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5+ Exotic Orchids That Look Like Birds

Suffering from bird feather allergies but still adore them? Try bringing some Orchids that look like birds.

Generally, the petals, sepals, and lips of Dove Orchids, Flying Duck Orchid, and Green Bird Orchid resemble different birds, with features like wings, beaks, and motions. The interesting appearance of the Orchid flowers is for its survival. 

Follow along to learn about the evolution of the Orchid’s plant and flower, looking like a bird. 

Why Do Orchids Look Like Birds?

With multiple shapes and sizes, Orchid flowers resemble some species, animals, and birds, which only can be an occurrence.

But mirroring some parts of birds identically is also a floral mimicry to attract pollinators.

When birds land on the blooms, they come into contact with antler and stigma which helps transfer pollen from one to another.

Bright colors and some particular geometrical shapes often entice birds. These bird-like characteristics contain petals that copy beak-like extensions or wings beautifully.

8 Orchid Flower That Look Like Birds

With more than 28,000 species of Orchids, nature still succeeds in amazing us with its variation.

From flower that looks like faces to ones that copy’s a cat face, there are some Orchids that look like birds.

1. Dove Orchid

True to its name, Dove Orchid (Peristeria elate) is a flowering perennial resembling a white dove in flight.

The flowers of these deciduous perennial Orchids are cup-shaped, 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter, with the plant reaching 3-5 feet tall. Besides, the thick white petals and sepals create a semblance of wings and a body of a Dove.  
A dove orchid flower that look like birds.
This Orchid Flower lasts for about 4 to 5 weeks after blooming.

Further, the honey-like sweet fragrance is another enticing aspect of the flower. This Orchid’s unique shape and delightful fragrance justifies the name Holy Ghost Orchid.

But due to immoderate picking for its natural habitat, the Dove Orchid is now an endangered species on the verge of extinction.

Did you know that the Duck Orchid is the national flower of the Panama?

2. Flying Duck Orchid

Next on the list of Orchids that look like birds is the Australian native Duck Orchid (Caleana major).

The brownish flower of Caleana has a single lanciform leaf and labellum modified to resemble a swimming duck. 

Generally, the tip of the labellum or lip is elongated and curves upwards with a yellow-reddish hue, mimicking a duck’s neck.
A portrait if Flying Duck Orchid.
The first glance at Flying Duck Orchid will have you think twice.

Moreover,  you’ll get to witness the flower blooming from late spring to early summer in the plant having an average height of 7-20 inches.

3. Three Bird Orchid

Triphora trianthophora is commonly called the Three Bird Orchid flower, for each plant produces 3 small flowers that look like tiny birds.

The flowers are tubular and appear droopy with greenish-brown sepals and petals resembling a bird’s wing and tail. At the same time, the lip mimics the bird’s head.

Portrait of Three Bird Orchid on the ground.
Three Bird Orchid has a raceme inflorescence.

Similar to its moist natural habitat in North America and Canada, the Nodding Pogonia prefers well-draining soil

If you wish to have them indoors, look for a pot that facilitates proper drainage to prevent the untimely flower drop.

4. Bird’s Mouth Orchid

The tiny petals of the Bird’s Mouth Orchid under the pale green to brown oval hood appear like a young bird during feeding time. 

Botanically known as Orthoceras strictum, they are also commonly known as Horned Orchid due to the long grass-like leaves.

Bird's mouth orchid is a type that look like birds.
Bird’s Mouth Orchid does well in shaded and moist areas.

Flowers can be black, brown, maroon, or yellow and are around 10 mm wide. Besides, these tiny flowers grow on 10-14 inch plants from late spring to summer. 

To make the flower last for 6 to 10 weeks, water them weekly and add a dose of bloom booster once every month throughout the growing season. 

Meanwhile, reduce the watering frequency, as Orchids go dormant during the winter. 

5. Greenhood Orchid 

The clusters of flower (2-3 cm) on a slender stem makes the Orchid live up to its name, Greenhood Orchid.

Further, the white flowers with translucent green veins are covered with a hood-like structure. Along with protecting the flower’s reproductive part, the hood’s shape is similar to a small helmet.

A portrait of Greenhood Orchid.
As the name suggests, Greenhood Orchid has a green curved hood.

Another notable feature of the Greenhood Orchid is the dense, brush-like hair inside the hood which works for luring the pollinator.

Unlike the other Orchids in the list, the Greenhood (Pterostylis barbata) blooms from late winter to early spring, i.e. August to October, in its native home, Australia. 

Apart from the above-mentioned Orchids, there are a few more capable of making you wonder if they are a bird or a flower.

  • Crane-fly Orchid (Tipularis discolor): Small modified petals that look exactly like a Crane-fly ready to take off.
  • White Egret Orchid (Habenaria radiata): Feathery and fringed white petals at the opposite ends that look like a flying bird.
  • Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis): Large, flat petals and dark leaves with reproductive parts in the centre mimic a moth.

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Maintain a Suitable Growth Environment!

The exotic Orchids that look like birds are not among the easy-care varieties. 

Ensure enough filtered sunlight, regular watering, and humidity of 50-70% for the flowers to keep their vigor. 

Do not forget to deadhead the spent flowers, as it helps encourage the new blooms. 

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