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Is Tomato A Berry Or Fruit Or Vegetable? [Differentiating Guide]

Although the supreme court has declared Tomato is legally a vegetable, the answer to whether it’s a berry, fruit, or vegetable is still controversial.

Generally, Tomato is a fruit as it is the fleshy part of the plant containing seeds. Moreover, it’s also a berry as it develops from a single flower and ovary. So, Tomatoes can be a berry and a fruit at the same time.

However, due to the low sugar content and tangy flavor, we use Tomatoes as a vegetable rather than eating them as a fruit or a berry.

So, read this entire article to quench your confusion about Tomatoes being fruit, berry, or vegetable.

Is Tomato A Berry Or Fruit?

As a culinary term, we understand berry as small, pulpy, and edible fruits like Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, etc.

However, science defines berry as a simple fruit that grows from a single flower and ovary containing seeds.

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First, the seed develops from the single ovary, and the fruit surrounds the seeds making Tomato both a fruit and a berry.

Moreover, fruits are fleshy, edible plant parts of the plant containing seeds.

Tomato is neither a berry nor a fruit in the culinary world. But, it perfectly aligns with the scientific definition of berry.

Technically, all berries are fruits, but all fruits aren’t berries. As Tomato is a berry, it falls under fruit too.

Is Tomato A Berry Or Vegetable?

Systematically, any edible part of the plant that does not function as a reproductive part is a vegetable.

Whereas we understand vegetables as the mild-flavored edible part of the plant that tastes delicious when cooked.

Since we cook Tomatoes along with other vegetables and use them as a salad and dressing, it’s obvious to call it a vegetable instead of fruit.

The definition of fruit and a berry perfectly matches Tomatoes as it bears reproductive parts, i.e., seeds.

Although we consider this savory, umami-flavored Tomato as a vegetable, it’s actually a fruit and technically a berry. 

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Final Thought!

As I mentioned above, the fruits we call berries, like Strawberries, Raspberries, etc., don’t follow the scientific definition.

To be a true berry, the fruit must come from a single ovary and contain seeds, just like Tomatoes.

As Tomato is a fleshy fruit that has seeds as reproductive parts and develops from a single ovary, it’s definitely a true berry.