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Golden Teacher Vs Penis Envy: Psychedelic Battle Of ‘Shrooms

People who relish the psychedelic ‘shrooms’ often debate on the Golden Teacher vs Penis Envy about more ‘freaky,’ illusionary, and strong hallucinogens.

However, most don’t know these two Mushrooms are closely related, with only a few differences.

Generally, the common difference that settles the Golden Teacher vs Penis Envy debate is the structure and colors of their cap and stem/ stipe. However, these Mushrooms differ in mature fruiting bodies.

If you don’t want to get mistaken between some edible and these two Mushrooms, stay tuned to the article to learn more about their features!

Golden Teacher vs Penis Envy [Overview & Description]

Golden Teacher and Penis Envy are two psychedelic Mushrooms used for recreational or medicinal purposes.

These Mushrooms fall in the fungal family Hymenogastraceae. But Penis Envy is not a singular or sole genus among psychedelic Mushrooms.

To be more precise, Penis Envy results from the genetic mutation of Golden Teacher Mushrooms (Psilocybe cubensis).

Usually, as a result of the genetic mutation, the 2 psychedelic compounds: psilocybin and psilocin, are present in exceptionally high amounts in Penis Envy.

These hallucinatory chemicals are also present in high amounts in Death Caps.

Hence, due to their genetic mutation and “close relation,” both of these Mushrooms are similar to look at.

Edibility & Risks [Golden Teacher vs Penis Envy]

Psilocybes (both Golden Teacher and Penis Envy) don’t only have recreational uses but also show medicinal properties.

Due to the presence of principal Psilocybin and its psychedelic effects in the human brain, these Mushrooms are also called Magic Mushrooms or Magic Shrooms.

However, people often consume them raw to get brain-high or hallucinatory effects.

Also, these Mushrooms must be strictly avoided by pregnant women and people with a history of mental illness.

Image illustrates the differences between Penis Envy and Golden Teacher mushrooms
One of the main differences between Golden Teacher and Penis Envy is the structure of their caps.

Golden Teacher vs Penis Envy: Differences & Similarities

Although these Mushrooms are genetically similar with common morphological features, you can distinguish them based on their caps, stipes/ stems, and gills.

1. Mushroom Cap

The cap of the Golden Teacher is flat with a dark brown to golden yellow bumpy center with white dots that fade around the edges to muddy yellow or golden yellow and attain white colorings at the margins.

However, the cap of Penis Envy is bell or conical-shaped, which looks like the tip of the male genitalia having a brownish-reddish coloration and creamy white upward curved edges.

2. Stipe/ Stem

The stipe of Golden Teacher bends toward the bottom with creamy white to bluish-black coloration at maturity and with a fleshy ring below the cap.

But the stipe of Penis Envy is more or less straight and comparatively thick, with creamy white to pale coloration and bluish areas and lack of a fleshy ring.

Do You Know?

Penis Envy has more hard-hitting hallucinatory effects as they contain considerably more psilocybin (0.75% more than Golden Teacher).

3. Mushroom Gills

The gills of Golden Teacher are blackish brown to dark bluish purple with closely organized gill flaps.

Furthermore, you can easily view the gills of Golden Teacher as they don’t remain hidden.

Yet the gills of Penis Envy are purplish-black with a free arrangement of gill flaps when mature.

Also, due to conical caps, the gills are only noticeable once you remove the top.

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Golden Teacher and Penis Envy both grow in clusters. Hence, it’s hard to discern between the two when young.

The differences only appear when they are mature with developed fruiting bodies.