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Tulip Benefits & Where to Buy

Tulips are renowned for their elegant blooms and were once symbolic flowers for Valentine’s Day in Russia.

Tulips are beautiful, and their edible petals also provide medical and culinary benefits. Meanwhile, Tulip is also beneficial for the skin and is widely used in cosmetic skincare products like moisturizers, body lotions, perfumes, and many more.

That said, Tulips have elegantly managed to hide their darker side of hosting toxins. So, read on till the end to carefully unfold the benefits of Tulips.

Benefits of Tulips

Not only do your eyes fall in love with Tulips, but your skin also finds Tulips amazing.

Here are the top 5 amazing benefits of Tulip plants that you must know.

1. Anti-Aging Properties

Recent research by JCD showed that after a 28 days treatment session, Tulip extracts showed effective anti-aging properties and improved skin elasticity.

Furthermore, researchers observed a decrease in the length and depth of the wrinkles.

They concluded that Tulips’ antioxidant property prevents skin infections and other problems.

Similarly, another research by Plant Biology shows that Tulips have Anthocyanins that reduce the risk of skin Cancer.

With the ongoing revelation of Tulip plants’ skin benefits, Tulips are getting more use in cosmetics.

Tulips also contain Auxin, which boosts skin tissue regeneration, repair, and growth.

You can find many skin products like lotions, creams, or essential oils with Tulip extracts.

2. Other Medical Benefits

In addition to skin benefits, Tulip plants also facilitate other medical benefits to you.

Tulips contain Curcumin, a bioactive component with many potential medical usages.

Some of the effective properties that come along with Curcumin include anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative stress, and many more.

Similarly, various research shows that flowering plants like White Tulips, Daffodils, and Hyacinths help reduce stress, anxiety, and headaches.

Interestingly Tulips also have traditional medicinal usage in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Medicinal Benefits of Tulips
Tulips have the above medicinal benefits that make them stand out among the flowers.

They use Tulipa as a herb for anti-inflammatory remedies, poultices for insect bites, and pain relief purposes.

With antimalarial, antibacterial, antiplasmodial, and other important properties, Tulip is a must-have plant for your home.

3. Adds Aesthetic Appeals

Tulips are popular for their radiant goblet-shaped blossoms on a wide range of color palettes with a showy green stem.

Generally, a Tulip blooms creamy white, golden yellow, orange, pink, and purple flower.

With the strategic placement of these flowers, you can add a subtle touch of nature to your room.

Tulip on pot
Tulips have various colorful blooms and distinct fragrances depending on the variety of Tulips.

There is also a trend of using Tulip flowers in various floral arrangements to compliment the ambiance of interior decor.

Meanwhile, they also make an excellent choice to make your landscape stand out bright.

4. Room Freshener

Not only do Tulips easily brighten the room with their vibrant flowers, but they also make the room smell pleasant with their fragrance.

You can expect to have your room filled with fragrances like citrusy, spicy, honey, and sweet scents by adding different Tulips.

There is also a commercial use of Tulip extracts to produce perfume with their pleasing aroma.

5. Culinary Application

The flower petals of Tulips are edible, akin to their cousins’ Onion and Garlic from the same Lily family.

During World War II, soldiers ate Tulip bulbs that closely resembled Onions as a famine food.

Nowadays, the Tulips petals and bulbs are commonly used to prepare fancy salads and many more.

Depending upon the Tulip variety, their flavor varies. For example, pink blooms are said to be sweet, while red ones have jam-packed flavors.

Disclaimer: Tulip petals can cause an allergic reaction known as Tulip’s fingers in some people. So, be aware!

Health Considerations to Keep in Mind

Although Tulip petals and bulbs are served in fancy restaurants, you must only eat the bulb if you know how to prepare them.

Tulip bulbs contain alkaloid glycosides in higher concentrations that are toxic to humans.

They cause skin rashes within 12 hours of exposure to Tulips in some people.

According to ASPCA, Tulips are toxic to cats, dogs, and horses due to the Tulipalin A and B toxins.

Severe poisoning cases in humans can develop eye irritation, swollen eyelids, and conjunctivitis.

Meanwhile, hypersalivation, vomiting, diarrhea, and depression are symptoms of Tulip poisoning in pets.

Here are a few hotlines to contact in case of emergency.

Well, indoor plants as a whole also have certain benefits you should be aware of.

Where to Buy Tulip Plant

Did you know the Netherlands is famous for Tulips and produces billions of Tulip bulbs annually?

Here are the online stores that have Tulip plants for sale.

Store nameDelivery time
Brent and Becky’s BulbWithin 1-3 business days
Eden Brothers2-3 business days
Old House Gardens1-2 business days
Tulip World3-4 business days
EtsyWithin 3-7 days

Wrapping Up

In addition to medical benefits, Tulips are on the way to make you look young daily with their skin benefits.

Treat yourself with visually pleasing Tulip salads and apply Tulip extracts to rejuvenate your skin.

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