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Is Flame Better Than Rubber In Blox Fruits? Guide For Beginners

Flame and Rubber are better for offensive and defensive conditions but differ in gameplay. 

Generally, Flame Fruit is better for mid-range combat, skilled at aiming and fighting many enemies at once. But Rubber Fruit is better for close-quarters combat, users who adapt to different situations and fight a single and powerful enemy. 

However, whether Flame is better than Rubber Fruit depends on your preference and playstyle. 

Flame Fruit Vs Rubber Fruit

Though Flame and Rubber Fruit are power devil fruits in Blox Fruits, they are unique in their respective features, including look, abilities, and others. 

Flame Fruit Vs Rubber Fruit
Both Fruits create elemental explosions.

1. Appearance

Flame Fruit looks like glowing red pepper with the flames burning from the top. Its look suggests the concept of fire, power, and destructive force.

However, Rubber Fruit is an animated big and yellow citrus fruit with thick and bumpy skin.

2. Theme

Flame has the concept of fire and its destructive power, focusing on users’ capabilities and ability to release destructive attacks on their enemies.

On the other hand, Rubber Fruit offers the concept of elasticity and resilience. Its theme showcases the users’ versatility and adaptability.

3. Abilities

If you have Flame Fruit, you can leverage the power to produce and manipulate flames, releasing powerful fire attacks.

These attacks integrate considerable damage to enemies, set them on fire, and create perpetual damage over time.

Besides, this gaming fruit allows users to size, shape, and intensify the flames, horning the attacks to particular situations and enemies.

4. Playstyle

Flame Fruit is best for mid-range combat, using their fire manipulation to employ the area of effect attacks and drive the enemies at bay.

This helps the users survive condition where raw power and crowd control is essential. Also, the ability to control the intensity and coverage of the flames let them dominate large areas.

Unlike Flame, Rubber Fruit is good for close-quarters combat, using its extending and bouncing potentials to release decisive invasion and random movements.

This fruit helps the users in conditions where physical strength and adaptability are essential.

The elasticity of the fruit provides the users with attacking and defensive options, letting them withstand the combat scenarios and win over the limitations of traditional melee combat.

5. Pros & Cons 

Though Flame and Rubber Fruit excel in combat, they have their defensive and offensive mechanisms individually. 

Flame Fruit 


  • Offers elemental immunity
  • Best for medium-range combat and grinding bosses
  • Great for AoE and PvP
  • Can be mastered easily
  • Each move can deal at least 4k damage.
  • Offers faster flight


  • Faces problems when grinding because of the high knockback of some of the moves.
  • Long flight cooldown
  • High X move knockback
  • Predictable V move

Rubber Fruit 


  • Immune to rumble and electric flighting
  • Immune to gun attacks
  • Increase of speed, damage, and knockback in transformation
  • Big damage result
  • Deal high damage outputs by the single attack
  • Best apt for bosses and raids
  • Good for farming the sea beasts and defeating the Budhha users


  • Energy drains by 20% in the second transformation
  • Does not apply decent aim
  • Difficult to use the fruits in PvP
  • Bad grinding fruit
  • Slow move when proceeding with the second transfromation
  • Moves are avoidable

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Is Flame Better Than Rubber?

If you are skilled at aiming, prefer mid-range combat, and must fight many enemies at once, Flame Fruit is only for you. 

However, if you adapt to different situations and fight a single and powerful enemy in close-quarters combat, Rubber Fruit is a better option.