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Is Super Fantastic Tomato a Determinate or Indeterminate?

Depending upon the growth pattern, all Tomato varieties, including Super Fantastic, are either determinate or indeterminate.

Super Fantastic Tomato is a Beefsteak type indeterminate hybrid Tomato with a juicy, fleshy texture. Contrary to the determinate type, Super Fantastic Tomato continues growing shoots even after flowering till the end of a favorable climate.

Albeit juicier than Better Boy or Celebrity Tomato, Super Fantastic shares similar fruit traits and care needs.

Thus, read on to discover the quest of growing Super Fantastic Tomato and where to buy one from.

What is a Super Fantastic Tomato?

Super Fantastic Tomato is a versatile, hybrid plant with revamped disease defense and resistance.

Unlike the determinate type, the Super Fantastic Tomato is an indeterminate plant type meaning they put out flowers along the sides of the shoots.

Moreso, determinate halts its shoot production right after they start flowering, but Super Fantastic Tomato does not.

Instead, they keep growing till the surrounding condition and weather is favorable for the plant growth.

super fantastic tomato growing
Some determinate Tomato species are Roma, Celebrity and Summer Pick Tomato.

Besides plant type, Super Fantastic is delicious and flawlessly gets along in almost every recipe like salads, salsas and sandwiches.

They have a bright red globe-shaped, oblong body with shiny, glossy skin and offer a balanced combo of sweet and sour flavors.

With proper care, the Super Fantastic cultivar can grow over 2 to 2.5 meters or 6-9 feet tall with a spread of 2-3 feet.

Moreover, the fruits are big, pulpy and juicy, weighing over 250 to 300 grams.

Super Fantastic Tomato Vs Better Boy

Like Super Fantastic, Better Boy Tomato is the indeterminate type and shares similar growing conditions.

However, they are two different hybrid Tomato cultivars with distinct traits.

FeaturesSuper Fantastic TomatoBetter Boy
Plant GrowthSize: 6-9 feet tall, 2-3 feet spread

Days to Mature: Two or two and half months

Pattern: Indeterminate

USDA Zone: 10

Habit: Annual
Size: 5-8 feet tall, 1.5-2 feet spread

Days to Mature: 70 to 75 days

Pattern: Indeterminate

USDA Zone: 3-11

Habit: Annual
FruitSize: 250 to 300 grams per fruit

Flavor: A balanced combo of sweet and sour flavors

Color: Bright red
Size: 300 to 500 gram per fruit

Flavor: Classic Tomato flavor with ideal balance of sweet and sour

Color: Deep red
YieldModerately high yield with more 100 lbs per plantHighest yield with over 300 lbs from a single plant
Disease ResistanceEffective resistance to Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt and NematodesResistant to fusarium wilt race I, root-knot nematodes.

Where to Buy Super Fantastic Tomato Plants

Alongside Goliath Tomato, Super Fantastic is a hybrid Beefsteak Tomato with juicy flesh and few seeds.

But do not worry! Despite the few seeds in Tomato fruits, you can easily find them in your nearby nurseries or local markets.

Otherwise, I have enlisted some of the reputed online vendors with Super Fantastic Tomato seeds for sale here.

Online VendorsShipping Details
Totally TomatoesWithin 2-3 business days
West Coast SeedsWithin two business days
True Leaf MarketWithin one working days

Editor’s Note

Rich, Meaty, Juicy Slicing Tomatoes All Summer!

Growing nondeterminate Super Fantastic Tomato from seeds is slightly challenging.

Nonetheless, start them indoors in early Spring with grow lights and heat pads underneath the pot.

Within two weeks, seeds sown 1/4th inch deep should germinate. Once the night temperature stays stable over 55°F, consider transplanting the seedlings outdoors in a sunny spot.

All The Best!