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Top 5 Plants With Flower That Looks Like a Cat

Mimicry is a plant phenomenon that allows them to produce a flower that looks like an animal, like Cat, to avoid being eaten or to blend in with their surrounding.

In general, Cat’s Whiskers, Pampas Grass, Pussy Willow are some of the plants with a flower that looks like a Cat face or Cat tails. These plants are easy to care for and produce elegant enticing Cat-like flowers.

Read on to find out all of the flowering plants which produce a flower that looks like a Cat.

Is There a Flower That Looks Like a Cat?

If you can not get enough of your cats, perhaps you might want to plant flowers that look like a Cat face and sometimes Cattails.

And fortunately, the answer to the primary question, they do exist, and there is a flower that looks like a Cat.

However, this is a subjective topic where the individual’s viewing angles and opinion plays a big role. For instance, many say flowers of Viola Tricolor or wild Pansy look like a cat flower plant, but many beg to differ.

So, if you are fond of Cats, you might easily see Cats’ features in flowers and love cat flower plant. If not, you may have a hard time seeing it.

5 Amazing Flowers That Look Like a Cat

Like most people, you might have heard of Catnip, Catgrass named after cats.

But very few know there are flower species that look somewhat like a Cat face or Cattails. So, here are the top five flowers that resemble Cats.

1. Cat’s Whiskers

True to its name, White Cat Whiskers flower has long, slender stamens that look like a Cats’ whiskers.

Cat’s Whiskers (Orthosiphon stamineus) is a herbaceous perennial native to tropical eastern Asia.

cat whisker flower
Cat’s whisker flower is an excellent option if you are looking for an attractive and easy-to-grow plant.

These elegant plants can grow up to two feet tall and grow just fine indoors in a pot and outdoors in 9-11 USDA zones.

Regarding care, the cat flower plant belongs to Labiatae, Mint family, so aim for a similar Lavender care habit.

2. Pampas Grass

The majestic Pampas grass produces a feathery white flower that looks like a soft fluffy tail of a Cat.

Pampas grass, also known as Tussock grass, is a perennial grass that can grow 8-10 feet tall and 10 feet wide.

pampus grass flower
Do you know Pampas grass is a popular choice for weddings and other special occasions?

Besides the white cat flowers, Pampas grass flowers could also be pink, purple, and even red.

Although the flowers of Pampas grass may entice you as a Cat tail, they are considered invasive plants in states like California and Hawaii. Also, it is illegal to grow Pampas grass in some states.

Therefore, instead of growing them in your backyard, you can opt for ornamental dried Pampas flowers.

3. Pussy Willow

The Pussy Willow produces furry catkin or inflorescence (flower spike) that looks like Cat tails.

These catkins are covered in soft, white hairs, which closely resemble the Cat tails.

pussy willow flower
Pussy willow catkins are a popular symbol of springtime and are often used in decorations and floral arrangements.

You can grow Pussy Willow in full sun in neutral loamy soil in your backyard in 4-8 USDA zones.

This Willow tree can grow over 6-25 feet tall with a spread of 4-15 feet, so aim to grow them outdoors.

4. Jade Princess Ornamental Millet

Another plant with a flower that looks like a Cat tail is Jade Princess Ornamental Millet.

You can easily mistake the feathery, brownish flowers of Jade Princess Millet as a tail of a Cat sitting near the bush.

Jade Princess Ornamental Millet flower
Jade Princess Ornamental Millet is relatively easy to care for and can be grown in various climates.

This plant is a low-maintenance plant that grows about two feet tall. They are easy to care for, so grow them in a sunny spot with well-draining soil.

Also, aim to deadhead the spent flower using a sterilized pruner to enjoy more of the Cat tail-like flowers.

5. Calochortus Tolmiei

Instead of a Cat face or tail, the Calochortus Tolmiei flower looks more like a Cat ear.

Also known as Tomie Star Tulip, it produces bell-shaped flowers that have soft hairs as in the ears of a Cat.

Calochortus Tolmiei flower
The flower of Calochortus Tolmiei is bell-shaped with pointed petals that resemble a cat’s ear.

Interestingly, due to a closer resemblance to a Cats ear, it is also commonly known as Pussy ears flower. It is one of the white cat flowers due to the resemblance.

This cat flower plant is also relatively easy to care for and grows fine in a sunny spot with well-draining soil.

Editor’s Note

Other Flowers That Look Like Animals!

Besides the flower that looks like Cat aka white cat flowers, there are other plants like Dracula simia, aka Monkey Orchid, a String of Dolphins that resemble the face of a monkey, and the shape of a Dolphin, respectively.

Also, flowers like Parrot Flower, Flying Duck Orchid, and Dove Orchid have a close resemblance to birds.

Enjoy and Happy Gardening!