • Water the young Peach trees thrice a week. If there is already mature Peach, offer 1-1.5 inches of water per week.
  • Cold winter temperatures provide the best condition for embryos to mature. So, maintaining 45°F can be the best condition to offer. 
  • Try providing 25-60% humidity to let the Peach thrive best. 
  • Also, maintain a loamy,well-draining soil with a pH of 6-6.5. Adding organic compost to the soil helps boost the growth and health of the plant. 
If you have recently started gardening, you may need to know about different organic composts.
  • Provide balanced fertilizer to your newly grown Peach tree in spring. Moreover, use an additional 0.5 kg fertilizer yearly until your plant reaches 3 meters.
Loamy soil is good for peach trees to grow.
  • Prune the thick branches off your Peach tree every year during late winter or spring. This helps your plant to receive enough airflow and sunlight.
  • The most common pest is the Peach tree borer, so you need to spray insecticides on the lower trunk of the plant.

FAQs about Planting Peach Seeds

What are the best regions to grow Peach seeds?

USDA Zones 4-10 can be best for Peach, but these plants do well in Zones 6-8.

Do you have to let Peach seeds dry before planting?

Drying the Peach pits or seeds before letting them go through the cold stratification is necessary to keep mold from growing.

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Harvest Peach in Summer 

Gently grasp the Peach fruits and pull them away from the tree from mid-May to late August.

Ensure to hold the fruits not too tightly while plucking. Then, transport them in a basket or tray to a safer place.

Moreover, you can try Peach Juice combined with Strawberry to get a mouth-watering taste with high nutritional benefits.

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