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White Egret Orchid Meaning & Symbolism To Know

Orchid plants show emotional aspects of life, but White Egret Orchid have unique blooms with a special meaning that stands out from the rest!

White Egret Orchid has a deep meaning in the Asian culture, representing joy, attachment, luck, purity, and refinement. Further, the shape and color of the White Egret Orchid flower give a rich mythological meaning.

There is no debate that the White Egret Orchid has cultural importance in Asia. Learn about it by going through the article below.

Overview Of White Egret Orchid

The White Egret Orchid or Fringed Orchid (Pecteilis radiata) is a brilliant plant with beautiful, unusually shaped white blooms.

The plant falls in the family Orchidaceae, the second-largest family in the plant kingdom.

Additionally, the plant is native to the eastern part of the world, where it grows in the temperate biome.

Image illustrates the comparison between White Egret Orchid and White Egret Crane
White Egret Orchid blooms appear like Egret Crane soaring in the sky.

Unlike other Orchids, which are epiphytes, White Egret Orchid is among the few Orchid species with a terrestrial habit.

Thanks to its white petals, the White Egret Orchid resembles an Egret Crane gliding through the air during the flight.

Like the White Egret Orchid, there are numerous Orchid species with blooms that look like birds. Learn about them!

White Egret Orchid: Meaning & Symbolism 

The White Egret Orchid symbolizes different things in various cultures and folklore worldwide.

1. Cultural Symbolisms

In Japanese culture, the White Egret Orchid illustrates uprightness, purity, and elegance.

Similarly, in Chinese culture, the White Egret Orchid symbolizes joy, attachment, and good luck.

Also, the White Egret Orchid flowers signify new beginnings and hope in Korean Culture. The cultural symbolism has been associated with the shape and color of the flowers.

Additionally, the white flowers of this Orchid are associated with a new chapter in life.

The shape of the petals, especially the long neck of the Egret Crane, symbolizes longevity.

Image illustrates White Egret Orchid painting
White Egret Orchid paintings are a feature of traditional Chinese and Japanese households.

2. Folklore & Meanings

Based on ancient Asian folklore, people use the White Orchid Egret flowers in religious ceremonies and auspicious occasions.

When in bloom, the White Orchid Egret flowers express a committed relationship between two people.

Hence, offering a bouquet of Egret Orchid bloom exhibits a dedication to the tender relationship between family members and loved ones.

The connected folklore behind the White Egret Orchid is based on a Japanese story.

In ancient Japan, a young woman got a curse to transform into an Egret.

However, a kind prince saved her by bestowing her with a White Egret Orchid flower, breaking the curse.

Besides all the lore, the White Egret Orchid flower is also a subject of art, paintings, and illustrations.

Hence, the White Egret Orchid house paintings are popular in China and Japan, and it is a common household tradition to keep them.

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The ability of the White Egret Orchid to bloom even in difficult situations is a testament to overcoming the dark times.

However, due to overharvesting, the population of the plant is declining in the wild and is nearing rarity.