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5 Amazing Flowers & Plants That Look Like Fish: WOW List

Wishing to have a fish tank with exotic fish but have an allergic reaction to them! Well, how about the plants that look like fish?

Generally, plants that look like fish are Goldfish Plants, Fishbone Cactus, Coral Bell, and Fishtail Palm and more. The flowers and leaves of these plants resemble parts of fish, like tails and fins.

Follow along to learn in detail about how some plants have evolved to mimic a fish.

Flowers And Plants That Look Like Fish [5 Greatest Wonders]

It may sound unreal, but some plants have naturally evolved to look like fish over the course of time.

Generally, plant and their parts adopt mimicry to prolong the chance of survival in the wild. It can either be to escape a predator or to attract natural pollinators.

The phenomenon is similar to how some plants look like cats and some mimic a bird.

Despite the plants’ features reminiscent of fish, they are not biologically related to the fish.

So, let’s have a look at 5 popular plants that look like fish.

1. Fishbone Cactus

Different from many of the Cactus, Fishbone (Epihyllum anguliger) is an epiphyte that has a long flat stem. 

Interestingly, the succulent stem is segmented and grows in a zigzag pattern that looks just like a Fishbone, hence the name Fishbone Cactus. 

An fishbone cactus hanging in a circular pot on the patio.
The Fishbone Cactus, however, do not have spines or needles.

Moreover, the edge of the stem has a deep notch or indentation similar to the spine of the fish. 

These trailing Cactus produce bell-shaped pale pink blooms that disperse sweet fragrances. But the bloom only lasts a short period, usually 1-3 days.

2. Goldfish Plant 

Next on the list of plants that look like fish is the Goldfish Plant (Columnea nematanthus). But rather than the plant, it’s the flower of this Columnea plant that makes it resemble a fish.

The tubular flower (1-2 inches in length) has a bulge at the top with pouty lips-like tips, similar to that of Goldfish.
A Goldfish flower which look like fish.
A close observation will let you understand the reason why the plant is called the Goldfish plant.

During the blooming season (spring and summer), the bright orange to red flowers looks exactly like a school of Goldfish swimming in the water.

Meanwhile, these vining plants can trail up to 2 to 3 feet in a hanging basket.

They are best suited from zone 10 to zone 12. But if you wish these plants to grow in the colder zone, cover them with a burlap or fleece blanket to protect from harsh winter.

3. Coral Bell

The Coral Bell, or Heuchera (Heuchera spp), is a perennial plant adored for its dense feathery foliage. 

Generally, the Coral Bells have rounded or heart-shaped leaves with lobed or scalloped edges. From afar, its looks like the tail of Siamese Fighting fish. 

The leaves can be found in shades of green, from light green to dark green.

While some variegated varieties can offer stunning colors like burgundy, bronze, purple, silver, peach, and even black.

An image of reddish-purple Heuchera growing infront of tree.
The Heuchera plants are relatively drought-tolerant.

Further, the color of the leaves can change throughout the growing season, mostly due to the response to the environmental condition. 

However, they will not have a problem growing in Zone 4 to Zone 9, where the temperature is cooler. 

4. Hanging Lobster Claw 

Unlike any other on this list of plants that look like fish, the Lobster Claw Heliconia (Heliconia rostrata) resembles a Lobster, not a fish. 

But the plant made it to the list as lobster and fish both have similar habitats. 

Just like the name, the flower bract of the plant appears identical to a Lobster claw. 

A hanging lobster claw plant.
Isn’t it amusing to see a fish-like flower hanging on a plant?

Meanwhile, the inflorescence of the plant consists of several bright red, orange to yellow bracts that open in a fan-like arrangement.

Within the bracts hides small tubular flowers that are usually green or yellow. The long lender petal extends like the antenna of the lobster, adding to the overall Lobster-like appearance.

Moreover, these plants thrive in swamps and marshes, similar to the actual Lobster.

5. Fishtail Palm 

True to its name, the Fishtail palm (Caryota spp) is a tropical palm with leaves that mimic a fish’s tail shape. 

Belonging to the Arecacea family, Fishtail Palm has large bipinnate leaves (leaflets divided into two sets of smaller leaflets). And the leaflets are arranged like the tail of the fish. 

As the plant grows, the leaves mature and split along the midrib, creating a unique and jagged appearance. 

A type of Caryota spp that look like a fish.
Unlike the other Palms, Fishtail Palm is famous for its rapid growth.

While this Palm plant may look like a fish in many ways, you can grow them in your garden as ornamental as they elevate the aesthetics of a plain garden.

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Know The Toxicity!

Many people have allergic reactions to fish or seafood, similar is the case with plants. 

Also, plants possess toxic chemicals like calcium oxalate or saponin that causes oral irritation and abdominal discomfort when ingested. 

So, make sure you check the toxicity of plants before you bring them home.