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What Happens If a Fishman Eats a Devil Fruit? Queries Solved!

As devil fruit curses the person who eats it with swimming inability, many One Piece fans are curious about what happens if the consumer is a Fishman whose home is only water.

Generally, Fishman can eat a devil fruit and get unique abilities after consuming it. However, after eating the fruit, he/she loses the ability to swim but can still survive underwater with the help of their gills.

So, go through this article to know about the Fishman who ate devil fruit and the other effect that happens in Fishman when he eats this fruit.

Can A Fishman Eat a Devil Fruit?

Anyone, including Fishman, can eat a devil fruit and get unique abilities after consuming it. Whoever eats a devil fruit, the person loses the ability to swim.

So, if a Fishman who survives on water eats a devil fruit, he/she cannot move underwater.

However, a character in One Piece, Vander Decken IX, still moves underwater after consuming a Mark-Mark fruit, Mato Mato no mi.

The character gets the ability to mark and track his targets inside the water. But he moves under the water by stepping on the water bubbles.

Thus, it is still unknown that the capacity to move underwater is a power of Vander Decken IX or every Fishman who consumes the fruit.

What Happens If a Fishman Eats a Devil Fruit?

It’s obvious to lose the ability to swim and move inside water if a Fishman eats a devil fruit. It’s because the fruit’s curse directly affects the ability to swim.

However, the curse only affects the ability to swim, not the ability to breathe. So, they can easily breathe underwater even after taking devil fruit.

Fishman before and after he eats devil fruit
Fishman gets even more powerful after eating devil fruit.

It is also possible that the curse of the fruit can affect the gills of the Fishman and make them unable to filter oxygen underwater.

However, the fact is not clear as the character Vander Decken IX could easily breathe inside water.

Thus, even if a Fishman cannot swim underwater, they can still survive by breathing and using their power.

Nevertheless, it will be very difficult for Fishman to survive compared to other characters, as water is the only place where they live.

FAQs Regarding Eating Devil Fruit

1. What if Jinbei ate a devil fruit?

Jinbei is a Fishman, and if he eats the devil fruit, he cannot perform any underwater attacks due to the curse of the fruit to lose his swimming ability.

2. What would happen if Arlong ate a devil fruit?

Arlong was a powerful Fishman before eating devil fruit. After he ate the fruit, he gained more power as he could turn any of his body parts into a sharp saw.

He survived by breathing with his gills underwater.

3. What happens if a Merman eats a devil fruit?

If a Merman eats a devil fruit, he gets the power of the fruit but loses the capacity to swim. He starts to drown at the bottom but survives by breathing with the gills.

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Fishman Who Ate Devil Fruit

In the One Piece universe, many Fishman, including Vander Decken IX, Jack, Jinbe, and Hody Jones, consumed the devil fruit.

After consuming the fruit, they got the power as well as the curse of the fruit. This indicates that Fishman can eat devil fruit, but they will lose their most important ability, swimming.