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Do Mandrake Plant Scream? [Harry Potter Created Delusion!]

Many stories and myths about the Mandrake plant and its scream have circulated for ages, making people think of it as a magical plant.

Reality check! The Mandrake plant does not scream because it is a real plant without any vocal cords or appliances to create vibrations. Their roots and stems have been used for centuries for their medicinal and psychoactive properties.

Knowing the truth might have broken your belief. However, Mandrake is still an interesting plant. Scroll down the article to know!

Is Mandrake A Real Plant?

Mandrake is one of a kind that always surprises us with its quality. While it would be more intriguing to know that you can see the plant in real life too.

Actually, Mandrake (Mandragora officinarum) is a real plant belonging to the nightshade family, Solanaceae. It is native to the Mediterranean region.

These plants are herbaceous perennials, famous for their human-like roots, rich in alkaloids with narcotic properties.

A bag is holding the root of Mandrake plant
The roots are similar to the face of humans and can go deep enough in well-draining soil.

Also, the Mandrake plant has rosette oval floppy leaves and a white to purple bell-shaped flower that blooms in spring. These flowers bear fleshy orange berries in late summer.

So looking at the entire build-up of the Mandrake plant, it is certain that they are real.

Do Mandrake Plant Scream, Or Is It A Myth?

The Harry Potter book might have left a stamp on most of our childhood, among which the Mandrake scream part is hard to forget.

However, we know the series was about magic, and the Mandrake screaming was a supporting scene of the screenplay.

Also, the Mandrake are real plants without any means of communication, similar to any other plants.

So, in conclusion, the Mandrake plant does not scream in real life, and the scream is a myth from centuries of folklore and magical practices.

People believed that hearing the Mandrake scream could kill them. As a result, they started to perform a ritual of tying a hungry dog to its stem before uprooting it.

Nevertheless, modern science has debunked the screaming myth of the Mandrake.

Instead, they said that the Mandrake stem and roots have potent alkaloids which can create hallucinations, leading to the deadly scream story.

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Know A Little More About Mandrake!

Mandrake roots can go as deep as 4 feet long in USDA zone 6 to 8 if provided with well-draining sandy soil and full sun.

Meanwhile, all parts of Mandrake are poisonous, so keep it away from the area of children and pets.