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4 Best Methods for Growing Roses from Cut Flowers

One of the most commonly gifted ornamental flowers, the Rose (Rosa), symbolizes love and passion.

But did you know that if someone gifted you a flower, you could grow a whole plant? Growing Roses from cut flowers may sound strange but are pretty doable.

To grow Rose from cut flowers, you must first collect healthy cuttings and then grow them in mediums such as water, soil, sphagnum moss, or potato. After about a month of rooting, you may notice white roots on the bottom and sides of the Rose cuttings.

Rose flower
Roses are so versatile. You can take one rose with a stalk out of a bouquet and grow a brand new rose plant.

It sounds pretty accessible and easy. Well, I would not call it particularly easy.

But fret not; I am here to guide you through the process of growing Roses from cut flowers. Read on!

Can you Grow a Rose From Cut Flowers?

Did you know? The 40th American President Ronald Regan declared the Rose a national flower of the US in 1986.

This fact signifies the importance of Roses in the world of flowers. Its essence is polished by the fact that you can grow a new Rose plant from almost any part of it.

Generally, you can grow a Rose from the cut flowers, and they will even start rooting in about a month.

Remember that the Rose flower stalk you cut should be at least 6 inches long from the flower’s base and have at least three nodes.

To be successful, you need to cut the stalk at an angle of 45° to provide it with a greater surface area for water uptake.

If you fulfill all the care and provide a better environment, you will be able to witness the roots in about a month.

growing roses from stem cuttings
You can easily grow Rose from cut flowers in water or soil medium.

On top of that, growing Roses from cuttings have its benefits.

  • Growing Roses from cut flowers can ensure that you have a fast growth rate.
  • A cut Rose flower is easily accessible as well.
  • One Rose plant or bouquet can grow many flower stalks. So, you can grow yourself a garden from just one plant.
  • You can feel self-satisfaction and contentment if you grow a Rose plant yourself by cutting.
  • Caring for cutting is too similar to caring for the actual plant.

So, growing Roses from cut flowers are possible, but you must be careful about the process.

How to Grow Roses from Cut Flowers?

After you are ready to go on with your little experiment, you must gather the cuttings. You can buy a flower bouquet from your local flower vendor.

Next, there are many ways and mediums to plant the cuttings to get the flower.

Rose Cutting
Getting a Rose cutting to propagate is relatively easy as you can find it almost everywhere.

Let us look at the steps to take the cuttings and mediums to root the cuttings in detail below.

Steps to Take a Rose Flower Cutting

Follow the steps below to take the cutting from the Rose bouquet properly.

  • Take a flower bouquet you got for the cutting process.
  • Gather all the tools you require for the process and sterilize them properly.
  • Grab a healthy individual flower stalk and remove the flower as well as the stem tip.
  • The stem should be 6 to 8 inches long and have 3 to 4 nodes.
  • Cut a few inches from the bottom at the angle of 45°. Try to make a clean cut just above the node.
  • Make a few cuts to increase the rooting probability. The more, the merrier.
  • If you want to make multiple cuts in one individual stem, make the next cut underwater.
  • Take a tray and line up your cuttings there.

The best time to take the Rose cuttings is during the months of summer when the stems are growing extensively.

Additional insight: Softwood Rose cuttings taken in the spring or summer season are easier to root than hardwood cuttings (that are taken in winter when the plant is dormant).

You might take a little help from this video,

Growing Roses from Cut Flowers in Water

Talking about the versatility of this beautiful flower, it allows you to form its root even under the water.

Follow the steps below carefully to grow Roses from cut flowers underwater.

  • Take the cuttings as instructed above and apply the rooting hormone on the cut end each cutting.
  • Get a clean, transparent vase and fill it halfway with lukewarm water.
  • Dip the cut end in the water and ensure no leaves are under the water.
  • Cover the cutting with a plastic bag to provide it with the required humidity.
  • Place the jar in a place with bright but indirect sunlight and change the water every 3 to 4 days.
  • Wait for the cutting to set out roots. This takes about four weeks.
  • You can transplant the cutting into the well-draining soil after the roots get about 3 to 4 inches long.
Growing Rose cutting in Water
You can easily grow Rose from cut flowers in a water medium.

To achieve better results, do not directly transplant the cutting into the soil, but rather add a few pinches of soil to the water on a regular basis.

While changing the water, take a cloth and strain the water to preserve the soil. Eventually, the soil ratio will exceed the water ratio.

After that, resume normal care for the cutting.

Growing Roses from Cut Flowers in Soil

Growing the Roses in soil may be a faster and easier approach. You won’t have to go through the trouble of transplanting the cutting.

Look below to root the cutting directly in the soil.

  • Take a ceramic, clay, or terracotta pot and clean the insides of the pot properly.
  • Get the cutting and remove all the bottom leaves from it.
  • Apply the rooting hormone to increase the chance of rooting significantly.
Dipping the cutting in powdered rotting hormone
Dipping the cutting in the rooting hormone ensures healthy and fast growth.
  • Fill 50% of the pot with a well-draining, airy potting mix.
  • Poke a hole a few inches deep in the middle of the pot with a pencil or chopstick.
  • Place the cutting in the hole gently and press the soil around it using a thumb.
  • Make sure at least 1 to 2 nodes of the cutting are under the soil.
  • Move the pot to a sunny location but ensure it does not stay in direct light.
  • You will be able to witness the roots in about 12 to 14 days.

As per my experience, the cuttings I planted outdoors had better yields than the ones I grew indoors.

Note: You cannot propagate patented Rose without taking the permission from the patent owner.

Patented rose
It is illegal to propagate patented Roses. So, do your research before doing anything.

Growing Roses from Cut Flowers by Air Layering

Air layering is a propagation method that has taken the current gardening world by storm.

This propagation technique has made it easier for plant lovers to get the plant to root in their stems.

Follow the steps below to ensure you get aerial roots quickly and efficiently.

  • You must get sphagnum moss and soak it deeply to moisten it first.
  • Afterward, prepare a plastic container to wrap the Rose stem, like a plastic bottle.
  • Fill the plastic bottle with sphagnum moss but do not overfill it.
  • Choose a healthy stem of the Rose plant and make two cuts to peel off the green covering and reveal the white part inside.
  • Wrap the white part of the plant with the prepared plastic bottle. Fill the remaining portion of the bottle with moss.
  • Take an aluminum foil and wrap it around the plastic bottle to protect it from overheating and excessive algae growth.
  • Maintain the moss’ moisture, and after four weeks, remove the plastic cover to reveal roots.
  • Close the bottle back up and let the root grow more firm.
  • After they are prominent, remove the stem with roots and plant it in a well-draining potting mix.

This method allows you to grow Roses from cuttings without using rooting hormones.

Growing Roses from Cut Flowers in Potatoes

Now, this may sound weird; rooting Rose in potato. But people do that with a tremendous success rate.

Although unusual, this is one of the best ways to root cut Roses. With the growth of Rose roots, the potato will break down to provide nutrients to the soil.

Rose in Potato
Potato makes a good medium for rooting a potato stalk. It serves most of the nutrients that the Rose requires.

Let me guide you through this strange journey.

  • Get a healthy potato and drill a hole right in the middle of it but ensure you do not drill through the potato.
  • Dip the cut end of the Rose flower into rooting hormone or honey.
  • Place the cutting in the potato hole you carved. Make sure the stem is firmly stuck.
  • Plant the potato in the ground and cover it with at least 3 inches of soil.
  • After a month, the Rose cutting will root successfully.

Rooting in potatoes can be a good idea for a nutrients-lover plant like a Rose. The Rose will feed on the potato and grow more prominent flowers in the rooting process.

Aside from all the processes mentioned above, you can also propagate Roses from seeds.

Wait for the flower to dry out and give seeds. Plant those seeds and properly care for them to get a beautiful Rose.

Tips to Take Care of Newly Rooted Roses Cuttings

After getting the rooted Rose cuttings, your job is only 75% over. You still have to care for it and grow it to a fully functioning plant.

I made a few mistakes in the care and killed a few potential Roses before growing a satisfactory Rose plant.

Follow the care tips below to avoid sharing my fate.

  • Keep your eye on the flower (if it is still attached to the stalk), and deadhead it when the petals start to fall off.
  • Conduct foliar application of normal horticultural or neem sprays to keep your plant free from pests and insects.
  • Do not apply fertilizers to the cutting in its first year. Let the roots spread out and get ahold of the soil firmly.
  • Alternatively, you can also apply mild fish-based fertilizer to provide additional nutrients.
Rose to the occasion
It is interesting how you can grow a plant out of a single flower.
  • Provide the cuttings with a minimum of four hours of bright but indirect sunlight.
  • You can water the plant daily with distilled or rainwater.
  • Look out for any dead leaves and branches and snip them off as soon as you witness some.

You can transplant the plant to a bigger pot or your outdoor garden if it is overgrowing.


Roses have always been around as a symbol of love and romanticism. It is the best gift you can give to your significant other.

So, why don’t you try growing one by yourself? All that passion, dedication, and hard work into producing a Rose for love.

Good luck with that, and please drop a comment below if you succeed.

Aaah, the thorns of the Rose hurt! But did you know there is a scientific reason why Roses have thorns?

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