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Is Prayer Plant Toxic To Cats?

Many people are often mistaken about the toxic nature of the Prayer plant to cats, but they are harmless.

According to ASPCA, the Prayer plant is not toxic to cats and contains no harmful chemicals. But, minor stomach discomfort and vomiting may arise if they nibble out a large amount of Prayer plant.

Let me walk you through the complete profile of the Prayer plant so that you can relax and let your cat explore.

Is Prayer Plant Toxic to Cats?

Prayer plants are convenient houseplants that get along with your cats.

According to the ASPCA, the Prayer plant (Maranta leuconeura) is non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Furthermore, Kansas Health System also confirms Prayer plant is non-toxic, with no records of toxicity.

That said, chase away your cats if you see them trying to take a nibble out of the Prayer plant.

cat staring at the non toxic prayer plant
Prayer plant is non-toxic and poses no threat to your felines.

Although non-toxic, ingestion in larger amounts can cause minor stomach discomfort and vomiting.

Furthermore, fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides are still harmful to your cats.

Therefore, placing your plants away from your cats’ reach would be wise.

Robert (plantnut95) from a Houzz forum tells us his cat did not eat the Prayer plant but destroyed the plant instead. So, another reason to keep your plants safe from cats’ wrath.

But do not worry! You can also revive the Prayer plant with a few extra efforts in such peril.

Here are a few hotlines you can call if you suspect your cat is eating a lot out of the Prayer plant.

How to Keep Cats Away From Prayer Plants?

If you have Cats as pets, you will have a difficult time protecting your Prayer plants. 

Here is a perfect plan to keep your felines away from Prayer plants.

  • Apply cat deterrents: Use cat deterrent sprays, Citrus and Peppermint oil around the plant.
  • Give them cat grass: Grow cat grass to tame their grass hunger.
  • Use hanging baskets: Place your Prayer plants in hanging pots, ensuring no cats will get there.
  • Don’t bore your cat: Make time to entertain your cats and give them toys to play with.
  • Place sticky tapes: Strategically place sticky tapes around the plant with the gluey sides facing up.
  • Use multipurpose Neem oil: Spray neem oil to keep plants safe from cats and pests.
  • Make a separate plant space: Place your plant in a different room where cats can’t get in.

Final Verdict…

The Prayer plant is an ideal houseplant with pet-friendly, non-toxic nature to furry pets like cats, dogs and even horses.

But take caution and prevent your cats from eating them to ensure no discomfort.

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