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Better Boy Tomato vs Celebrity: A Comparison for Tomato Lovers

Having trouble finding the best amongst Better Boy vs Celebrity Tomato? Well, you are not alone, as many gardeners often get confused between them.

Alongside higher yield and compact clusters of Tomatoes, Better Boy is relatively taller than the Celebrity cultivar. However, both Tomato Cultivars share identical meaty, fleshy textures and grow in identical growing conditions.

Thus, continue reading to unfold the differences between Better Boy and Celebrity Tomatoes.

Plant Overview: Better Boy & Celebrity Tomato

Better Boy and Celebrity Tomato are annual vegetables and cousins of Potato, as they belong to the Nightshade family.

These two Tomato cultivars are hybrid types that turn alluring deep red after ripening.

Likewise, Better Boy and Celebrity Tomatoes can be grown almost everywhere in the U.S., thanks to their easy care needs.

Additionally, they both prefer slightly acidic, well-draining soil with a pH of 6.2 to 6.8.

better boy Tomato
Both Better Boy and Celebrity Tomatoes are not juicy though they are bigger with fleshy textures.

Furthermore, both cultivars require cages or stakes to support their larger stature and to keep them upright.

Although they come in different sizes, both Tomato cultivars have a meaty, fleshy texture with few seeds.

Note: Both of the Tomato cultivars’ green foliage are toxic to pets. So, keep the plant away, safe from pets reach.

Better Boy Tomato Vs Celebrity

The Better Boy cultivar of Tomato was developed much earlier in the late 60s, while Celebrity ones were introduced in the late 80s.

Nonetheless, both Tomato cultivars make an excellent replacement or substitute for each other.

Having that said, they are not the same and have some distinct traits that fill up the Vs table of Better Boy Tomato and Celebrity.

FeaturesBetter Boy TomatoCelebrity Tomato
Plant GrowthVigorous, rapid growth with over 5-8 feet heightCompact growth with only 3-4 feet height
Plant Hardiness Zone3-11 USDA zones5-8 USDA zones
Fruit SizeAlmost 300 to 500 gramAlmost 200 to 250 gram
FlavorClassic Tomato flavor with ideal balance of sweet and sourMild sweet flavor with a hint of tanginess
YieldHigher yield with much more compact fruit clustersLesser yield but still more than other common Tomato cultivars
Disease ResistantModerate disease resistantHighly resistant to diseases like Verticillium and Fusarium wilts, nematodes

Now, let us dive deeper into the Better Boy Tomato Vs Celebrity, shall we?

1. Growth & Planting

Better Boy Tomato is an indeterminate hybrid that thrives flawlessly in 3-11 USDA zones.

Meanwhile, Celebrity Tomato is a semi-determinate or determinate hybrid that grows in 5-8 hardiness zones.

Furthermore, Better Boy grows over 5-8 feet or 2 meters tall, while Celebrity Tomato grows only 3-4 feet tall in 6-8 hours of full sun.

Likewise, the fruits of Better Boy are much bigger and can weigh almost half a KG, while Celebrity Tomatoes are relatively smaller, weighing about 300 grams.

2. Disease & Pest Resistance

The Celebrity cultivar is relatively much more disease and pest resistant than Better Boy.

Some diseases the Celebrity cultivar is resistant to include Verticillium and Fusarium wilts, nematodes, and tobacco mosaic virus.

Meanwhile, Better Boy is also resistant to such diseases, albeit less effective but is sturdier than other common Tomato varieties.

3. Yield & Harvest

Though both Tomato species are vigorous growing types with greater yields, Better Boy wins the race with a slightly higher yield.

However, the yield and harvest can vary depending on the level of care and nourishment they are getting.

Nonetheless, Better Boy fruits in denser clusters in its vines require more legit strong and firm support than Celebrity.

4. Culinary Uses and Flavor

Both Tomatoes feature meaty textures and are often used in fresh salads, slicing and sandwiches.

Also, both are excellent Tomatoes for preparing a thick, dense homemade Tomato sauce or paste. However, the flavor each one offer is slightly different.

Better Boy Tomatoes is said to have a rich, tangy classic Tomato flavor with a hint of balanced sweetness and sourness.

On the other hand, Celebrity Tomatoes have a mildly sweet flavor with a subtle tanginess.

Editor’s Note

Give Both Tomatoes an Ideal Neighbour!

Albeit both hybrid cultivars of Tomatoes are relatively disease tolerant, they still can highly benefit from intercropping or companion plants.

Thus, grow other plants like Basil, Marigold, Garlic, Thyme and Mint alongside your Tomatoes to keep pests and diseases at bay.

All The Best!