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Is Night Howlers Flower Real? Everything You Need To Know

Do you know Night Howlers, a popular flower in the Disney movie Zootopia, is also available in real life? Although the real one works differently, it looks just like Night Howlers.

Generally, Night Howlers flower is not real but an imaginary flower from the movie Zootopia, but it looks like the Autumn Crocus, a real flower. Tulips, Daffodils, Roses, Lilies, and sunflowers are other flowers in the movie.

Night Howlers is a very rare plant that is found in only selected locations in the movie Zootopia.

So, go through this entire article to know about the Night Howlers flower in detail and its effects in the movie.

What Does Night Howlers Flower Look Like?

The Night Howlers Flower is a beautiful flower with violet petals and a bright yellow center containing pollens.

Moreover, the petals are six in number, with a dark shade towards the tip and lighter on the base. This makes Night Howlers just like a real flower.

Autumn Crocus that looks like real Night Howlers
Night Howlers looks similar to the real flower Autumn Crocus.

Furthermore, the leaves are dark green and long with pointed tips. The structure resembles the leaves in a Lily flower.

The size of Night Howlers flower is just the same as the size of a human hand, and the translucent petals are the main reason behind the flower’s beauty.

However, the fragrance of this flower is very strong and unpleasant. Also, the root bulbs are brown and ugly, just like a rotten onion bulbs.

The spreading of this flower occurs from root bulbs and yellow pollens.

Is Night Howlers Flower Real?

Night Howlers flower is not a real flower but a fictional object from the movie Zootopia.

In the movie, the flower is very toxic and causes several negative effects on animals. Even the small ingestion can make those mammals aggressive.

Although the flower is not real, it is based on the flower in real life, Autumn Crocus (Colchicum autumnale). This flower contains colchicine, a medicinal compound, and is also poisonous in real life.

In the movie Zootopia, Night Howlers flower is even more poisonous and influences mammals to howl at night.

Moreover, the hallucinating properties make them feel, see, and hear things that are not around. This shows the psychoactive effects of the flower.

However, there are no psychoactive effects in real Autumn Crocus, but it can cause serious digestive disorders, fever, and even death.

Thus, Night Howler is not real but an imaginary interpretation, just like the Vivisteria flower, and is inspired by real-life flowers.

Other Flowers In Zootopia

Besides Night Howlers, you can see several other flowers in Zootopia with unique meanings. They are not toxic but contribute to spreading positive vibes.

  1. Tulips grow wild in Zootopia and are also popular in many cities. Characters in this movie often use this flower as a decorative item.
  2. Daffodils are the famous flowers in Zootopia, and the characters in the movie use them to beautify their garden. You can see this flower in the parks of different cities.
  3. Roses are one of the major flowers in the movie by which the characters express their love. This romantic flower comes in different colors, and the characters use this flower as a gift, too.
  4. Lilies grow wild in different places in Zootopia. The movie characters use this as a religious event rather than using it as a gift.
  5. Sunflowers represent happiness and positive vibes in the movie. You can see them growing in parks, gardens, flower shops, etc., in Zootopia.

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More About Autumn Crocus!

Autumn Crocus is a toxic plant that blooms in the fall and is native to Europe, Asia, and Africa. Nowadays, they grow all over the world and spread rapidly.

There is no scientific evidence of the medicinal value of this flower. So, it’s better not to grow this plant around you for your safety.