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8 Amazing Spider Plant Benefits You Didn’t Know About

The Spider plant’s name might sound scary to people with entomophobia, but trust me when I say that they have a lot of benefits.

The Spider plant is a low-maintenance plant with benefits, such as air purification and humidification for indoor spaces, the addition of aesthetic appeal and many more.

Thus, read till the end so you won’t miss out on the various Spider plant benefits.

Spider Plant Benefits

We have mentioned major science-backed Spider plant benefits below. 

1. Air Purification

Almost every piece of furniture that you own produces volatile organic chemicals that are toxic to your health in the long term.

But thankfully, houseplants like the Spider plant absorb harmful toxins present in the air.

According to NASA, the Spider plant is also one of the most efficient air-purifying houseplants.

Similarly, another research article showed indoor Spider plants significantly reduced Carbon Monoxide (a poisonous gas) levels.

Furthermore, the Spider plant also releases more oxygen at night, which helps in easy breathing.

2. Adds Aesthetic Appeal

Undoubtedly, the plantlets hanging via long trailing stems of the Spider plant are something many adore.

Also, plantlets that look like spider legs are the sole reason why they are called Spider plants.

Hanging basket with Spider plant
The hanging basket highlights the beautiful spiderettes of Spider plants.

Meanwhile, many opt for a hanging pot to keep Spider plants so they can dazzle their space with hanging plantlets.

With the strategic placement of the plant, you can easily add an aesthetic touch to your decor.

3. Low Maintenance

The easygoing Spider plant belongs to the tropical regions. This plant can adapt to different growing conditions.

Due to their low-care needs, they are a better choice to grow indoors.

The Spider plant can grow in the same pot for about two years without any issues.

Rightly so, to keep your Spider plant happy, you must fulfill its fundamental care needs.

Here, I have listed out the basic care needs of the Spider plant for optimal growth.

ParametersFavorable Conditions
Sunlight 6-10 hours of direct bright light
Temperature50° to 80°F
Watering Every few weeks in Winter and every week to two weeks in Spring and Summer.
HumidityBetween 40% to 70%.
Soil TypeMoist but well-drained
FertilizationEvery two weeks to once every three months

4. Mental Well-Being and Reduces Stress

According to Mental Health America (MHA), over 50 million American adults have mental illnesses.

A study shows that indoor houseplants like Spider plants improve individuals’ mental health and reduce stress.

The report says activities with houseplants encouraged comforting, soothing, and happy feelings.

Meanwhile, it also helped with reducing individuals’ diastolic blood pressure.

Lastly, another research by ISHS stated a significant increase in creativity and low anxiety by adding houseplants to the workplace.

Therefore, add Spider plants to your home or workplace to give your mind subtle relief from Stress.

Here at Plants Craze, we divided the employees into groups A and B. Group A contained five members who were given a Spider plant to keep on their desks. Group B, with five members, was not given any plant. After two months, Group A significantly showed great productivity.

Plant Craze Survey

5. Improves Humidity

According to research in ASHS, the Spider and Jade plants significantly improve the space’s relative humidity.

The Spider plant is said to increase the relative humidity by almost 10% due to its higher transpiration rate.

Therefore, you can utilize Spider plants to keep the humidity level in check during the winter.

If you have other plants like Monsteras and Philodendrons that need humid conditions, you can place Spider plants near them.

Meanwhile, adding multiple Spider plants to the collection might even solve the need for a humidifier.

6. Pet Friendly 

Not only is Spider plant beneficial to us humans, but they also do not pose any toxic traits to cats or dogs.

According to the ASPCA, the Spider plant is among those pet-friendly plant lists.

But fascinatingly, your cats might unusually get attracted to Spider plants to take some nibble on.

hanging spider plant
Spider plant is a pet-friendly indoor houseplant popular for its beautiful foliage.

Do not worry if your pets take small nibbles out of the Spider plant, as it contains no toxic chemicals.

Although the Spider plant is non-toxic to cats and dogs, keeping your plants out of reach is still a better idea.

7. Promotes Feng Shui Significance

In the eastern part of the globe, the Spider plant is believed to bring positive vibes and good luck to the house.

Meanwhile, the Spider plant is believed to absorb negative energies and regulate the energy flow.

As there are five elemental forces in Feng Shui, the Spider plant represents the wood connecting your space to nature.

You shall place your Spider plant in the southeast part of the Feng Shui map for optimal Feng Shui benefits.

Meanwhile, you can add them to your living room to encourage better bonding in the family.

8. Medical Benefits 

A study in PubMed showed better recovery rates in patients by keeping indoor houseplants like Spider plants in hospital rooms.

Furthermore, another Science Direct study suggested that the Spider plant’s nutritional values benefit human use.

The report showed higher concentrations of Iron, Calcium, Manganese, and flavonoid values in Spider plant leaves.

Similarly, researchers also determined anti-oxidant properties from the elemental analysis of the Spider plant.

Where to Buy the Spider Plant?

The Spider plant is the most searched houseplant in Illinois, Montana, and New Jersey.

And here, I have listed some online vendors with Spider plant for sale.

Garden GoodsWithin 3 to 5 business days
Fast Growing TreesShips within 1-2 business Days
Brighter BloomsShipping within a day
Gabriella PlantsShips within 7 days
EvergladesShips in 1-2 Days

Wrapping Up

Give Spider plants subtle care; they will bless you with fresh oxygen, boosting your lungs’ health.

Spider plant is every beginner’s favorite as they do not need meticulous care to thrive. Even with minimal maintenance, they return your favor with various benefits.

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