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Ultimate Guide To Pruning Bobo Hydrangea: Pro Tips

Are you distressed by a little or no flowers on your Bobo Hydrangea, even if you tried everything with care requirements? Perhaps, you pruned them at the wrong time.

Generally, you need to prune Bobo Hydrangea and deadhead the spent flowers during dormancy in late winter or early spring before the new growth starts for lush foliage and lots of blooms. However, prune them immediately whenever you notice any diseases or pest invasion.
While pruning, you must trim off the tips of the branches for the perfect shape you desire.
So, if you have a Bobo Hydrangea and want to give it a perfect shape and healthy growth with lots of blooms, you must go through this entire article.

Do Bobo Hydrangeas Need Pruning?

Basically, Bobo Hydrangea doesn’t need regular pruning as the plant tidies up and maintains its dense, firm structure itself.

Moreover, this beautiful shrub is the dwarf variety of Panicle Hydrangea, growing up to 25 inches per year, being smaller than other Hydrangea varieties.

Bobo Hydrangea plant with white blooms with some dried flowers
Remove the spent flowers and dead branches to tidy up the appearance and encourage flowering.

However, trimming the plant yearly and deadheading the spent flowers will help maintain the lush foliage and encourage blooming.

Furthermore, regular pruning at the right time helps healthy plant growth and saves energy to stimulate flower bud formation.

When Should I Prune My Bobo Hydrangea?

Bobo Hydrangea is a woody plant that blooms on new wood.

So, it’s better to prune Bobo Hydrangea in late winter or early spring for new growth.

When you prune the plant in the early spring, the plant will leaf out in the new wood with massive flowers.

As you trim the plant before new growth, they will bless you with amazing large white flowers in early to late summer.

Bobo Hydrangea grows only 30-36 inches tall and 36-48 inches wide, but the plant rapidly grows and can sometimes become floppy.

In such cases, you must remove the flopping branches and deadhead some flowers to maintain their beautiful shape.

Although the plant has a specific time for pruning, you must immediately cut back the plant whenever you notice the plant facing diseases or pests.

How Do You Prune Bobo Hydrangeas?

As Bobo Hydrangea blooms on the new wood, there is no threat of removing the flower buds as they will form after late spring to bloom in summer.

However, you may trim Bobo Hydrangea and deadhead the spent flowers in the fall if you want a tidy plant during winter.

  • Sterilize the pruning tools after inspecting the old branches, yellow leaves, or infected areas.
  • Cut off all the yellow leaves and infected parts or one-third of the plant if the plant is healthy.
  • Remove the dried flowers and dead branches and cut the stem with large-healthy foliage.
  • Pull out the overlapping branches to maintain the natural shape of the plant.
  • Prune the dense branches to improve air circulation and feed it with bloom booster fertilizer after pruning.

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Don’t Miss This Before Pruning Bobo Hydrangea!

Never prune your Bobo Hydrangea throughout the growing season to make it short, as you may also risk removing the flower buds and unnecessary plant growth.

Instead, transplant the new Bobo during dormancy or replace the short-growing plant that fits best in your living space.

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