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Pepper X Vs Ghost Pepper: Appearance, Heat Level, Etc.

Both Pepper X and Ghost Pepper are popular for their fiery nature, but knowing one vs. another is necessary to fit them into your spice tolerance and tastebuds.

Generally, Pepper X and Ghost Pepper come under the top 10 hottest peppers in the world, but both varieties are different in SHU unit, appearance, origin, flavor, size, type, availability, popularity, price, etc.

Although SHU determines the spiciness of the pepper, the unit can vary depending on the growing conditions, ripeness, and the tested part of the pepper.

So, go through this article to dive into the world of peppers and know the potential difference between the two hottest varieties, Ghost Pepper and Pepper X.

Pepper X And Ghost Pepper [Similarities]

Both Pepper X and Ghost Pepper are members of the Capsicum family and are the Chinese species of Pepper. These species produce the hottest peppers around the world.

Pepper X on the left vs Ghost Pepper on the right
Pepper X won the title “World’s Hottest Pepper,” exceeding Ghost Pepper with higher SHU.

Moreover, both varieties are extremely hot peppers that exceed the SHU ratings above 1 million. 

  • Both varieties come under the top 10 hottest chilly peppers in the world.
  • After the consumption, both varieties cause extreme burning sensations lasting very long.
  • Moreover, both varieties can add flavor to dishes if you use them sparingly. It’s not good to ingest them alone.
  • You can dry, flake, or consume the fresh pieces of both chilly varieties.
  • While tasting, both chilies have a sweet, fruity, and earthy flavor.
  •  Both varieties once won the title “Hottest Pepper in the world “.
  • Both play a great role in spicy food challenges and competitions.
  • You can use them in culinary dishes such as sauces and marinades, as well as non-culinary applications like pesticides, insecticides, and self-defense.
  • While using both chilies, you must be cautious about the side effects of their nature.

Pepper X Vs. Ghost Pepper [Differences]

One of the major differences between Pepper X and Ghost Pepper is the hottest nature of Pepper X compared to Ghost Pepper.

Ghost Pepper is larger and more elongated than Pepper X. Unlike the smooth surface of Ghost Pepper, Pepper X has a rough, wrinkly, and bumpy covering.

FeaturesPepper XGhost Pepper
Common NamePuckerButt Pepper XBhut Jolokia
AppearenceRed or orangeRed and yellow
SizeAbout 2-3 inches high, 1 inch wideAbout 3-4 inches high, 1.5 inches wide
TypeHybrid of Ghost Pepper and habanero PepperNaturally occuring cultivar
SHU Unit2,699,603 1,041,427
FlavorSweet, fruity, spicyLess complex and sweeter than Pepper X
AvailabilityRarewidely available
PopularityLess popularMore popular
PriceExpensiveCheaper than Pepper X

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Pepper X Vs Ghost Pepper: World’s Hottest Pepper History!

Ghost Pepper won the title “World’s Hottest Pepper” in 2007 and held it until 2013. Then, the title was held by Carolina Reaper.

In 2023, the hybrid Pepper X exceeded the Carolina Reaper with 2,699,603 million SHU. However, the hottest hybrid Apollo Pepper is likely to win the title in the present situation.