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Parasol Mushroom Vs Death Cap |Identify Features & Dangers

Understanding Parasol Mushroom Vs Death Cap is essential as unsure consumption to delight the tastebuds may sometimes result in death.

Generally, Parasol and Death Cap Mushroom share similar groups, cap shapes, gill structure and habitat. However, both varieties differ in stem size, cap size, toxicity, spore print and growth. 

Parasol Mushroom is from the genus Macrolepiota whereas Death Cap belongs to Genus Amanita.

So, dig into this complete article to clear your confusion between Parasol and Death Cap Mushroom despite of their similarities.

Parasol Mushroom Vs Death Cap: Similarities

Both Parasol and Death Cap Mushroom share a common group Basidiomycetes and can confuse anyone at first look.

Parasol Mushroom on left and Death Cap on right
Parasol Mushrooms are bigger than Death Cap Mushrooms.
  • Both Parasol and Death Mushroom bear similar rounded caps.
  • Moreover, the cap has brownish hues on the top and edges.
  • Volva and annulus rings are present on both mushrooms.
  • The gill structure is the same i.e. both bear gills with the shape of an open book.
  • You can find both Mushrooms in grasses, forests and meadows.

Parasol Mushroom Vs Death Cap: Differences

Although from the same group, Parasol Mushroom is from the family Agaricaceae, whereas Death Cap Mushroom belongs to the family Amanitaceae.

Moreover, you can find Parasol Mushrooms in grocery stores and markets, but people do not sell Death Cap Mushrooms.

Features Parasol MushroomDeath Cap
Cap10-12 inches diameter5-6 inches diameter
Stem16-18 inches4-6 inches
Annulus RoundJust like a skirt
ToxicityEdible Toxic
HabitatForest, Grasses, GardenUnder Oak and Beech trees
Spore PrintYellow White
ColorBrownish, No shineYellow or Brown, Shiny

Parasol Mushroom Vs Death Cap: Toxicity

Parasol Mushroom is an edible mushroom with a delicious, mild and nutty taste that smells like maple syrup.

Moreover, this mushroom bears several health benefits like anticancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties.

Additionally, consuming them will benefit you with proteins, vitamins, fiber and minerals too.

You can make soups, salads, vegetables, sauces, pickles etc out of Parasol Mushroom. Using them will make your cuisine delightful.

Meanwhile, Death Cap Mushrooms are deadly Mushrooms that cause severe stomach upset, diarrhea, organ failure and liver damage.

This dangerous Mushroom is extremely toxic to your pets, and even a small amount can lead to death.

So, in case of accidental consumption, contact the pet poison helpline as soon as possible.

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If you are unsure about whether the Mushroom is Parasol or Death Cap, it’s better not to consume this. Your life is more valuable than your curiosity.

However, if you are really into foraging Mushrooms, it’s better to take Mushroom identification classes.

Moreover, if you really want to consume the Mushroom you are unsure about, consult the Mushroom expert or trained Mycologist.