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Hungarian Wax Pepper Vs. Banana Pepper: Look, Heat Level, Etc.

Hungarian Wax pepper and Banana pepper look similar at first glance, but you must compare one vs another as both are different in appearance, flavor, and spiciness.
Generally, Hungarian wax pepper and Banana pepper belong to the same family, so they share some similarities with one another, such as appearance, color, flavor, culinary use, and growing conditions. However, there are some differences in heat level, flavor, color, and cultivars.

Read on to learn about the differences between Hungarian wax pepper and Banana pepper.

Hungarian Wax Pepper And Banana Pepper: Common Similarities

Hungarian Wax pepper and Banana pepper share several similarities, and they are often used interchangeably in culinary applications. 

Morphological difference between Hungarian Wax peppers and Banana Peppers
Both of these peppers are rich in vitamins A and C.

Here are some similarities between Hungarian Wax pepper and Banana pepper.


Both Hungarian Wax pepper and Banana pepper are elongated, with a curved or straight shape, resembling a banana.

Moreover, they are about 6 to 8 inches in length.


Both varieties are similar in color, as they are green when young and subsequently turn yellow or red in maturity.

The color change is an indicator of an increase in sweetness.


Both the peppers have mild to moderate levels of heat, though the exact level can vary.

They are generally considered sweet or mildly hot, and their taste is tangy or slightly fruity.

Culinary Use

Hungarian Wax pepper and Banana peppers are versatile in the kitchen.

Moreover, you can enjoy them in the form of vegetables, salads, sandwiches, or as a topping. 

Besides, you can use them to prepare pickles and as an ingredient in various dishes. Besides culinary applications, you can also use both varieties as insecticides or pesticides.

Growing Conditions

Hungarian wax pepper and Banana pepper both thrive in similar growing conditions. 

Similarly, they require well-drained soil, sunlight, and warm temperatures for optimal growth.

Hungarian Wax Pepper Vs Banana Pepper: Differences

Although Hungarian wax pepper and Banana pepper are both members of the same family, the fruits of these plants differ in various ways.

The differences between Hungarian wax pepper and Banana pepper are below.

Heat Level

Generally, Hungarian wax peppers are more hotter than the Banana pepper.

Hungarian wax offers 1000-1500 Scoville units, while the heat of Banana pepper is about 0-500 Scoville units. 

However, the heat level can vary among different varieties, and the taste depends on personal preference.


You can characterize both peppers by mild to moderate levels of heat, but there can be a variation in flavor.

Moreover, some people describe the Hungarian wax pepper as having a slightly spicier and more pungent flavor, while the Banana pepper has a sweet and slightly hot flavor.

Size & Shape

Both types of peppers have an elongated shape, similar to the Banana, but can differ in size.

Moreover, the size of Hungarian wax pepper is 4-7 inches, while the size of Banana pepper ranges from 2-3 inches.


Both peppers start off green and mature in shades of yellow, green, and red.

However, some Banana peppers may turn red more frequently than Hungarian wax peppers.

Cultivars & Varieties

There are various cultivars and varieties of Hungarian wax peppers and Banana peppers and can vary in flavor, heat, and size.

For example, Hot Banana is a spicier variety of classic Banana peppers.

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Cultivating Hungarian Wax Peppers and Banana Peppers can be more challenging if they get infested by Bacterial leaf spots, Fungal diseases, Verticillium wilt, Aphids, Beetles, and Spider mites.

However, you can control their growth with the help of Neem or Cinnamon oil.