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Is Snake Plant Toxic to Dogs? [Surprise Unveiled]

Unfortunately, the highly beneficial, air-purifying Snake plant is not beneficial when dogs are the ones on the receiving end.

Snake plant is mildly toxic to dogs as it contains saponins, as per ASPCA. It can cause vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, excessive drooling, and ruptured red blood cells in severe conditions.

So to prevent any unpleasant turns of events with your dogs concerning the Snake plant, stick with me till the end.

Are Snake Plants Toxic to Dogs?

Staying true to its name, the Snake plant (Dracaena trifasciata) is harmful to dogs.

And the straightforward answer to the question ‘Are Snake plant toxic to dogs?’ is a YES.

According to the ASPCA, the Snake plant, aka Sansevieria trifasciata, is poisonous to dogs and even cats.

Despite their non-threatening look, they contain saponins that are toxic to dogs.

dog with snake plants
Snake Plant is considered toxic houseplants for many pets and even humans.

Although dogs do not eat houseplants like the Snake plant, they might nibble some out of sheer boredom.

On the other hand, dogs eating houseplants could also be a sign of nutrition deficit conditions.

Nonetheless, you must take caution while keeping your dogs and Snake plant both parties at peace.

How Toxic is Snake Plant to Dogs?

According to Kansas Health System, Snake plants have (2, 4) toxicity levels. It means they are moderately toxic to your pets.

Every part of the Snake plant consists of Saponins making every part toxic to your dogs.

Therefore, you should ensure your dogs or other pets stay away from the plants’ reach.

In general, dogs are most likely to consume the Snake plant’s whitish, sword-like leathery leaves.

snake plant potted
Snake Plant (Sansevieria) causes several health abnormalities of dogs.

Accidental consumption of any part of the Snake plant can trigger mild to moderate symptoms in dogs.

However, consumption in a feeble amount may not develop any symptoms at all in your dog.

So, do not freak out, Snake plant won’t kill your dog and symptoms will go away with prompt treatment.

What to do If your Dog Eats a Snake Plant?

Before you enter panic mode, you must confirm your dog did eat the Snake plant to treat them accordingly.

If your dog has munched on Snake plant, they shortly begin showing unusual symptoms.

Depending upon the amount of consumption, the symptoms may arise within a couple of hours.

Snake plant poisoning symptoms involve nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hypersalivation and rashes.

Your dogs may also suffer from mild stomach discomfort alongside oral irritations. 

That said, consuming Snake plants in large amounts can cause severe poisoning. Under the critical condition, red blood cells may rupture and damage organs.

Treatment of Snake Plant Poisoning in Dogs

Now that we have a clear answer about ‘if snake plants are toxic to dogs,’ calling a professional veterinarian would be the ideal safe option if your dog ate some.

However, if dogs have consumed Snake plants in smaller amounts, you can also treat them at home with general first aid treatments.

Remember, food poisoning can also show similar symptoms to some extent. Thus, it is crucial to find the true culprit before passing the verdict to the Snake plant.

Here I have included some signs to confirm that your dog, in fact, ate the Snake plant.

  • Plant leftovers or residues in the mouth
  • Broken, rattled or strangled plant foliage and stem
  • Vomit-like gucky stuff around the plant
  • Broken or helplessly wreaked stems or leaves of the plant

If you find any residues or dog vomits, you can collect them and show them to vets later.

By doing so, vets can conclude faster and proceed with treatment accordingly.

First Aid for Snake Plant Poisoning in Dogs

Here are a few first-aid treatments that can ease your dogs suffering from Snake plant poisoning.

  • Get your dogs to a room with proper air ventilation and proper lighting.
  • Rinse off your dog’s mouth using milk or lukewarm, clean water to remove any plant leftovers.
Regardless of the dog’s consciousness, do not induce vomiting on your own accord if you do not have any professional expertise.
  • But let your dog vomit if they are throwing up. Discard the vomit, ensuring no other pets will eat it.
  • To reduce the struggle, gently wrap your dog in a soft towel and try to calm them.
  • Wash their paws, and don’t let them paw around their mouth and eyes.
  • Use a soapy water solution to clean toxins off their skin.

Other than these, you can also administer activated carbon to your dog as per the vet’s instructions. 

Activated carbon will adsorb any toxin present in the stomach and prevent further worsening of the poisoning.

In such peril, having first aid kits like ARCA first aid, Rayco First Aid, and Pet First Aid Kit can be very handy.

Thus, ensure you have them stocked in your house, ready to use at all times.

If the symptoms persist even after giving first aid, contact any one of these hotlines.

Recovery of Snake Plant Poisoning in Dogs

Your dogs will be back on their feet within 12 to 24 hours, depending upon the amount of Snake plant they ate.

Furthermore, how fast they receive medical attention also determines their recovery time.

Thus, it is crucial that your dogs get treatment as soon as possible for quicker recovery.

snake plants in pot
Snake Plant is mildly toxic but cannot kill the dog.

On the other hand, dogs that ate a large amount of Snake plant may take almost a week to recover.

During the recovery phase, give your dog a light, liquid diet or as per the veterinarians’ advice. Also, ensure to give them lots to drink.

How to Prevent your Dog from Eating Snake Plant?

Let me help you devise a pawfect plan to prevent your dogs from eating Snake plants.

  • Keep your Snake plant in higher selves or in a hanging basket, ensuring they won’t reach it with a swift jump.
  • Spray dog deterrents around or on top of the plant. Strong coffee also works like a charm.
  • Isolate your plants away from the dogs’ reach by keeping them in glass arrangements or terrariums.
  • Entertain your dogs as much as you can. Take your dogs for walks regularly and give them toys to play with.
  • You can grow pet grass to satisfy their grass hunger.

Dog-Safe Alternatives to Snake Plant

It is understandable if you are thinking of plants that are pet-friendly and stay fine, like the Snake plant.

Dog friendly plants to keep as Snake plants are toxic to dogs
These plants won’t betray your dogs in your absence as they are completely non-toxic.

In addition to their easygoing nature, some plants are dog friendly and visually pleasing to fill the void of the Snake plant.

Here I have included some dog-friendly plants with relatively easy-to-grow care needs.

Wrapping Up!!!

Do not give up on your Snake plants. You can have both dogs and natural air purifier Snake plant in your space with a little caution.

Also, stay calm and proceed with first aid treatment, followed by calling the veterinarian if your dogs ate some Snake plant.

All The Best!

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