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Cove Balcony vs Balcony: Which One is Better for Plants?

Depending upon the plant’s nature, the pros and cons of a Cove balcony vs a regular one differ significantly.

In general, the curved or concave-edged Cove balcony favors shade-loving plants like Pothos and Philodendrons. Meanwhile, the regular open ones with more exposure to direct sunlight allow more extensive gardening experiences.

Thus, stick with the article till the end to understand the battle between the Cove balcony and the regular one.

What is a Cove Balcony?

A Cove Balcony is a type of balcony featuring a curved concave design or cove-like enclosure.

Many adore and prefer them, as Cove Balcony offers a cozy private space with a unique aesthetic appeal.

High-end residential buildings, resorts, and hotels also incorporate Cove balconies but are more popular on the Carnival cruise lines instead.

The curved enclosure adds architectural value and provides preserved settings for houseplants to thrive.

Cove balconies provide wind protection against strong winds, so they are ideal shelters for delicate, fragile, and juvenile plants.

Furthermore, trailing vines of Pothos, String of Turtles, or Pearls, look exquisite in hanging baskets on curved edges.

Cove Balcony vs Regular Balcony: Differences

Although the preference for Cove balcony vs regular balcony is subjective, a few things set them apart.

Depending upon the place and architectural design, the size or area of the Cove balcony differs.

On Carnival cruise ships, the Cove balcony is often 45 square feet, while regular balconies are only 35 square feet.

Meanwhile, regular balconies are often outdoor open spaces extended from the side of buildings.

The Cove balcony is more popular in luxurious buildings, while regular ones are very common.

potted plants on the regular balcony
Regular balconies barely provide shade, so aim to keep plants that tolerate direct sunlight.

Also, the open design of regular balconies allows more extensive gardening experiences like raised bed gardening beside the potted ones.

Likewise, plants like Philodendron and Peace Lily thrive better in the shade of Cove balconies.

But sun-loving plants like Sunflowers, Petunias, Zinnia, and so on thrive in regular balconies with enough direct sunlight.

So, Cove balconies are for plants that thrive in cooler, shade locations, while regular balconies favor sun-loving plants.

FeaturesCove BalconyRegular Balcony
DesignCurved or concave edgesStraight edges
AreaRelatively smallerLarger
PrivacyMore enclosed so more privateOpen area with minimal privacy
Wind and SunlightProtects from strong winds and harsh direct sunlightLow to no protection
ShadeMore ShadeLess Shade
Gardening OptionsSuitable for small-scale gardening and potted plantsAllows for a wider range of gardening options

Editor’s Note

Expensive But Aesthetic Cove Balconies!

Apart from the distinct characteristics of Cove vs regular balconies, they are relatively more expensive on a cruise or in any other building.

However, they offer more privacy and safety from nosy neighbors and are excellent for gardeners with kids and pets.

All The Best!