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Pepper X Vs Apollo: Everything You Need To Know

No variety can win over Pepper X and Apollo in the world of chilli peppers, but for those who seek the extreme experience with hints of flavor, knowing one vs another is vital.

Generally, both Pepper X and Apollo are rare and extremely hot hybrids with combined spicy, sweet, and fruity flavors. However, both varieties differ in Scoville heat ratings, origin, flavor, appearance, breed, and spiciness records.

Scoville heat ratings are the measurement of capsaicin content in the chilli. Higher ratings mean high spiciness in the chilli.

So, go through this article to check the clear comparison between the hottest peppers, Pepper X and Apollo, and know the similarities and differences.

Pepper X Vs Apollo: Common Similarities

Both Pepper X and Apollo Pepper are extremely hot peppers and come under the hottest peppers in the world.

Moreover, both are a hybrid of the hottest peppers and have heat ratings above 2 million SHUs.  So, they do not come under the everyday chili peppers you consume.

Pepper X on the left vs Apollo on the right
Pepper X looks wrinkled, but Apollo looks like other regular chilies.

So, if you are going to deal with these peppers, you must use gloves and glasses and apply other safety measures as protection.

Here are some similarities between these extremely spicy varieties that provide long-lasting heat.

  • Both peppers are named after the space themes.
  • These are rare pepper varieties that you cannot find widely in the market.
  • Moreover, it’s very difficult to cultivate these chilies at home.
  • Besides spiciness, both chilies have combined sweet and fruity flavors.
  • People use both varieties in sauces, marinades, etc, rather than eating them raw as salads.
  • Besides the culinary application, you can also use both chilies as self-defense, insecticides, and pesticides.
  • Both are special varieties developed for those who search for highly spicy peppers.
  • You can find both varieties used in competitions and challenges.

Pepper X Vs Apollo: Key Differences

The main difference between Pepper X and Apollo is the spiciness. Apollo is hotter than Pepper X and was developed after Pepper X’s existence.

Although both varieties are rare, Appolo Pepper is rarer than Pepper X.

FeaturesPepper XApollo Pepper
Heat Rating2,699,603 SHUs3,000,000+ SHUs
FlavorSweet, spicy and fruitySweet, fruity, spicy and earthy
Heat LevelExtremely spicySpicier than Pepper X
AppearenceRed color with wrinkled and elongated shapeRed and orange color and bear shape like regular chilly pepper
BreedHybrid of Ghost pepper and Hawanero PepperHybrid of Carolina Reaper and Pepper X
Record Won World's hottest pepper titleClaimed the title "Worl's Hottest Pepper"

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Pepper X Vs Apollo: What To Choose?

Both Pepper X and Apollo Pepper are immensely spicy peppers, but if you want to compete for the hotness, Apollo will clearly win.

Also, if you want to use both chilies for culinary application and want complexity in the flavor, choosing Pepper X will be better.

Remember that both peppers are tremendously hot, so use very few quantities for culinary application. If any problem arises, immediately contact a doctor to seek help.