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5+ Top Window Plant Shelf DIY Decor Ideas In 2024

If you are bored with the plain and simple-looking window, DIY plant shelf ideas will renovate it, creating a picture-perfect window loaded with nature.  

Generally, there are several window shelf DIY ideas to create a stunning window look. Some include a wooden hanger, window sill shelf, hanging window shelf, kitchen window shelf, window boxes, and many more.

DIY window plant shelf will work anywhere in your indoor space decorating bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms with houseplants.

So, this article will guide you to build window shelves for plants and organize them with indoor houseplants and flowers.

8 Window Plant Shelf DIY Decor Ideas You Need To Know

Plants on the window shelves get direct sunlight, so placing low-light plants like Pothos varieties on the topmost shelf is better to provide dappled light.

Provide artificial light to the plants that need more light than they get from the window and manage dappled light with sheer curtains.

1. Hanging Window Shelf

DIY Hanging window plant shelf is a modern way to arrange plants in a beautifully layered appearance.

A hanging window shelf with three potted plants
You can use one or more shelves in hanging window shelves according to the number of plants you have.

This floating indoor window plant shelf allows you to arrange many plants in a space-friendly way providing you with a perfect natural vibe.

  • Get two strong ropes the size of your window and some wooden boards.
  • Fix the wooden boards horizontally between the ropes, just like a ladder.
  • Also, arrange the sun-loving potted plants according to their height.
  • Fix those pots tightly on the board so the plants are safe even if you move that hanging window shelf.

Any plants that thrive in direct sunlight will do best on the hanging shelves. Use sheer curtains if you wish to place plants needing dappled lights.

2. A Wooden Hanger

A wooden hanger is a perfect and unique idea to organize different plant varieties if your window lacks a sill.

Before you start following this DIY idea, take a lightweight pot, a strong hanging rope, and a wooden log to attach above the window.

  • Take a wooden log and attach it horizontally just above the window using long screws.
  • Hang the colorful ropes or hanging baskets with plants on the wooden log.
  • The hanging baskets in front of the window will look incredible without occupying indoor spaces.
  • Moreover, the plants will get enough sunlight for proper functioning.

Finally, the plants requiring good sunlight, like orange succulents, flowering perennials, Coleus, etc., will thrive perfectly in the wooden hanger.

3. Kitchen Window Shelf

If you are a kitchen person, a DIY kitchen window plant shelf will benefit you a lot, providing you with herbs and greens on your window.

  • Attach a wooden shelf on the window sill tightly.
  • You can increase the number of shelves according to your choice.
  • Place the herbs and greens you use daily on the lower shelves for easy reach.
  • Herbs and greens need direct sunlight and will thrive best on your window shelf.

Thus, herbs like Rosemary, Parsley, Mint, etc., and salad greens like Lettuce, Spinach, etc., will fit perfectly on kitchen window shelves.

4. Window Boxes 

Window boxes are a neat and unique way to decorate the windows by arranging the wooden boards in the shape of a box.

Additionally, those boxes can be bigger or smaller based on the pot size, as that uneven look is the main attraction of this idea.

  • Get the wooden boards to attach them and create rectangular or square boxes.
  • Fix those boards together with a glue gun or screw to create the desired shapes.
  • Strongly attach the boxes to your window and arrange the plant inside them.

Also, make sure you create the boxes according to your plant’s height and place the plants based on their sunlight demands.

5. Plastic Or Glass Shelf

Plastic or glass shelf is a budget-friendly and brilliant way of adding shelves for indoor plants.

You use plastic or glass boards instead of wooden ones to create a shelf for houseplants along the window.

  • Get the rectangular glass board the same as the width of your window.
  • Place the board horizontally along the window and fix it tightly.
  • Carefully arrange the houseplants on the shelf.
  • Increase the shelf if you want to add more houseplants.

Remember to attach the glass board carefully, as glasses are delicate and careless handling may break the glass.

Moreover, ensure to place lightweight pots and small plants to extend the durability of those shelves.

6. Ladder Along The Window

Unlike other ideas where you create shelves on the window, you use a spare ladder and place it along the window for plants.

Moreover, you can shift that ladder anywhere inside your living space with this removable window shelf for plants.

  • Get an A-shaped ladder and place it along your window.
  • Extend the stairs with wooden boards for bigger plants.
  • Place the climbing plants, like Pothos varieties, the String of Hearts, etc., on the foot of the ladder.
  • Then, put the fast-growing varieties on the topmost shelf and plants with a bushy appearance on the middle shelf.

You can also place vases with cut flowers and paint the ladder with contrasting colors for a better view.

7. Above the Window Shelf

A shelf above the window is perfect for plants requiring indirect light, like Monstera, Anthurium, and Calathea varieties, etc.

  • Get the rectangular board equal to the width of your window.
  • Attach the board horizontally just above the window.
  • Arrange the potted plants on the shelf.

You can also create a small shelf beside the window and make Pothos climb to the upper shelf for a picture-perfect view.

8. Window Sill Shelf

The shelf on the window sill is the classic DIY idea to convert your boring indoor space into a natural homescape.

lots of plants in window sill shelf
Window sill shelves allow you to grow lots of houseplants in small living spaces.

Besides aesthetics, this idea allows you to use the space that remains vacant with the benefits of fresh air and good ventilation.

  • Clean up the sill and prepare the potted plants before arranging them.
  • Choose the pots according to the size of the sill.
  • If you have big pots, extend the size using the wooden board.
  • You can also extend the number of sills with those boards on big windows.

Hence, this DIY window sill shelf idea will benefit plants thriving in direct sunlight, like Cactus, Xloe vera, Jade Plants, etc.

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Besides above mentioned DIY ideas, other DIY window plant shelves like swivel pipe, IKEA, and rotating plant shelf help in the stunning window looks.

Moreover, remember to create shelves that can handle the pot’s weight for an organized, sustainable window appearance.