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Trees And Other Entanglements: Bonsai Vandalism Featured?

Recently, HBO released Trees and Other Entanglements in December, which has now become the talk of the town. 

Generally, Trees and Other Entanglements explores the deep relationship between nature and humans through the tapestry of interwoven real-life stories including Dirk Brinkman, George Weyerhaeuser, Ryan Neil, and Beth Moon. 

Besides all, bonsai vandalism is breaking out to discuss Trees and Other Entanglements. 

So, if you have time to learn about this mystery, get this article completely. 

What is Trees And Other Entanglements About? 

According to Irene Taylor, Trees and Other Entanglements explores the metanarratives about nature, resilience, and human connection, especially the bonsai culture in the US.

The documentary film has diverse real-life characters including Dirk Brinkman who advocates planting millions of trees across the globe. Next, Ryan Neil, a bonsai master, grows miniature forests in his gardens.

woman nurturing the trees
Trees and Entanglements explores the deep relationship between nature and humans.

If you have found the heir to the timber empire that bears his family name, he must be George Weyerhaeuser. He struggles with the legacy of deforestation and tries to discover more sustainable ways for the future.

Another, Beth Moon is a photographer by profession and captures breathtaking pictures of ancient trees through her large-format prints.

As their stories move forward, the documentary compels us to feel the deep interconnectedness between ourselves and the natural world.

Does Trees And Other Entanglements Feature Bonsai Vandalism?

Indeed, Trees And Other Entanglements does not show the act of bonsai vandalism clearly.

The film explores the aftermath of a real-life event when bonsai artist Ryan Neil, had his home and bonsai garden Bonsai Mirai trees vandalized.

It includes the many interviews with Ryan and others to describe the affected event and discover why someone would have destroyed the delicate and revered living art forms.

The documentary film employs footage from Ryan’s security cameras that display someone cutting branches and damaging trees.

After watching the documentary, one can guess the person behind the vandalization of Ryan’s home and trees is a woman. However, it’s hard to declare who that is. 

It is because of blown-out quality of the lighting of the IR system. The accused person is only called “she.” Anyone who has done vandalism must have a personal grudge against him.

But the viewers can make many theories including the accusation of Ryan’s ex-wife because Ryan is a single father for a few years after his break up with his wife. 

He lives with his son and grows bonsai, conducts and lectures on bonsai. 

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Besides vandalization, Trees And Other Entanglements has other topics to explore including pain and devastation caused by the act.

The documentary film explores the themes of human-nature connection, loss, and environmental concerns.