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Is Vivisteria Flower Real? Facts About Wow Looking Flower

The eye-catching Vivisteria flower, with its excellent color-changing ability and illuminating petals, has increased the craze of real fiction lovers. There is only one question “Does this flower really exists?”.

Generally, the Vivisteria flower is an imaginary flower from the Disney movie Elemental that can change its color depending on the elements it is growing. Although Vivisteria is not a real flower, it gives a message that unity and harmony are necessary to create beautiful things.

In the movie Elemental, the Vivisteria flower is said to be growing in four elements, air, water, fire, and earth.

So, before diving into the fictional world, go through this article to know if the appealing Vivisteria flower really exists with it’s symbolic meanings.

What Does Vivisteria Flower Look Like?

Vivisteria is a colorful and vibrant flower with pointed petals. These petals can change their color depending on the elements they are growing.

In the movie Elemental, you can see blue-colored petals while the flower grows on land. Meanwhile, the petals turn green when the plant grows on the earth.

Vivisteria Flowers look like live red coals.

Moreover, the flower bears a sweet and fresh fragrance when the plant is thriving in the air, whereas the smell turns earthy if it grows on the earth.

The appearance of the Vivisteria flower is more like a Lotus, but the stems resemble Lily. The plant is more like a  hybrid of Lotus, Lily, and Orchids.

Additionally, the edges of the petals are bright and illuminating which produces color according to their growing elements.

Does Vivisteria Flower Exist In Reality?

Vivisteria flowers do not exist in reality. The flower is a fictional character from the Disney movie Elemental.

Moreover, no flower can survive in all four elements, air, water, fire, and earth. The flower is just an imaginary character.

As the blossom is only an imagination, the petal’s structure can vary depending on the artist. It can be illuminating or produce the darkest vibes too.

However, there are some real flowers, like Orchids, that can survive on air, water, and Earth. 

Probably, the writer of the movie wants to represent the adaptive character of the flower by showing its growth habits in different elements.

What is the Vivisteria Flower in the Movie Elemental?

Basically, the writer wants to share the message that all four elements must unite to survive and thrive in the world through the Vivisteria flowers.

Thus, the main objective of the Vivisteria flowers is unity and harmony. Moreover, the flower also shows the ability of those elements to form a unique and beautiful thing.

Moreover, the different nature of the flower represents the diversity among different species in the world.

Vivisteria flowers are also the symbol of a better future too.

Additionally, the flower remains beautifully nurtured only after the balance of those elements.

Besides, the Vivisteria flower symbolizes beauty, strength, adaptability, peace, and change for good in the movie Elemental.

Just like the Pandora trees in the movie Avatar, this flower is also said to protect the surrounding from harm.

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More About Vivisteria Flower!

The name Vivisteria gives two words, ‘Vivify’ and ‘Isteria,’ which is clearly the genus of the pea family. Thus, the imaginary flower is inspired by the flowers growing in the real world.

Moreover, this beautiful character is said to bring life to the surroundings from its magical healing properties.