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Is Jungle Pipes Flower Real? It Must Have Some Secrets!

Is jungle pipes flower real, or did you see a fake plant advertised as a medicinal herb on the internet and TV?

Jungle pipes flower advertised as a medicinal plant or Oodhu Paavai on the internet and various Indian channels is an NFT ‘non-fungible token’ or a digital item, not an actual plant.

So, find out why many confuse jungle pipes for a real plant and what it does.

What Is Jungle Pipes Flower?

Many folks are confused by an alien-looking flower that blows smoke from its funnel-like structure, resembling a smoking pipe.

Generally, it is referred to as a jungle pipes flower, or Oodhu paavai in the Tamil language, a plant in the dense rainforests.

Many Indian TV channels and social media started referring to it as a medicinal plant that blooms only in the rainy season.

Jungle pipes flower real
Interestingly, even verified Twitter accounts started sharing the video of the flower as a magical plant based in India.

At first, it may look like a pitcher plant. But small and round without any leaves and a single chimney-like structure poking out.

Moreover, it blows out pollen through its flowers like a person smoking a pipe and blowing smoke in the air.

In fact, it does not look short of tropical plants like the venus flytrap, which eats up its prey using a mouth and teeth-like structure.

Finally, it is just an NFT item that you can purchase using cryptocurrency.

Is Jungle Pipes Flower Real or Fake?

Advertised as the jungle pipes, this smoke-emitting flower is an NFT item or non-fungible token available for cryptocurrency purchase.

Developed by LukePenry Foundation in September 2021, it sold at 1.50 Etherium, roughly equivalent to around USD 2,384 today.

With the rise of cryptocurrency and digital merchandise, buying and curating interesting NFTs became common.

The jungle pipes are no different, as they resemble a plant deep inside the forest. A plant that takes in air and blows out pollen, which appears hard not to believe!

Rest assured, the jungle pipes are fake! Although many claim such a flower to exist in nature, no conclusive information is available.

Does Jungle Pipes Have Lookalikes?

The ghost pipe, a fungus plant that grows in moist temperate forest beds, is the closest plant to the jungle pipes.

Also, the white tube-like shape and ability to obtain nutrients from nearby plants using mycorrhizal fungi make it appear like a ghost.

Like the jungle pipes, it grows in deep forests and prepares traditional medicine to treat pain, inflammation, stress, and sleep disorders.

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Did you know forests cover almost 31 percent of the Earth’s landmass, with many deep forests requiring further exploration?

Therefore, there is a chance that we might find a unique plant like a jungle pipe flower someday.

As of now, we can say that plants as unique as jungle pipes do not exist!