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Nigel Saunders Bonsai: All Controversies Explained!

In the world of Bonsai, a passionate gardener and enthusiast Nigel Saunders who left his whole career for the sake of growing bonsai, deserves huge respect and appreciation rather than criticism.

Nigel Saunders is a bonsai enthusiast from Southwestern Ontario, Canada who loves to grow and care for miniature trees. No doubt he is a great bonsai artist with good experience in growing bonsai trees people are criticizing how he works with miniature trees in his videos.

Nevertheless, Nigel Saunders has a lot of followers and subscribers on social media who love to watch his videos.

Go through this entire article to know about personal and professional things relating Nigel Saunders and the controversies he is facing in present times.

About Nigel Saunders

Nigel Saunders is a bonsai enthusiast who loves to grow and care for miniature trees. He is from Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Due to his deep passion for bonsai and lots of video clips on his YouTube channel, The Bonsai Zone, he has earned a lot of popularity in the bonsai communities.

Nigel with conifer bonsai
People are also making fun of Nigel’s hair in the videos.

He is growing miniature versions of different types of trees found in his surroundings.

Nigel Saunders has a house and a huge backyard of about 1 acre in Ontario where he lives with his wife and three kids, one elder son and 2 daughters.

Like him, his wife is also a gardener. In an interview, he mentioned that he and his wife have separate sides of the garden, one for other plants, chickens, ducks, etc, and another with only bonsai trees.

What Does Nigel Saunders Do For A Living?

Nigel Saunders started growing trees in 1993 and belongs to the Kitchener-Waterloo Bonsai Society and the Toronto Bonsai Society. However, Growing bonsai was not part of his profession from the beginning.

Firstly, he worked as an industrial designer who designed low-commercial military equipment. After retirement, he joined an illustrating job where he worked in illustration, repair, operating manuals, etc. 

Later, he completely left the corporate world and started his own business. His work was to create 3D animations and concept art. Moreover, he used to create artistic statues.

Additionally, he also did concept arts for theatre and stage shows with additional editing on his own. At the same time, he was also growing bonsai trees.

Although he has a good income, he was fascinated by the satisfaction he god growing and caring for bonsai. Later, he left everything and focused on Bonsai.

Thus, in the present situation, he does a full-time job on growing bonsai and posting them on YouTube. His enthusiasm for bonsai had completely transformed his passion into a profession.

Nigel Saunders Bonsai Controversy

Just like Ryan Neil and other great personalities in the bonsai community, Nigel Saunders is also not far from controversies.

No doubt he is a great bonsai artist with good experience in growing bonsai trees. However, people are also criticizing his way of pruning the miniature trees.

Many people in the online forums also complained that he does things that are not really necessary while growing bonsai trees.

Additionally, many bonsai enthusiasts also mention that they are fed up watching the way Nigel trims bonsai trees consuming a lot of time.

Also, people are sharing memes of him destroying the bonsai tree with before and after effects. 

From Editorial Team

Despite criticisms relating to Nigel’s works, you can also find several bonsai lovers and newbies praising Nigel’s bonsai experiences.

Moreover, many people also give positive credit to how the videos helped them to grow their own bonsai trees.

As there are different perspectives of people, it’s better to research deeply instead of relying on other’s opinions before making any perceptions about someone.