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Ryan Neil Bonsai Wife: Family, Children & Divorce

It’s been quite some time since Ryan Neil’s wife appeared for the first time with his son on the YouTube channel Bonsai Empire. 

But viewers traced the old video back and enquired about Ryan’s wife. 

American bonsai artist Ryan Neil’s wife was Chelsea Strautman Neil, helped manage Bonsai Mirai with her husband. She mothered a son but soon broke up, leaving Ryan a single father with a seven-day-a-week job. 

Chelsea and Ryan were schoolmates before they tied into a marital knot. After marriage, the couple built a home and grew a garden, and a bonsai collection, Bonsai Mirai, in just five years together.

How Did Chelsea and Ryan Get Married?

In an interview with Bonsai Mirai, Chelsea revealed that she and Ryan graduated from Glenwood High in 2000 and 2003 respectively.

Chelsea met Ryan when he was at Glenwood High but they didn’t date then, enjoying the good friendship. But she turned to become the email pen pal when Ryan went to Cal Poly to study environmental horticulture.

chelsea and son
Chelsea’s son was born in 2013.

They remained in touch and frequently saw each other. 

After Ryan finished serving a bonsai appprenticeship in Japan from 2004-2010, the couple got married. They eloped to marry on December 31, 2012 and got a son Trait a year later.

Though she practiced as an immigration lawyer, she left her profession for love and marriage life.

Then, the couple started running Bonsai Mirai, a nursery and school in St. Helens, Oregon, about 25 miles from Portland.

The Current Status of Chelsea

Chelsea is the one who shared the vision of growing bonsai and garden with Ryan. Also, she does not go unnoticed with her contribution to the growing Bonsai Empire and Bonsai Mirai.

The couple does not have an individual presence on Social Media to trace the status quo. 

Ryan is the key figure who frequently appears online and offline during bonsai workshops and gardening with Chelsea hidden somewhere.

Also, The New Yorker has published an article to narrate Ryan’s journey, and the anecdote, mentions that the couple broke up. 

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The Bonsai Couple!

Chelsea and Ryan co-founded Bonsai Mirai and raised the gardening and children. 

She (Ryan Neil bonsai wife) is the true partner who supported Ryan to complete the vision of expanding bonsai culture in the US.