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Why Is Internet Going Crazy For Ghost Blue Orchid?

The existence of the illusive Ghost Blue Orchid is truly shrouded by mystery. One question arises: Does this mysterious Orchid really exist?

Generally, there is no such thing as the Ghost Blue Orchid. People prepare the blue-colored petals of Orchids on social media by injecting artificial dyes into them. However, there is another Orchid going by the name Ghost Orchid, which is far from being blue!

So, let’s delve into the mystery behind Ghost Blue Orchid and get to know about the reality of this elusive plant!

Is Ghost Blue Orchid Real?

Ghost Blue Orchids are not real, and the blue color of the Orchid petals you see is actually blue dye injected into them.

Orchid flowers appear in various colors, ranging from red, white, pink, orange, purple, yellow, and even speckled.

However, there is no variety of Orchids that are blue in color, and hence, there is no meaning to baffle over the Blue Orchids on the internet.

Image illustrates types of Ghost Orchids.
Ghost Orchids get their name from their ghostly appearance and habit of living in darkness.

The Blue Orchids that you see in the stores are Phalaenopsis Orchids, which are white in color. People also call them Moth or Moon Orchid.

Thus, you can easily dye their petals blue by injecting the color from the base of their cut flowers.

Further, another species of Orchid is the Ghost Orchid, which adorns a distinct/ ghastly color and lacks any leaves.

Description Of Ghost Orchids

Unlike Blue Orchids, Ghost Orchids are unusual types of terrestrial Orchids in the plant family Orchidaceae.

There are two species of Ghost Orchids: Epipogium aphyllum and Dendrophylax lindenii.

Dendrophyllax is an epiphytic Orchid with unique whitish flowers and a normal green body that remains clinging to host trees.

However, the unusual abnormal Epipogium lacks green leaves, making it a mycorrhizal saprophytic/ parasitic plant that forms root-to-root connections with other trees.

The plant body of Ghost Orchids is pinky-white or creamy-white, almost transparent, and has whitish-pink flowers.

How The Ghost Orchid Gets Its Name?

Both Orchids get their name from their growth habit and appearance.

Dendrophyllax is called Ghost Orchid due to the frog-shaped white flowers that sway along with the wind, making it appear like a ghost, especially at night.

However, Epipogium got the name “Ghost Orchid” from its transparent and ghastly body with the ability to grow under dark, shaded, and wet areas of its native habitat

Image illustrates turning white Orchids into blue Orchids.
By using blue food color dye, you can turn any white Orchid into a blue one.

How To Make A Ghost Blue Orchid?

You can easily dye any White Orchids with blue color, turning them into Blue Orchids. 

For this, you need fresh-cut Orchid flowers, blue dye, and a flower vase.

  • First, cut a few inches off the base of fresh White Orchid flowers.
  • Fill a plant vase with water and add a few drops of blue dye or blue food coloring.
  • Then, plunge the cut flowers into the water for a few hours.
  • The flowers will soak up the colored dye and turn their petals blue.

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Although Ghost Blue Orchids can be a rare find in the wild, the two Ghost Orchids are infrequent as their population is declining.

These unique Orchids are suffering from the threat of habitat destruction, and there should be conservation efforts to preserve them.