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Starfield Lazarus Plant: Everything You Need To Know

People believe that the real-life resurrection plant Rose of Jericho was responsible for inspiring Starfield Lazarus Plant in the videogame Starfield.

However, unlike the Rose of Jericho, many secrets surround the fictional yet powerful Lazarus Plant.

Generally, the Lazarus Plant is a powerful plant that can revive the dead and release a pheromone that lures the Heat Leeches, allowing them to transform into more savage and terrifying Terrormorphs.

Want to learn more about the Lazarus Plant? Follow the article to dwell in the world of Starfield and learn more about this bewildering relic! 

Starfield Lore: Lazarus Plant [Overview]

Lazarus Plant is a fictitious plant that helps revive the dead in the video game world of Starfield.

The plant is considered to be a rare artifact in the Starfield game and is present in the fictional planet of New Atlantis.

Let’s see some of the interesting features of the plant below.

  • Lazarus is a flowering plant that is present only in a few locations throughout the galaxy.
  • Additionally, the Lazarus Plant has a distinctive purple hue.
  • Further, the plant’s sap has healing properties and can revive the dead by cheating death.
  • Also, the plant is a protected species, making it illegal to harvest and destroy it.

Gamers consider the Lazarus Plant to be an important key plot point in the quest “Hostile Intelligence.”  

Image illustrates the Rose of Jericho plant
The Rose of Jericho, which is also called the resurrection plant, might have inspired the mysterious Lazarus Plant.

In the game, the Lazarus Plant is a dangerous. But powerful plant that the gamer can use to do something exemplary or immoral.

Do You Know?

The philosophical meaning of Starfield Lazarus Plant is associated with Jesus Christ.

In the Bible, Lazarus is the name of the person that Jesus revived from the dead.  

This means the Lazarus Plant can change the outcome of the game at the hands of the user, which may define the future of the New Atlantis. 

Starfield Lazarus Plant & Terramorph Outbreak

The Lazarus Plant on the planet New Atlantis is the main source of energy for the parasitic Heat Leeches. 

Heat Leeches feed on the warmth radiating from the planet’s core, then evolve into aggressive ‘Terrormorph.’ 

However, in the game Starfield, a group of terrorists intentionally released the Lazarus Plant in the New Atlantis to wreak havoc and destabilize the government.

Likewise, these Terramorphs are larger and much more fierce than Heat Leeches and can kill humans.

In the game, a blooming Lazarus Plant releases a special type of pheromone that draws the Heat Leeches and transforms them into Terrormorph.

This makes the Heat Leeches vulnerable to the plant’s energy, thus successfully progressing the coup.   

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Lazarus Plant is mysterious, as many questions exist behind its uses, biology, abuse, ethics, and misuse.

Since the plant can have both beneficial and detrimental effects, it’s up to us to use the plant for the greater good and give New Atlantis a better shot at revival.