Are Peace Lilies Poisonous to Cats?

Beautiful Blooms of Peace Lily
Beautiful Blooms of Peace Lily (Source: Pixabay)

Have you seen a lot of war movies? Then you must know that the white color is associated with peace. Now back to the plant you’re reading about.

Peace Lilies are given their name because of their white flowers that symbolize peace. For cats? Well, they are not so “peaceful.”

If you own a cat and have Peace Lilies, you’re probably wondering – Are they poisonous to cats? And the precise answer is “Yes.”

According to ASPCA, Peace Lilies are mildly poisonous to cats because they contain sharp, tiny needle-like calcium oxalate crystals that can tear the tissues in the cat’s mouth.

Cat with a plant
Err.. Trust me, that doesn’t taste good (Source: Pixabay)

Therefore, being a cat and Peace Lilies owner, you must take significant precautions.

Want to know what they are? Read this article until the end, and you will get your answer.

What Kind of Lilies are Poisonous to Cats?

Studies show that most of the Lilies plants are poisonous to cats.

Not just cats, if you have a dog or some other pet animals, then you better keep your Lilies away from your beloved pet.

Cat eating a plant strand
I shouldn’t eat this. But what if it’s tasty? (Source: Tenor)

Nevertheless, to ease you, we have developed a list of Lilies plants that could severely harm your pet or cat.

Common NameScientific Name
Wood LilyLilium philadelphicum or umbellatum
Asiatic Lily (including hybrids)Lilium asiaticum
Tiger LilyLilium tigrinum or lancifolium
Day LilyHemerocallis species
Stargazer LilyLilium ‘Stargazer’ – a hybrid
Easter LilyLilium longiflorum
Rubrum LilyLilium speciosum var. rubrum
Oriental LilyLilium orientalis
Japanese Show LilyLilium speciosum

What Makes Peace Lily Poisonous?

We have already discussed that Peace Lilies are poisonous to cats.

Peace Lillies is not highly toxic as other Lilies in the genus Lillium and Hemerocallis are highly toxic to cats.

Luckily, these plants’ chemical compound is less toxic than true Lilies. For instance, these plants produce insoluble calcium, known as oxalate crystals.

The calcium oxalate preset in Peace Lily as raphides, needle-shaped crystals, are the main culprits irritating your cat.

Beautiful Peace Lily Flowers
Beautiful Peace Lily Flowers (Source: Pixabay)

According to, the raphides are stored inside plant cells and damaging them while chewing fills them with water.

This causes the cell to swell up and burst, forcing the crystals into the surrounding environment.

Raphides destroy the sensitive tissues in the mouth, tongue, throat, etc., leaving the cat with a burning sensation.

To conclude, Peace Lilies are less fatal than other toxic Lilies plants. But although the presence of Peace Lilies seems to be aesthetic and pleasing, it remains dangerous to your cat and pets.

So make sure that you keep your pet away from your Peace Lilies. Wondering what the best way to do it is?. Well, we will discuss that later.

Which Part of Peace Lily is Poisonous for Cats?

You can find the poisonous compound of calcium oxalate in every part of this plant.

If your cat ate even a tiny bit of peace lilies leaves or stems, the plant will release its fatal crystal and can cause extreme pain to your cat.

Just by chewing or biting this plant’s flower petal, your cat’s tissues penetrate and cause severe irritation and burn to their mouth.

cat biting a leaf
Hmmm… Let’s taste it (Source: Tenor)

Not just that, Peace Lilies’ roots are also harmful to cats. Moreover, if your cat drinks the water from a Peace Lily’s vessel, it will also cause severe health problems to your cat.

So basically, every inch of Peace lilies is harmful to your cat. Peace Lilies leaf, stem, flowers, and pollen are poisonous to cats.

As the plant doesn’t have good taste, it is unusual for your cat to ingest a high amount of Peace Lily.

However, the good news is that your lovable cat will survive these ordeals unscathed.

Symptoms of Peace Lily Poisoning in Cats

The continuous scratching of their cheeks with their paws is the most telling sign that your cat has eaten Peace Lily.

If your cat had eaten Peace Lilies, then your cat’s mouth, lips, and tongue will most likely be swollen and distressed and in pain.

Moreover, to make it more precise, the following are primary symptoms of Peace Lily poisoning in cats.

SymptomsWay of checking them
LethargyYour cat will be irritated easily for no reason.
Vomiting or Dry HeavingCat will throw up even without eating anything.

Whining in a weak voice, dry heaving.
Loss of AppetiteYour cat wont eat properly.
Oral PainThe cat may have pain in the mouth, tongue, lip area.

Results in hypersalivation.
Pawing at the mouthYour cat may constantly paw at their mouth.
Constant YowlingThe cat starts yowling and meowing in different tone.
NauseaThe cat seems restless and uncomfortable.
DiarrheaNugget shaped poop.

Worms and mucus in stool can be observed.

Diagnosis of Peace Lily Plant Poisoning

The most straightforward approach to detect Peace Lily poisoning is to observe your cat nibbling the plant or to notice bite marks or other visible damage on your Lily.

The diagnostic approach might be more complicated if neither of those events occurred.

To discern toxicity from pre-existing health concerns, you will have to inform the veterinarian of the cat’s detailed health history.

In that case, People could question you about the type of home plants you have and if you let your cat outside.

After all that, your veterinarian’s next move will be to go through a medical assessment of the cat, noting any unusual symptoms which have arisen.

Cat punching a monstera leaf
Oxalate Crystal-filled Monstera vs. Cute cat. Who wins? (Source: Tenor)

In chronic toxin situations, therapy to stabilize the cat may begin before determining a diagnosis.

Furthermore, a  blood sample from the cat will require a complete blood count and a biochemical profile.

This step is carried out to know about your cat’s electrolyte levels. Further diagnostics will be given to your cat to see whether they are hydrated or dehydrated.

You can do a urinalysis to assess how effectively the liver and kidneys work. The chemical compounds of peace lilies like calcium oxalate crystals can sometimes highly damage animal organs.

Take your cat for endoscopy to your nearest vet to confirm the signs.

First Aid for Poisoned Cat

You have found out that your cat was poisoned. Now, what do you do? Follow these steps to provide first aid to the cat.

  • Wear suitable gloves and move your cat to a well-ventilated area.
  • Immediately call a vet and tell them about the problems. If you visit the vet, take a part of the plant the cat has ingested with you.
  • Prepare an activated charcoal syrup and feed your cat with a syringe. Use 1 gram of powder for every pound of the cat.

You can follow the following steps for a better first aid procedure.

Oral Cavity

  • Take out the remaining parts of peace lilies from the cat’s oral cavity.
  • Wash the cavity with fresh and clean water.
  • Wash every part of the cat that has been in contact with a Peace Lily.
  • Make your cat drink water to avoid dehydration.

However, if these things do not work well, you can apply some effective home remedies, which are given below.

Home Remedies

  • Give yogurt and lactose-free milk to soothe the burning sensation.
  • Let them drink milk to regain energy.
  • Let them breathe in the fresh air.
  • Make them consume any protein in the form of fluid.
  • Give them nutrition to restore the electrolytes lost.

However, avoid giving your cat a lot of dairy products because it will cause diarrhea and make him feel worse.

So you can do these things in your home, and they are the authentic way to cure your cat of poisonous peace lilies. But if these things still don’t work, then go for medication.

You need to call these helplines immediately.

Best First Aid Kits

These first aid kits are a must-have.

First Aid KitBrand
American Supplies Pet First Aid kitAmerican Pet Supplies
Pet First Aid Cat KitRayco International
Certified Pet First Aid KitNM2
ARCA PET Cat & Dog First Aid KitARCA

Alert!! Do not make you cat vomit or feed your cat anything without asking your vet first.

Treatment for Poisoned Cat

There are no specific antidotes or medical protocols for cats that could instantly overcome the toxic effect of Peace Lilies. However, you can do the following ways to reduce your cat’s pain.

AnticonvulsantsPhenobarbital:2-3 mg per pound twice a dayRelieves nerve pain
Muscle RelaxantsMethocarbamol:7-20 mg/ pound

5mg/ cat (Baclofen- causes toxicity on higher dose)
Muscle relaxation and control muscle spasm
Antiemetics100-200ml of fluids at one time.To stabilize vomiting
Anti-diarrheal agentsMetronidazole:7.5 - 10 mg/ kg

Tylosin:15 mg/ kg )
To reduce intestinal inflammation and stop diarrhea
ProtectantsSucralfate:1/4 to 1/2 gm every 6 to 8 hoursTo protect internal organs from acids and toxins.
Activated Charcoal1-5 gm/ kgTo lessen effects of poisoning
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)Robenacoxib:1 mg/ kg per day

Meloxicam:0.2 mg/ kg per day
To reduce inflammation and bring down high temperature

Disclaimer: Do not provide your cat with any medications without consulting your vet first.

Remember, we are not the vet. So it’s better to take your cat to a nearby vet for proper medication.

Every treatment method we have presented is based on several cat owners’ own experiences.

So we advise you to see a proper doctor.

Veterinarian Examining the Cat
Veterinarian Examining the Cat (Source: Free SVG)

Recovery of a Poisoned Cat

As Peace Lilies fall under the less toxic Lilies breed, your cat doesn’t have to suffer for long—however, recovery depends upon the number of pieces consumed by your cat.

Generally, sickness lasts between 12 and 24 hours after consuming Mauna Loa Peace Lily.

6-12 hours = The cat drools and vomits. It shows an immense desire to drink more water.

12-24 hours = The cat gets periodic seizures and walks strangely. It may sometime lead to kidney failure.

Two weeks = Sometimes, the cat may show some mild symptoms, but most of the time, they recover completely.

black cat near a plant
Cat sitting near the indoor plant (Source: Maxpixel)

Between these periods, cats need extra care with proper and nutritious food.

Remember that don’t let your car drink too much milk. Because in time like these excessive milk could cause diarrhea.

Most cats heal entirely and have no long-term consequences. This is since most cats do not consume a massive chunk of the plant.

The severity of the poisoning will be directly proportional to the amount of plant consumed.

In worst cases, your cat may suffer from breathing difficulties during the recovery period. In that situation, you can seek professional care.

How to Prevent your Cat from Eating Peace Lily?

Cats are curious, so they play around full of fun and even eat plants at times. Likewise, they also love digging in the dirt around the plant.

However, for your cat’s health, you need toxic plants away from them, especially if it’s lilies.

cat sniffing a plant
Cat sniffing a plant (Source: Maxpixel)

Here are the following ways to prevent your cat from eating Peace Lily.

  • You can surround your Peace Lily pot with a plastic carpet protector with a knobby side up.
  • You can use a spray like a spritz deterrent that won’t affect your Peace Lilies but irritate your cat to play around.
  • Cat hates the smell of vinegar, so put some of the drops around your Lilies. Use ceiling hanger pots to hook your Peace Lily vessels and hang them to the top of the ceiling.
  • You can use a silent roar containing lion feces whose smells indicate that another powerful stranger has already claimed plants.
  • You can also use lavender or rosemary, which have scents that cats dislike.
  • Leave some toys around your cats so that they will be busy playing with them.
  • Plant some bait plants so that munching can satisfy your cat’s chewing needs.
  • You can add coffee grounds to your soil, but this method is not 100% effective.
  • Place the plant somewhere the cat cannot reach or see.
  • Shield the plant by placing it inside terrariums. Or you can hang the plant to keep it out of the cat’s reach.
Beautiful Peace Lily
Beautiful Peace Lily


So by reading this article, you might have learned about Peace Lilies and their position that could hrm your cat severely.

It’s critical to consult a veterinarian before things become any worse. It’s also worth noting that the Peace Lily is toxic to cats, although it won’t kill them.

The symptoms are unpleasant, but they will pass in a few hours. All you have to do now is maintain your composure, and everything will fall into place.

You might be interested to read about propagating Peace Lillies.

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