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When To Cut Back Montauk Daisies + How To Perform?

Famous as a coastal plant in Japan, Montauk Daisies cover the garden of most Daisy lovers for their long-lasting blooms that need to be cut back occasionally.

Generally, the Montauk Daisies is a perennial that can attain a height of 3 feet in just about 60 days of the active season. So it is better to cut them down in early winter, early spring, or sometimes at the end of May before the new buds appear.

The vigorous grower needs pruning to maintain a bushy appearance. So scroll down the article to know more about timing and ways of pruning it.

Should Montauk Daisies Be Cut Back?

Montauk Daisies, also known as Nippon Daisies, have a unique growth pattern where they show bushy and sturdier growth if pruned regularly or else start to flop.

So it is necessary to prune the Montauk Daisies once yearly by maintaining half its height.

Here, if you cut the Daisies down to the ground, chances of new but weak growth arise, but if you remove only the top growth, the chances of stronger canes increase.

Also, deadheading the spent flowers once they have bloomed promotes new blooms for the next or very blooming season.

When Is The Best Time To Cut Back Montauk Daisies?

Determining the exact time for pruning the Montauk Daisies might vary depending upon the purpose of growing the plant.

If you plan for a sturdier plant base, cut down the Daisies in the early spring or winter to let the plant experience frost days until new leaves arise.

Furthermore, you can prune the Montauk Daisies further at the end of May or wait for the mid to late summer months to remove wilted flowers and promote a new flush.
Montauk daisy flowers
The cutting time of Montauk Daisies can be both spring and winter pruning.

The continuous pruning helps boost the plant’s bloom count and health by providing a bushy shrub appearance that can hold the blooms upright.

Also, consider the bloom time, as you need to complete pruning before the blooms appear in the fall.

Winter pruning is the most essential when compared to others as it gives the plant enough time to establish and produce new robust growth in the upcoming spring.

How Do You Prune Overgrown Montauk Daisies?

Overgrown Montauk Daisies are never a good sign, as they will cause the blooms to become more sparse in number.

So to enjoy the dome-shaped white petaled flower with yellow centers in the fall, cut down the Daisies by following the given steps.

  • Most use mowers to cut the ground Montauk Daisies, but pruning by hand allows you to get a hold of cutting and multiply them further.
  • Sterilize the pruning tools like pruning shears or scissors with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Choose the plant that has attained the full size of 3 feet height and 4 feet wide or gives a leggy appearance.
  • Now, cut the top growth first to half its height, as cutting to the ground can sometimes weaken the plant.
  • You can use the cuttings to propagate Montauk Daisies in a new space.

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Extra Tips!

You can pinch the flowers until mid-July to enjoy upright blooms with more numbers but do not mistake Montauk Daisies for Shasta Daisy, an early bloomer.

Also, do not panic if the perennial Montauk Daisies lose lower leaves before the flowering arrives, as it is a natural phenomenon.