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Is Rubber Fruit Better Than Light? Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Both Rubber Fruit and Light Fruit are Logia Fruits in Blox Fruits with unique abilities, making you confused about which one is better. 

Generally, Rubber Fruit is better for close-quarters combat, physical strength, resilience, and adaptability. But Light Fruit is better for long-range combat, agility, precision, and manipulation to control the battlefield.

Whether Rubber Fruit is better than Light Fruit depends on your preferences over the game, so you need to differentiate between the two. 

Rubber Fruit Vs Light Fruit

Rubber Fruit and Light Fruit belong to Logia-type Devil Fruits in the Roblox game Blox Fruits.

Rubber Fruit or Light Fruit
Whether Rubber Fruit or Light Fruit to choose depends on users’ playstyle.

Every fruit has strengths, weaknesses, and playstyles that differentiate between them.

1. Appearance

Rubber Fruit looks like a large, yellow-colored citrus fruit with bumpy and thick skin. You can visualize it as grapefruit in cartoonish form.

However, Light Fruit is a bright, glowing, translucent sphere sparking the brilliant light.

2. Theme

Rubber Fruit has the concept of elasticity and resilience, while Light Fruit contains speed, agility, and luminescence for the same. 

At one point, the theme of Rubber Fruit focuses on adaptability, resourcefulness, and the power to crush adversity of the users. 

However, Light Fruit offers dynamism, elusiveness, and the power to handle the battlefield of the players as the theme. 

3. Ability

If you have Rubber Fruit, it allows you to transform your players’ bodies into rubber, which can make them immune to attacks and grant them elasticity. 

This ability permits the players to stretch and bounce, allowing them to invade from random angles, get distant objects, and absorb considerable blows.

On the other hand, Light Fruit has specific power for users to transform their bodies into light, enabling them to move in a speedy fashion, fly, and teleport. 

Thus, players can throw powerful attacks, escape the enemy attack easily, and map out the difficult terrain.

4. Playstyle

As Rubber Fruit has elasticity power, the users can employ it for various purposes, including slingshotting themselves across long distances, grappling onto objects, and absorbing the blow of falls. 

Thus, you can add mobility, traversal capabilities, and resilience to your play style. 

However, mastering the light of Light Fruit helps improve the game by letting users light dark areas, blind enemies, and even create effective illusions.  

These powers allow users to get strategic benefits, granting them to control the battlefield and the process of combat.

5. Pros and Cons

Rubber Fruit allows users to be immune to rumble, electricity, and guns. It can be preferable for close-range combat. So, users can stretch and bounce their players permitting unique attacks and moves. 

However, Rubber Fruit can be fragile against long-range attacks. Also, it can be difficult to master. 

On the other hand, Light Fruit is fast and agile and allows users to fly and teleport. Besides, it also allows powerful long-range attacks.

But Light Fruit is weak against Haki. Also, it can cost you some effort to control. 

Summary of Difference Between Rubber Fruit and Light Fruit

FeatureRubber FruitLight Fruit
AppearanceYellow, bumpy citrus fruitGlowing, translucent sphere
ThemeElasticity, resilienceSpeed, agility, luminescence
AbilityTransform into rubber, immune to blunt attacks, stretch and bounceTransform into light, move at high speeds, fly, teleport
PlaystyleClose-quarters combatLong-range combat
UtilitiesSlingshot, grapple, absorb fall damageIlluminate, blind, illusions

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Is Rubber Fruit Better Than Light?

Rubber Fruit can be the impactful choice for users who prefer close-quarters combat, physical strength, resilience, and adaptability. Also, the elasticity allows them to conquer in brawls and overpower physical challenges. 

However, if you enjoy long-range combat, focus on agility and precision, and want to control the battlefield, get Light Fruit.