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How To Grow Apple Tree From Apple? [The Truth Behind It!]

Wondering about the possibility behind the trending video that claims to grow an Apple tree from Apple? It’s another viral scam. 

Generally, the Apple fruits have seeds that can germinate and develop into a new Apple tree. But, the fruit itself can not grow root and shoot when sown fruit as a whole. Instead, Apple starts decaying when left on the soil or potting medium.

So, find out the ultimate truth about growing an Apple tree out of an Apple fruit.

Can You Grow An Apple Tree From An Apple Fruit?

If you have landed on this article following the recent viral videos of growing an entire Apple tree just from an Apple, let me burst the bubble. 

No, it is not possible to grow an entire tree by planting a whole Apple in the soil or any growing medium. Instead, Apples on the ground will start to decompose and decay due to exposure to moisture, microorganisms, and environmental factors. 

Now you may have a question about the possibility of the germination of Apple seeds inside the fruit. 

Apple seed stratification is a difficult process requiring attention to detail. Its seeds are not your regular flower seeds like Hyacinth or Begonia seeds.

You’ll first need to scoop out the seeds from inside the fruit. Afterward, the seeds require human intervention to break their dormancy by cold stratification. 

Also, Apple seed germination is induced by creating favorable conditions.

Since the process is super tedious, you could only imagine the seeds enclosed in Apple within a core to grow its radicle and plumule into a tree. 

Proper Methods to Grow an Apple Tree

Now that we have our heads clear about how it is impossible to grow an Apple tree from Apples, you might want to know the proper way. 

Normally, there are two main methods to propagate an Apple tree, i.e., grafting and budding. While seeds can also germinate and grow into a tree, the tree will take more time to start fruiting. 

Also, seed-grown Apple trees are not true to the parent’s tree, meaning they would not have the exact characteristic as their parent.

But vegetative propagation ensures the proper quality of fruits identical to the parent plant and better plant establishment.

Grafting Method

The most common method of vegetative propagation in Apple is via grafting

It involves the joining of a cutting from desired Apple variety onto a rootstock of different Apple trees.

The rootstock selected is usually tough, disease resistant, cold hardy, and better growing. 

Then, the scion and rootstock are connected in summer as it is the active growing season. Over time they fuse and grow as a single Apple tree.

Budding Method

Budding is a type of grafting, but instead of cutting, you insert a single bud into the rootstock.

You select a healthy, disease-free Apple shoot (scion) with well-developed buds in the late summer. Cut the bud from the shoot by making a t-shaped incision just below the bud.

Budded Apple plant growing to its fullest.
Budded Apple has better quality fruits.

Then, make a vertical cut about 1.5 to 2 inches long in the desirable rootstock and carefully insert the budwood into the cut. But the buds have to face upwards into the opening. 

Further, secure the scion and rootstock with budding tape and let them establish and start producing new buds. 

Once the active growth starts, you need to trim any growth above the bud. Then your newly budded Apple tree is ready to grace your garden. 

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Understand the Scam!

The internet is the modern library and our go-to stop for every possible problem. But not every piece of information there is true. 

Just like how an edited or fake Apple tree video created a buzz and even made us try them, the chances of us getting deceived are high. So, before you get into any such hacks, research about it.

All The Best!