Coffee Seeds: Harvesting, Growing & Buying Guide

When I jogged out of the park, I happened to peep at my iPhone only to read “Coffee’s taste varies based on the place where they grow.

I had always long desire to plant Coffee beans at my bare garden but never got time for it.

Finally, last year I ordered some Coffee seeds and went out with my siblings along with spades.

To germinate Coffee seeds, presoak them in lukewarm water for 24-48 hours and sow them just 1.25 cm deep in well-draining, nutrient-rich, and slightly acidic soil. Ensure maintaining a temperature above 70°F and keeping the soil moist but not soggy during germination.

Coffee seeds on hand
You can directly sow the Coffee cherries or remove their pulps via squeezing and fermentation.

Growing and harvesting Coffee can be tricky for beginners, and extracting Coffee seeds from its beans is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Therefore, read on to learn how to pull off the hurdle of extracting Coffee seeds and growing a brand-new Coffee plant from Coffee seeds.

What Exactly are Coffee Seeds?

Coffee seeds are rather famous for the name Coffee beans, but they are not beans, although they may look like one.

The Coffee seeds undergo various roasting and grounding processes to become brewable.

But Coffee beans that aren’t roasted can be used for germinating brand-new Coffee trees.

Meanwhile, Coffee seedlings bear identical characteristics to their parent plant except for the Coffee cultivars,

Now, let us understand the dynamics of these aromatic Coffee seeds before jumping on the voyage of growing one yourself.

Seed AttributesProperties
ColorBright red, yellow, orange, pink
Size10 mm in length
6-8 mm in width
WeightAbout 0.1325 - 0.1725 grams
Harvesting SeasonMainly in October to December
Germination InitiatorWater Stratification
Germination TimeSix to eight weeks
Germination To Flowering TimeAbout 3 to 5 years
Conducive TemperatureBetween 65°F to 95°F
Seed Sowing TimeLate Spring
Soil Type and pH For Seed GerminationWell-draining, sandy loam soil with pH between 4.9 - 5.6.
Seed Sowing Depth1.25 cm deep

How to Harvest Coffee Seeds?

Coffee plants are moderately fast-growing but take almost 3 to 4 years to flower and produce Coffee cherries.

Unripe Coffee cherries are bright green, which later turns deep scarlet after ripening.

Coffee cherries
Once the Coffee cherries become bright, deep scarlet, they are ready to harvest.

Once you notice ripe Coffee cherries on the healthy, disease-free Coffee plant, you should begin harvesting them.

Generally, you can expect your Coffee cherries to be ripe after 8-9 months and ready to harvest from October to December.

However, harvesting time for Coffee cherries may change depending on where you live.

After you pick them off the Coffee tree, you shall follow these steps to prepare Coffee seeds.

Steps to Prepare Seeds from Coffee Cherries

  • Gently squeeze out the skin and pulp of the berry, and wash them with clean water.
  • Let them ferment in a container for almost 18 hours, so the pulp falls off, leaving behind seeds only.
  • Wash them again with clean water and discard those seeds that float as they are not viable for germination.
  • Lay out the seeds on the mesh screen and let them dry till 20% moisture remains, but do not use direct sunlight.
  • You can use their weight to estimate the moisture content of the Coffee seeds and stop the drying process as per the need.

Pro Tip: You can directly sow the freshly picked Coffee cherries without removing the pulp and skin.

The freshly harvested seeds can stay viable under optimal for almost six months without dropping the germination rate.

However, after four months, the germination rate can start to go downhill over time.

If you are not planning to sow Coffee seeds right away, store the seeds in a dry, dark, and cool place.

Coffee Seeds for Sale

You can buy the viable Coffee seeds from any of the links mentioned below if you do not have access to the Coffee tree.

AmazonWithin 2-4 days
Sweet Maria's1-2 Business days
Eden Brothers2-4 days to ship
Etsy3 to 7 business days
Frozen SeedsWithin 3-7 business days

How to Grow Coffee from Seed?

Although Coffee seed germination tests your patience, they are easy to grow after successful germination.

Furthermore, Coffee plants are mainly propagated via seeds except for the propagation of Coffee cultivars.

Coffee seedling
Coffee seeds may take up to 6 months to germinate.

Now, before you get your hands dirty, ensure to gather these materials.

Materials RequiredPurpose
Coffee seedsFor planting and germination
Sodium Hypochlorite SolutionTo disinfect the seeds
Soil MixAs a substrate to germinate seeds
Seed TrayPlanting Medium
PotsPotting Medium or a medium for transplantation
Gardening glovesTo protect against dirt while digging and pruning
Platic bagsTo seal moisture

Let us start with detailed Coffee seed germination guides, shall we?

Step 1: Presoaking Seeds

For the successful germination of Coffee seeds, it is advised to prepare them beforehand.

Therefore, you shall presoak the Coffee seeds in lukewarm water for at least 24 hours.

Coffee seeds in a cup
You can not use roasted Coffee beans for germination.

However, do not overdo it by letting them in water for too long, as they may drown.

Also, avoid using too hot or too cold water to presoak your Coffee seeds.

Step 2: Sowing the Seeds

After soaking the seeds, you shall sow them directly on sandy, loamy or wet vermiculite.

  • Make a 1 cm deep hole in the light, airy, well-draining seed starter soil.
  • Ensure to place the seeds flat-side down.
  • Subtly sprinkle the soil over the seed but do not cover it completely, as light helps to germinate seeds faster.
  • Avoid pressing the soil on top of the seeds.
  • Add half inches of mulched grass over the soil to preserve the moisture, but remove once the seed germinates.

Step 3: Taking Care of Coffee Seeds During Germination

After sowing the Coffee seeds in nutrient-rich, well-draining soil, the real deal of germination begins.

You will need to give them ideal care to preserve seeds from rotting and encourage faster germination.

Therefore, to ensure you succeed in germinating Coffee seeds, follow these care routines.

  • Water the seeds daily to keep them moist, but not too much or too little.
  • Ensure proper drainage at all times, as improper drainage can lead to rotting.
  • Cover the germination tray with a plastic bag to preserve humidity.
seeding of coffee germination tray
Fresh seeds take two and a half months to germinate, while old seeds can consume 6 months.
  • Sparingly apply orchid fertilizer to maintain the soil pH at levels 6.1 to 6.5.
  • Maintain the temperature at around 65°F to 85°F for conducive germination.
  • Place the germination tray a few feet under the artificial grow lights.

If your Coffee seeds are more than four months older, they might take more than 4-6 months to germinate.

However, fresh Coffee seeds can germinate much faster within two months. So, try to find fresh Coffee seeds for better results.

Tips to Care for Seedlings After Germination 

Congratulations!! You did it. You passed the test of patience. Now, you got to give the ideal home for new Coffee seedlings.

Therefore, let us begin with a care routine for young Coffee seedlings without further ado.

  • Ensure your Coffee seedlings get at least 4-5 hours of bright indirect light daily.
  • Avoid allowing direct sunlight as it can sunburn the seedlings, but provide them with direct morning sunlight.
  • Use artificial grow lights to compensate for the absence of sunlight for at least 8 hours.
  • Water your young Coffee seedlings once in two weeks to keep the soil moist but not soggy.
  • Give your plants terracotta or ceramic pots with multiple drainage holes for optimal watering.
Unripe coffee cherries
You can remove the pulp and skin of the ripe Coffee cherries before proceeding to germination.
  • Ensure to use slightly acidic soil rich in nitrogen with a pH of 6.1 to 6.5.
  • Add peat moss, sphagnum moss, or other organic materials to keep the soil acidic.
  • Maintain the temperature at around 70°F to 80°F during the daytime and above 65°F at night.
  • Provide optimal humidity at around 50% or more by misting the plant during the morning.
  • Fertilize your seedling with a 30-10-10 liquid fertilizer every couple of weeks after dilution but reduce the frequency to once a month in winter.

Coffee Seeds Benefits

Since the late 15th century, Coffee has been a cup of joe for every Coffee lover.

Not only do Coffee seeds help to take your focus to the next level, but it also offers other mind-blowing benefits.

1. Keeps your liver healthy

People who drink Coffee almost daily are said to have higher liver enzymes, which keep the liver healthy.

Furthermore, Coffee intake reduces the chances of getting various liver diseases.

So, researchers encourage drinking Coffee to keep liver problems at bay.

2. Shields your heart

Drinking Coffee protects your heart from various potential risks, such as stroke, failure, and other diseases.

Therefore, drink Coffee to lower the risks of a heart attack and keep your heart healthy.

3. You are less likely to get Cancer

Wouldn’t you be happy if I said drinking Coffee eventually reduces the likelihood of getting Cancer?

According to research, the daily consumption of Coffee daily significantly lowers the risk of death from Cancer.

4. Lowers risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

Many researchers suggest Coffee can lower the risk of individuals developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Similarly, Coffee intake helped reduce some people’s signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

5. Keeps you mentally healthy

According to studies, drinking Coffee keeps brain health intact and lowers the risk of anxiety and depression.

Furthermore, researchers suggest drinking Coffee reduces suicide cases with decreased risk of depression.

6. Protection from type 2 Diabetes

Another interesting benefit of Coffee is that it protects you from type 2 Diabetes.

One research shows that Coffee encourages better functionality of the pancreas, which regulates blood sugar levels.

Furthermore, Coffee intake helps to process glucose in the body much better than without it.


Growing Coffee plants from seeds is a very adventurous and worthy journey that tests your patience and compassion for Coffee.

Presoak the Coffee seeds to wake them up for faster germination and ensure meticulous care to avoid rotting.

Do you know you are not the only one benefiting from Coffee grounds? Your grown plants also love to have some Coffee grounds.

Happy Gardening!!!

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