How to Grow Cat Grass in a Pot? Explained!

Cat Grass
Cat Grass (Source: MelleMaia/ Reddit)

Cat grass is usually a mix of various seeds like wheat, rye, barley, or oat. It is one of the things cats prefer to nibble on. 

So, why not plant a handful of cat grass to make your cat’s life more enjoyable?

Besides making their life interesting, it has more health benefits for the cats too.

We need to look after four key elements to Grow Cat Grass successfully. Those four key elements are water, sunlight, temperature, and the environment.

Generally, to grow cat grass in a small pot, some wheat, mud, and some water are required. Just sprinkle the seeds over the moist soil and cover the container lightly. In a matter of six to seven days, your seeds will start to germinate. But, make sure you keep the soil moist throughout the process. 

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Cat Grass germinating from seeds
Cat Grass germinating from seeds (Source:

So, in this article, you will learn how to easily grow the cat grass in any container available at your home. 

Why Grow Cat Grass in a Pot?

Growing Cat grass in a pot makes easy access for cats to nibble on anytime. This will also keep them from getting outside to get at regular grass, which might be poisonous to them.

Also, it’s most rewarding to see the felines nibble on the grass without bothering to go outside.

Growing the plants in pots may also stop the cats from chewing on your indoor plants. Most of the indoor plants are often toxic to the pets.

 Fun Fact: If consumed, Cat grass may provide the cats with some extra fiber. The ingestion will also induce vomiting fur balls, or act as a laxative to digest.

Best Time to Grow Cat Grass

Cat grass is suitable to grow in pots all year round indoors. But, it would help the plants to grow outdoors if kept outside only during spring.

The soil kept for Cat grass needs to stay moist for indoor growing. You need to partially cover the pot and put it in a warm temperature, and dark area.

For winters, it is best to grow the Cat grass in around 70 degrees Fahrenheit ( 21 degrees Celsius) but it can grow in lower temperatures too.

The most suitable time to grow Cat Grass is during the Spring season when the winter frost has settled down. 

Wheat grass on a pot
Wheatgrass growing on a pot (Source:

How Long does Cat Grass Take to Grow?

As Cat grass is an easy-growing plant, it doesn’t take much time to grow. After sowing your seeds, all you need to provide is water and sunlight.

And within 7-8 days, your plants will show up, and your cat can enjoy their very own safe grass garden. However, the growth time may vary from year around. Like, it will take longer to grow in winter than in summer.

Note: There is no absolute need for cats to feed grass. However, feeding them something they love creates no harm.

How Long Does Cat Grass Last?

Cat grass could last from two to three weeks if it cared well. To make the Cat grass last long, you need to mist the plant daily.

This will provide humidity around the plant making the plant look fresh and healthy.

Also, frequent trimming of the plant is necessary otherwise the plant will turn yellow sooner.

Requirements for Growing Cat Grass in Pots

Let’s start with the summary and then go on to the specifics.

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1. Correct Container

Unless the growing pot has good drainage, there is no rule to choose grass containers. Yes, the container doesn’t matter.

You can use 4-inch containers or up to 6 inches. It’s your choice.  However, you should ensure that the container is strong enough so that the cats won’t tip it over while nibbling on the plants.

Generally, Cat grass is grown in low bowls, trays, ceramics, and other varieties.

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2. Picking the Right Site

Cat grass loves sunlight. So, placing it in the direct sunlight outdoors is beneficial.

If you are growing indoors, make sure you place it near the window where ample sunlight enters.

3. Potting Mix

Growing cat grass is easy without potting soil, but it will be easier for you to include potting soil. Potting soil doesn’t let the seeds dry out like regular soil.

So, make sure your potting soil is fertile and has good fertilizer worked in it.  However, you can grow the plant without soil if you grow the seeds by sprinkling some moisture. 

You can buy Cat Grass Growing Soil on Amazon.

4. Growing Seeds

Cat grass is usually grown from barley, oats, wheat, and rye seeds. You can easily find these seeds in your local pet stores or on amazon.

The best thing about these seeds is that they last forever. You can buy the seeds and plant them in a small batch throughout the year.

Prepping potting mix
Prepping potting mix (Source:

Growing Cat Grass from Seeds

Let’s go through step by step guide to grow cat grass from seeds.

Step 1: Measure out your Seeds

Measuring the seeds doesn’t count as a process. Because you can grow the seeds by putting them all over the area of the growing pot. Make sure the roots and shoots still have enough space to go full and thick.

For future reference, try to jot down the number of seeds you put in your growing pot or tray.

It will be easy for you to grow in the future. For example, you can take about a half cup of seeds for 6-inch diameter pots.

The Cat Ladies 100% Organic Cat Grass Seed (Non GMO)
The Cat Ladies 100% Organic Cat Grass Seed (Non GMO)

Step 2: Soak the Seeds

Take the measured seeds in a bowl and cover them with water for about 6-7 hours.

This pre-soaking process helps to speed up the germination of the seeds. Soaking seeds for 6-7 hours will be a good target.

Step 3: Layout your Pots

Fill the pots with potting soil after you line up a thin paper towel. You should fill the soil about 2 inches from the pot brim.

After that, moist the soil thoroughly with a spray bottle. This way, the soil will remain damp but not muddy.

Cat grassroots need both air and water. So, always remember that your soil should contain some moisture but also some air.   

Step 4: Spread the Seeds over the Soil

After you soak your seeds wash them and get ready to plant them. Transfer the soaked seeds to the surface of the soil.

Please be careful with the seeds, as they are pretty delicate at this point. There is no need to push the seed inside the soil, but a gentle press would not harm.

Some prefer soil on top of the seeds, but it’s all up to you. Seeds grow with or without the soil on the top.

Step 5: Spray the Seeds with Water

As you have already planted the seeds, the next step is to give a gentle spray for a final touch. You can pour out some excess water if the pot has too much water.

Water the cat grass seeds
A girl spraying water with a sprayer (Source:

Step 6: Cover the Seeds

It is good to start by covering with a thin layer of plastic over the growing pot. By covering with loose plastic, the pot will receive a nice greenhouse effect.

You can also make a DIY cover by making holes in a plastic cover. The covering process prevents the seeds from turning dry.

Holes are essential to avoid mold formation. However, leaving the growing pot open is also okay.

In both ways, Make sure you check on the growing pot every morning and evening.

Step 7: Set in a Dark Place Away from the Sun

Seeds need to be in a warm place with adequate moisture and indirect light for germination. Thus, keep the seeds in the dark area away from sunlight.

Do a quick spray about three times a day – morning, day, and night. Make sure you keep your pots covered after you spray.

The seeds will show some roots in two to three days. You can remove the lid and transfer the pot to a brighter location by the end of the third day.

Make sure the plant gets a good amount of sunlight. Sunlight will make the grass sprouts appear green.

Step 8: Monitor the Cat Grass Twice a Day

The soil shouldn’t be dry or drenched in water. It needs to be somewhere in the middle.

Check the plants twice a day in the mornings and evenings. Always make sure the new roots have the right amount of both air and water.

If you live in a humid area, a bit of water every day or two is fine. The plants should sit in a good airflow environment.

Step 9: Feed your Cat and Prepare for the Next Batch

It is pretty slow for Cat grass to grow in the initial days. However, by the end of a week, you will notice healthy growth.

The grass grows tall enough to feed your cat in about five days. The best time to harvest is after a week. 

A Cat looking for Cat grass
A Cat looking for Cat grass (source:

Caring for Pot Grown Cat Grass

You’ve grown your cat’s favorite grass, and you want the grass to be looking healthy. You can follow a few steps to ensure your plant healthy growth.

Yes, even after frequent munching and nibbling. Here are the ways you can follow to care for your Cat grass.

  • It’s best to trim at least an inch to ensure that the leaves won’t look slumpy.
  • While growing, keep the growing pot in the warm and dark area. But, once it germinates, place the pot in a brighter location. The plants can grow in 70 degrees Fahrenheit ( 21 degrees Celsius) and below that.
  • Cat grass like to stay in the humid temperature. So, make sure you mist every day.
  • Using fertilizer is just a personal preference. However, If you do not want to use fertilizer opt for nutrient-rich soil mix.
  • Make sure you check the plants if they consist of any pests. It is best to make the plants free from pests and avoid diseases. By checking on pests, you will keep your cat out from nibbling the infected plants.
  • You can re-sow the plant to promote the healthy growth of the plant.
  • It is essential to mulch over your cat grass to keep away from weeds. Weeds inhibit the plant’s growth. Also, by mulching, the soil will not lose moisture fast.
  • You should water the Cat grass if only you see the topsoil dry. Avoid watering unnecessary because overwatering can cause building mold.
Cat Eating Catgrass
Cat Eating Catgrass (Source: Amazon)

Harvesting Cat Grass

You can simply snip off the plant’s half-inch above from the bottom and give them directly to your cat. You can mix the grass in the cat’s food too.

Simply chop the grass into small pieces and mix it into any cat food. Make sure the Cat grass is pest-free.

In case you see pest infestation in the plant, immediately throw it and make a new batch.

However, there is less chance of pest infestation in Cat grass as it is grown indoors.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Grass Too?

Yes, it is completely normal if dogs eat the Cat grass. You can feed the grass according to the size of the dog. yes, always remember to check the portion size.

Dogs generally eat Cat grass if they are ill or need to vomit. Also, they prefer to eat Cat grass if they lack some sort of nutrients in their diet.

Not only dogs but Cat grass can be consumed by other small animals, reptiles, and birds too.

However, reptiles and small animals need to consume the grass in the tiniest amount.


Cat grass is an easy-growing plant that requires no effort. All you need is to be a bit careful about keeping it moist and happy.
The process is the same with the types of grain you choose to grow. But, make sure you follow the steps mentioned above.
Along with that, always remember to keep the plants looking fresh, healthy, and ready to eat for your cats. 
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