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What’s Inside Tom Holland’s Garden? [Offstage World]

The iconic actor of the Spider-Man movie sequels and Unchartered (2022), Tom Holland, never ceases to surprise and now with the recent news regarding his garden rumors.

However, snapping the star into the camera lens alongside his couch and plants, apart from hanging by the balcony, is a tough job.

But we have got you covered as the official accounts of Tom Holland reveal his attachment to greenery after his love, Zendaya.

Does Tom Holland Really Have a Garden?

The spoiler king, Tom, cannot stay hidden as he shared a picture with a glimpse of a potted Palm big enough to touch the ceiling.

Tom holland is sitting in a couch with a plant behind it
Do not keep your eyes on Holland; zoom in to look over the green palm.

So to have such a giant occupy the space other than his Bull Terrier pet, Tessa, he might be a hidden plant enthusiast.

Also, in another post, we could see the glossy dark leaves of a Fiddle leaf fig, which Tom captioned “Two moods.”

Maybe the violin-shaped leaf of Fig contributed to swinging his mood by exhaling pure and fresh air.

Tom Holland in one picture is folding is hand while in the other he is pointing at something with a smiling face.
Try to add Fiddle Leaf Fig to smile as cute as Tom.

Not to leave out his pet Tessa, whom he captured posing over a ground filled with Bluebells, indicates he loves to be surrounded by verdure.

Although that could be Tom’s parental home in London, a 5-minute run from his residential apartment, his attachment to the roots can be visible.

A black dog sitting on a ground filled with bluebells.
Do not repeat the mistake of keeping Tessa on a Bluebell ground, as it could be toxic.

Nevertheless, Tom Holland having a garden is still a topic to dig into unless he opens up for a home tour.

How to Create Your Own Celeb Garden Like Tom Holland?

It’s no clear clue about Holland’s exotic garden to mimic, but Harlings can install some plants spotted along with Tom in the images. 

So Harlings, be ready to secure your room with varieties like Cat Palm, Bluebells, and Fiddle Leaf Fig, similar to the Spidey Guy.

Not to leave out the Bird of Paradise that Tom pointed out as, “Wow, look, my plant grew this big under my roof,” but did you notice the teeny guy over his hand?

Tom is stretching his hand to point towards the leaves of Bird of Paradise
Embrace the love of plants as Tom seems to do with the Bird of Paradise plant.

Well, hold the trowel, an earthen terracotta pot and start digging the soil as our Harlings try into the Toms’ life.

Start with easygoing plants like succulents and cacti and move on to the grass seeds to create a lawn similar to the star.

Approach bottom watering for any potted variety and maintain a warm surrounding around the plant with required feeding.

With a little more envisioning, the Harlings can recommend some variety of their choice to Peter Parker and see his reactions.

From Editorial Team

It’s no news that beginners can start off with low-maintenance plants, but imitating ones from favorites is an inspiration.  

Though Tom has never exaggerated his love for plants and gardens, we can feel it by spotting Tom roaming around the golf court, wilderness and park alone or with Zendaya.

Try catching up with recent updates regarding Tom and welcome the grandeur of the Tom’s London apartment.