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Crazy Spiral Cactus: Debunking The Myths Of Rare Beauty

The recent viral videos and photos of Crazy Spiral Cactus might make you wonder if it is an AI-generated image. Well, that’s far from the truth!

The Crazy Spiral Cactus is not a myth but an actual plant scientifically known as Cereus forbesii ‘Spiralis.’ The stem of this Cactus is weird and satisfying that grows in a spiralling manner. 

The unique appearance makes the Crazy Spiral Cactus an interesting addition to the Cactus collection.

So, let us learn about the basic care requirement to grow the Cereus Cactus.

What Is a Crazy Spiral Cactus?

Most might have come across a currently viral plant on Tiktok and Instagram that goes by the name ‘Crazy Spiral Cactus.’

However, Crazy Spiral Cactus is not a botanical term but a common name describing some types of Cactus for their twisting or spiral growth pattern.

There are a few species of Cactus that have twisting nature. But generally, by Crazy Spiral Cactus, we understand Cereus forbesii ‘Spiralis,’ belonging to the family Cactaceae.

Like other Cactus like Mexican Fene Post and Blue Torch, Cereus Spiral has straight growth up to 5-8 cm.

As the plant grows, it gradually twists and turns, creating a unique swirly pattern. 

A portrait of Cereus Spiralis against cemented wall.
Like any other Cactus, these also have thin spikes.

Meanwhile, the deep green stem, tall and slender, will keep growing and can reach above 5 feet.

Upon suitable conditions, you may get to witness the large, funnel-shaped white or cream-colored flowers.

But the flowers are rare and nocturnal, which only bloom during late spring or summer.

Where Does Spiral Cactus Grow?

Native to the South American region, you’ll mostly find the Crazy Spiral Cactus in Peru and parts of the Andes.

In the U.S., Spiral Cactus grows well from zone 9b to zone 11, where the winter barely goes below freezing.

As a xerophyte, these plants are warmth-loving. So, you can grow them anywhere with temperature maintained at 65°F to 85°F and properly draining soil.

A photo of Crazy Spiral Cactus blooming with a lot of other plant in the background.
The Crazy Cactus bloom looks similar to a dragon fruit flower.

Living in a colder zone, you can still grow Crazy Spiral Cactus in a container. This way, getting the plant inside before the frost is easy. 

Also, winter protection, like a burlap or fleece blanket, could help the Cereus Spiral survive winter. 

However, a little duration of a cold during the night aids in triggering the flowering in these Cactus. 

How Do You Take Care of Cereus Spiralis?

The Crazy Spiral Cactus is a fast-growing plant. It needs a proper-sized pot for the roots to have enough space for growth.

And if you let the Cacti in the same pot for a long time, the roots become densely packed and tangled.

The Cactus will then shows signs of rootbound stress like reduced growth, improper drainage, and yellowing of the stem.

To avoid the rootbound stress, repot the Cactus in another pot, at least 2-3 inches larger than the previous one. 

Once it gets a comfortable home for root growth, you should also look for suitable environmental conditions. 

  • Cereus forbesii ‘Spiralis’ prefers bright, direct sunlight, so place them by the windowsill. You can have them in your garden but bring them indoors before the temperature falls below freezing. 
  • Use well-draining soil specially created for cacti and succulents to facilitate proper drainage. If the soil is a little heavy, amend it by adding some sand and perlite.
  • Bottom water the Cactus every week. You may alter the watering frequency according to the plant’s demand, but allow the soil to dry completely between each watering. 
  • Do not forget to drain out the excess after every watering to avoid consistent soggy soil and root rot situations. 
  • The average indoor humidity level is sufficient for the Crazy Spiral Cactus. So, make sure not to group it with many indoor plants. Also, keep the plant away from the heating and cooling vent as it does best around 50-60% humidity. 
  • Carefully inspect for common Cactus pests like mealy bugs or spider mites infesting the plant. If you notice any, use neem oil to halt the pest invasion. 

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Populate the Cactus via Stem!

If you own a Crazy Spiral Cactus, you can have a bunch of them just by using its stem. 

You trim the healthy mature portions of a stem and plant them in a suitable medium. With a bit of care, you’ll have a new Cereus Spiralis Cactus.