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7+ Exotic Flowers That Look Like Woman

Though no flowers look exactly like a woman in appearance, some flowers have qualities that are closer to womanhood.

Orchids, Calla Lilies, and Iris are some flowers that have a symbolic resemblance to a woman. Meanwhile, the Poppy plant, Hydnora, and Butterfly Pea are some plants with flowers that dare to look like the delicate genitalia of a woman.

So, read on till the end of the article to find out all of the flowers that might look like a woman in general.

Are There Flowers That Look Like a Woman?

Just when you might think the magical show of nature is limited, there are flowers that not only symbolize femininity but also look like them.

You can call it a mere coincidence or an extravagant evolution necessary for plants’ survival.

Recent studies about natural mimicry show that plants mimic their surrounding animals, birds, or species to attract pollinators.

So, there are flowers with geometrical shapes that look like a woman beyond the general symbolism.

However, it solely depends on how you choose to see it. So, whether or not you see a resemblance entirely depends upon your personal interpretation.

9 Flowers That Look Like Woman

Before hopping on to the list, remember the resemblance of flowers to a Woman solely depends on one’s perspective.

Some may find these flowers look like one and find humor, while some may think them offensive.

So, this article is only for educational and entertainment purposes and does not intend to disrespect women and female friends. Also, we strongly discourage readers from objectifying or comparing respected female genital parts with anything, including flowers.

Here are a few plants with a flower that look like a woman or perhaps more like the female genitalia.

1. Poppy Plant

poppy flowers buds that look like a genitalia of a woman
The Poppy plant flower buds open up completely within a day or two.

Famous for being the source of opium, the Poppy plant has vibrant, colorful flowers on a slender stem.

Like any other plant flower, the Poppy plant also shares a flower bud stage before flowering.

When the furry, bulbous flower buds of the Poppy flowers start to unfurl colorful petals, they begin to look like a vagina, the genitalia of a woman.

The way the poppy flower petals open up looks like a vagina opening. Here, the seed pod of the Poppy flower looks like a vulva, and the red petals look like the internal structure of a vagina.

2. Hydnora

Hydnora flower
Hydnora is a parasitic plant meaning they can not perform photosynthesis and rely on the host plant.

Hydnora is a genus of rare parasitic plant species native to Africa with no true leaves or scales but fleshy stems.

These exotic plants have tubular red or peachy-orange flowers that look like a vagina, a private part of a woman.

Moreover, the openings in the flower look like the labia, and their flesh with spiky teeth gives a similar resemblance to the vagina.

3. Barrita Orchid

barrita orchid flowers that look like a vagina
Do you know Barrita Orchids are named after the Barrita family and are the original breeders of these Orchids?

Another plant with flowers that look like a woman or, to be specific female genitalia is Barrita Orchid.

The trumpet-shaped colorful flowers have petals that look like the labia and clitoris of the vagina.

Aside from appearance, the flower also shares a citrusy, sweet fragrance, with each flower lasting for several weeks.

4. Butterfly Pea

butterfly pea flowers that look like a vagina of a woman
Depending upon the soil’s pH, the Butterfly Pea flower changes. The flower is blue in acidic soil, and in alkaline soil, they are pink.

The Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea) is a flowering plant native to tropical Asia with flowers that look like the vulva of a woman.

It produces blue or purple flowers with the shape of a vulva. Also, the flower often has dark blue blotches at the center that look like the clitoris.

5. Venus Fly Trap

venus fly trap
The Venus Fly Trap plant captures the insects in two hinged lobes with leaf ends.

Venus Fly Trap is a popular carnivorous plant with a colorful trap of triangular lobes that look like a vulva.

The leaves are often taken as the plants’ flower but are a trap to lure and trap insects in them.

So, unlike other plants in this list, Venus Fly Trap has a set of leaves instead of flowers that look like a vagina.

6. Africa Tulip Flower

africa tulip flower
Africa Tulip flower is toxic to humans and pets which can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Similar to Poppy flowers, the flower buds of Africa Tulip flowers also look like a Woman’s private part when it begins to open.

The vibrant red, orange, or yellow petals of the Africa Tulip (Spathodea campanulata) emerging from the breaking flower buds look like a vagina.

However, with the gradual opening of the flower, the resemblance vanishes away entirely.

7. Living Stone

Living Stone succulents in a pot
The thick, fleshy, fused leaves of Living Stone succulents can store water.

Living Stone is a small succulent plant species native to South Africa that usually looks like pebbles or rocks.

However, in an alternative perspective, the Living Stone (Lithops) plants appear like a woman bending forward.

8. Chinese Evergreen

chinese Evergreen flower
Chinese Evergreen plant is a popular Feng Shui plant that helps to regularize the energy flow.

Also known as Aglaonema, Chinese Evergreens have small white spathes that look like a vagina.

They offer prolific blooming in Spring and Summer when provided with ideal care. However, the plant is mainly grown for its exotic foliage that can purify indoor air like the Spider plant.

9. Southern Catalpa

Southern Catalpa flower
Do you know the flowers of the Southern Catalpa tree are edible and often used in tea?

Southern Catalpa is a deciduous tree that produces aesthetic white flowers with yellow and purple centers.

Due to the tubular trumpet shape of the flowers with yellow or purple centers, these flowers are said to look like a vagina.

Nonetheless, when provided with proper care, the plant actively produces beautiful blooms in early Summer.

Editor’s Note

Narilatha, A Naked Woman: A Hoax!

You might have encountered a flower named Narilatha, shaped like a naked woman while surfing the internet.

But truth be told, no such flower exists, and no scientific evidence backs the existence of this flower.

Enjoy and Happy Gardening!

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