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Raspberry Cheesecake Fruit: Custard Apple Benefits & Recipes

Also known as Custard Apple or Sweet Apple, Raspberry Cheesecake Fruit makes your culinary world delightful with its flavor, texture and appearance.

Generally, Raspberry Cheesecake Fruit tastes creamy, sweet, and tangy, giving a tropical vibe and has antioxidant, cardiovascular and digestive benefits. You can make several recipes, like pudding, salads, smoothies, etc. out of this fruit.

Raspberry Cheesecake is a heart-shaped fruit ranging from 3-6 inches in diameter with bumpy outer skin.

So, go through this article to learn more about Raspberry Cheesecake Fruit and dive into its qualities, benefits and uses.

What Does Raspberry Cheesecake Fruit Tastes Like?

The major reason behind the name Raspberry Cheesecake is the texture that resembles cheesecake topped with Raspberry jam.

Also, the purple variety looks just like a bigger version of ripe Raspberry Fruit.

purple and green variety of Raspberry Cheese cake fruit
Raspberry Cheesecake Fruit combines sweet and tart flavors giving a tropical vibe.

Moreover, the sweet and creamy fruit is loaded with natural sweetness, tasting like sugarcane and honey.

Furthermore, the texture of the fruit is pulpy, fibrous and tender. You may feel like eating custard when you take a mouthful of fruit.

Additionally, with the sweet floral fragrance, you can feel a tropical taste like that of pineapple or mango.

Meanwhile, some varieties may have a tangy or banana-like taste, and combining all those flavors makes Raspberry Cheesecake a unique fruit.

What Is Raspberry Cheesecake Fruits Good For?

Besides awesome taste, Raspberry Cheesecake Fruit has digestive, antioxidant and cardiovascular properties.

However, make sure you are not allergic to this fruit and consume it in a limited amount as a part of your balanced diet.

  • Eating Raspberry Cheesecake Fruit benefits you with vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, etc.
  • The dietary fiber in the Custard Apple fruit helps to increase your digestive health.
  • Moreover, consuming these fruits helps to repair cell damage and improve bone health.
  • Using this fruit daily as a part of the diet can help to improve skin and remove acne, pimples etc.
  • Moreover, the natural sugar help to boost energy, making you refreshed throughout the day.
  • This refreshing fruit also helps hydration during hot days due to its high water content.
  • Some people also use this beneficial fruit as a traditional medicine to treat different diseases.

How To Eat Raspberry Cheesecake Fruits?

To eat a whole Raspberry Cheesecake Fruit, choose a soft fruit and scoop the flesh out, discarding the skin and seeds.

Raspberry Cheesecake with other fruits
Raspberry Cheesecake Fruit makes your fruit salad creamier.

You can also enjoy this delicious fruit in ice cream, smoothies, salads, popsicles, pudding, etc.

1. Raspberry Cheesecake Pudding

To make Raspberry Cheesecake Pudding, you need 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 cup of milk, and sliced nuts like cashew, almonds, etc.

  • Scoop out the Raspberry Cheesecake flesh and blend it with milk, honey and chia seeds.
  • Place the mixture in a bowl and stir it well.
  • Refrigerate the mixture overnight until the mixture thickens.
  • Garnish the pudding with sliced nuts and enjoy it chilled.

2. Raspberry Cheesecake Salad

As Raspberry Cheesecake goes well with any fruit due to its creamy texture, it will be a perfect idea to make a salad.

  • Chop the Raspberry Cheesecake into small pieces along with other fruits.
  • Mix all the fruits and add two teaspoons of lemon juice.
  • Toss the mixture gently and garnish it with mint leaves.
  • Sprinkle some black salt on the top of the salad.
  • Your tasty, refreshing and light Raspberry Cheesecake salad is ready.

3. Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie

To make a smoothie from Raspberry Cheesecake, you need a ripe Banana, a cup of milk, sugar or honey and some ice cubes.

  • Scoop out Raspberry Cheesecake flesh and place it in a blender.
  • Place a ripe Banana and honey or sugar in the same blender.
  • Add 4 or 5 pieces of ice cubes to the mixture and blend it well.
  • Serve on the glasses and garnish your smoothie with chocolate chips.
  • Enjoy your Raspberry Cheesecake smoothie chilled for refreshment.

After you peel a Banana, don’t waste the skin, as it helps your plants grow better in your vegetable garden.

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Only Choose Ripe Raspberry Cheesecake Fruits!

When choosing Raspberry Cheesecake Fruits, choose the one with a light yellow color and a soft texture.

Eating firm and unripe fruit may lead to stomach upset, vomiting, diarrhea, and different gastrointestinal problems.